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CUPPY’S COFFEE Franchise Graveyard

Here is the list of Cuppy’s Coffee Locations dated 03/09/11

Please add any updates, new names and/or status of any locations you may know about in the comments below.  Thanks.

Here is the list of Cuppy’s Coffee franchisees as listed in the latest UFOC:  Cuppy’s Coffee Franchisee list from 12/08 UFOC

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Here is the list of locations, as they appeared on the Cuppy’s Coffee website as of 8/26/08.

Please share any additions, corrections, clarifications that you know about in the comment section below.

Please also list any failed or closed locations that appear or do not appear on this list.  [This list reflects VERY few of the many closed or paid never opened franchises]

If a location is not marked [OPEN] you can assume it is closed.

AL Huntsville          3324 Wall Triana Hwy [CLOSED]
AL Tuscaloosa         Drive Thru [CLOSED] Gordon
AL Tuscaloosa         Drive Thru ?

AK  None

AZ  Pearce          Mobile Cafe
AZ  Arizona         Kiosk [CLOSED] Sierra Vista – Paul Davis
AZ  Tucson Cafe  [CLOSED] Closed per Yelp. Last review January, 2010
AZ  Tucson         Mobile Cafe [CLOSED]
AZ Tucson 2040 W Orange Grove Rd Suite 104 Tucson, AZ 85704 [CLOSED]
AR  Sheridan             Mobile Cafe
AR  Stuttgart           Mobile Cafe

CA  Apple Valley Cafe [Paid Never Opened] miranda

CA  Chino             Cafe  [CLOSED] monica
CA  Fairfield           Cafe  2460 Hilborn Road Suite C, Fairfield, CA 94534-1807
CA  Lincoln            Cafe [CLOSED] 12/30/09 Owner: Paul Criswell
CA  Mammoth Lakes     Drive Thru
CA  Modesto           Mobile Cafe
CA  Moorpark           Cafe  [CLOSED]
CA  Oceanside           Cafe 4635 Frazee Rd Ste C Oceanside, CA 92057 [CLOSED 8/12]
CA  Rancho Cucamonga     Cafe 12365 FOOTHILL BL UNIT 101, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730  [CLOSED]
CA  Riverside Cafe        [OPEN]
CA  Santa Clarita     Cafe [CLOSED]
CA  Wheatland/Lincoln           Drive Thru [CLOSED] Paul C. Opened 2006
CA Temecula Cafe (JJ) [CLOSED]

CA  North Hollywood [Paid Never Opened] binford

CA  Long Beach [Paid Never Opened] alcafaras

CO  Fort Collins Cafe [Paid Never Opened] Noem
CO  Longmont           Drive Thru [CLOSED] Opened March 2008 Owner: Joe Mivshek
CO  Westminster     14644 Orchard Pkwy [CLOSED] (Owner: Jim Julian)

CO  Fort Collins    Cafe  [PAID NEVER OPENED] Noem

CT Manchester [CLOSED]

DE  Wilmington      Cafe          [CLOSED]Robbins

FL  Beverly Hills      Mobile Cafe
FL  Beverly Hills     Mobile Cafe
FL  Brooksville     7365 Horse Lake Rd   [CLOSED] Owners: Carol and Joe Roberts opened 2008
FL  Casselberry     Cafe
FL  Holiday           Mobile Cafe
FL  Jacksonville Beach     Drive Thru [CLOSED]

FL  Kissimmee           Mobile Cafe
FL  Maitland           Cafe
FL  Miami           Mobile Cafe
FL  Miami-Quail Roost     Cafe
FL  Navarre           Drive Thru  [CLOSED]
FL  Niceville           Mobile Cafe
FL  Pace           Drive Thru
FL  Pace           Mobile Cafe
FL  Panama City Beach     Drive Thru
FL  Port Charlotte     Drive Thru [CLOSED]
FL  Port St. Lucie     Mobile Cafe
FL  Ruskin           Mobile Cafe
FL  San Antonio     Cart
FL  Shalimar           Drive Thru [CLOSED]
FL  Venice           Drive Thru
FL  Venice           Drive Thru [CLOSED]
FL  Wellington           Mobile Cafe
FL Orlando Cafe [CLOSED]
FL Oviedo JJ Cafe [CLOSED]

Cuppy's CoffeeGA  Carrollton      Cafe          [DEBRANDED] [CLOSED] Benefield Coffee Co. Carrollton, Georgia
Opened 11/3/08  Closed 7/3/09  Filed Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

GA  Cumming          Cafe
GA  Kennesaw Cafe w/ DriveThru Debranded, closed [CLOSED]
GA  Savannah          Mobile Cafe
GA  Sugar Hill          Cafe
GA  Tyrone          Cafe w/ DriveThru [CLOSED] Closed September, 2010 Owner: Pinky Legaspi

ID  Eagle Cafe          [CLOSED] (Owners Larry and Marci Addleston opened December 8, 2008)

IL  Normal             Drive Thru
IL  Rockford           Drive Thru  [CLOSED]
IL  Woodstock   Drive Thru
IL Chgo/Midway   Drive Thru    [CLOSED]

IA  Ames                Mobile Cafe 4534 Hemingway Drive Owner: DEE & ERIC MCVEY
IA  Des Moines           Drive Thru [CLOSED] (Opened: April 2008 Closed: December 2008 Owners Brian and Kim Burgett)

IN  Shelbyville      Drive Thru

KY  Frankfort             Mobile Cafe

LA  Covington             Cafe w/ DriveThru
LA  Monroe           Drive Thru
LA  Houma          Drive Thru    [CLOSED]
LA  Houma         Drive Thru [PAID NEVER OPENED] Rivera
LA Houma       Cafe  [PAID NEVER OPENED] (Owner: Poonam Khapra)

MD  Bel Air             Cafe  [CLOSED]

MA  Chicopee             Drive Thru
MA  Hanover           Cafe [OPEN]
MA  Lawrence           Mobile Cafe
MA  Leominster     Cafe [CLOSED]

MI  Augusta             Mobile Cafe
MI  Battle Creek     Drive Thru
MI  Clawson Cafe w/ DriveThru    [CLOSED] (Owners:  Otts)
MI  Clinton Township     Cafe  [CLOSED]
MI  Jackson           Kiosk     [CLOSED]
MI  Taylor           Kiosk     [CLOSED]

MI  [Paid Never Opened] Reisner

MS  Gulfport            Drive Thru
MS  Ocean Springs     Drive Thru
MS  Petal          Drive Thru Evelyn Gandy Pkwy MS [CLOSED 12/2013]

MO  St. Louis             Cafe          Coming Soon

NV  Las Vegas          Mobile Cafe

NJ   Voorhees       [Paid Never Opened]

NM  Albuquerque Drive Thru [PAID NEVER OPENED] Menz

NY  Greece             Drive Thru [CLOSED] D. Check
NY  Yorktown Heights     Kiosk

Cuppy's Coffee Drive-thruNC  Charlotte             Cafe  11915 N Tryon St [CLOSED]
NC  Greensboro     Mobile Cafe [OPEN] (Owner: Hettion Booker)
NC  Hampstead     Mobile Cafe
NC  Hendersonville     Kiosk
NC  Raleigh           Cafe
NC  Spring Lake     Cafe w/ DriveThru (Cuppy’s Coffee of Anderson Creek) [Closed Sept 2013 Owner: Karen Fulghum]
NC  Wilmington Cafe [CLOSED]

OH  Columbus            Cafe [CLOSED] Open 7/2008 Closed 9/16/2009 Steve Firouzian
OH  Elyria          Mobile Cafe [OPEN] (Owner: Beth Wright)
OH  MansfieldCafe w/ DriveThru [CLOSED] Closed 7/3/10 Franchisee: Bill Lewis

OK  Duncan             Drive Thru [CLOSED] Closed 5/15/09
OR  Salem            Cafe  [CLOSED] (Owner: Womack. Opened 5/11/08 Closed: 12/31/08)
OR  Woodburn          Drive Thru     Coming Soon

PA  Bridgeville      Drive Thru       [CLOSED] [9/8/07 – 8/21/08]
PA  Easton           Kiosk  Palmer Park Mall [CLOSED]
PA  Mechanicsburg     Cafe [CLOSED]

SC  Greenville      Drive Thru [CLOSED]

TN  Athens           Mobile Cafe
TN  Athens          Drive Thru
TN  Knoxville          Drive Thru
TN  Knoxville          Drive Thru [CLOSED] Building auctioned here

TX  Edinburg            Cafe
TX  Longview          Kiosk
TX  Temple          Cafe
TX Colleyville Opened 2009 as “Espressios” Owner: Christy Shaw
TX  Midland     Andrews Highway [CLOSED]
TX  Midland     Academy [CLOSED]
TX  Houston  130 FM 1960 Diane Mondello or Joe Ramirez[CLOSED]
TX Arlington  [CLOSED]
TX  Copperas Cove  [CLOSED]


VA  Fredericksburg      Drive Thru
VA  Gainesville     Cafe 14630 Lee Highway
VA  Richmond           Mobile Cafe
VA Richmond 8461 Midlothian Turnpike Richmond, VA 23235 [CLOSED]
VA  Springfield     Kiosk [CLOSED]
VA  Midlothian        [CLOSED]
VA Christianburg  [CLOSED]
VA Woodbridge 1419 Old Bridge Rd Woodbridge, VA 22192 [CLOSED]


WA  Puyallup  3500 S Meridian South Hill Mall #974   [CLOSED]

WA  Richland [PAID NEVER OPENED] (Heber)

WV  Falling Waters    Mobile Cafe

WI  Madison            Cafe


128 thoughts on “CUPPY’S COFFEE Franchise Graveyard

  • Chris S.:
    We added your location.

  • GA Tyrone Cafe w/ DriveThru [OPEN] Owner: Pinky Legaspi

    Hi Sean. You can probably update mine as OPEN-DEBRANDED or however you want to name it.

    I opened Dec 2008 as Grand Coffee.


  • Alicia Benefield

    You can change mine to OPEN-DEBRANDED just like Pinky’s. Our address is:
    Benefield Coffee Co.
    929 Maple Street
    Carrollton, GA 30117
    We opened November 3, 2008

    Thanks for all you do Sean!

  • D and T Presley

    Pace, Fl Paid Franchise fee–right after is when all things went downhill.

  • The Panama City Beach store says open soon – we have been open for one year.

    Amy Wiebers

  • Pinky Legaspi

    Duncan, OK – closed 5/15/09

    Cumming, GA – opened 11/08 closed 01/09 (only open for 2 months)

    Sugar Hill, GA – closed after 2 years

    Johns Creek, GA – open

    Mansfield, OH – open

  • Sad news… Claudia & Alan Robbins have decided to close their Wilmington, DE Cuppy’s Coffee location.

    Just this past November we wrote how the Robbins’ had to battle the odds to get open: “Little did they know, the Robbins would have to battle through the change in the ownership of Cuppy’s Coffee & Elite Manufacturing, missed deadlines, broken promises, fallout from a lawsuit against Elite Manufacturing by subcontractor SBT, and the seeming collapse of both the franchisor and its construction arm.”

    “During the process, the Robbins’ reportedly had to seize control of their own building process and oversee their own contractors to get their buildout finished, incurring additional costs and a 7 month delay in the process.”

    We wish Claudia & Alan the best of luck in all future endeavors.

  • 2 of the largest and most successful Geeks on Call owners filed for Chapter 11 protection and a lawsuit in federal court on May 15. see the following link to one of them:

    According to the docket they named 3 corporate individuals; Richard Cole; CEO; Rich Artese; COO and Keith Wesp; CFO, personally along with the corporation they own stock and work for Geeks on Call America and Geeks on Call Holdings.

    For more information or to join suit with other current or former franchise owners the lawyer handling the cases is below.

    Patrick R. Blasz
    Law Offices of Patrick R. Blasz, LLC
    11490 Commerce Park Drive
    Suite 240
    Reston, Virginia 20191

    (703) 964-3180 office
    (703) 964-3183 fax

  • what does Geeks on Call have to do with Cuppys?

  • Jonathan

    Clawson MI is closed and for sale according to the sign at their location.

  • Criston Menz

    Just wondering what the status is, if any at all. Last time I spoke to the FL Dept of Ag and Consumer Services, he had the file regarding, but just beginning to look at it. He did say that the statue of limitations for this type of fraud is 4 years. That date is drawing close for some of us.
    Criston Menz, Albuquerque, NM

  • Alicia Benefield

    Benefield Coffee Co. Carrollton, Georgia
    Opened 11/3/08
    Closed 7/3/09
    Filed Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

  • Cindy

    I just heard from Diane Check on Facebook. Very sad to say that they will be closing their drive thru in Greece, NY 31 October.

  • The stores in Port Charlotte, FL and on U.S. 41 in Venice, FL have closed.

  • Does anybody know if the Cuppy’s in Lakeland, FL has closed? It opened about the same time as my Java Joz.

  • Roberto

    you can contact lili tran using facebook, she’s the vulgar asian girl located in panama city beach.

  • I happen to love Lily Tran & so do many other people!

    You can contact “Roberto” at He/she is the idiot, who is either too stupid or too lazy to capitalize proper nouns and doesn’t know when to use a semicolon in a sentence AND who [evidently] hides behind the name “Roberto” so that he/she can trash people without just cause or ramifications.

  • I happen to respect and admire Lily Tran & so do many other people!

    You can contact “Roberto” at He/she is the idiot, who is either too stupid or too lazy to capitalize proper nouns, doesn’t know when to use a semicolon in a sentence AND who [evidently] hides behind the name “Roberto” so that he/she can randomly trash people without fear of hostile response.

  • Philip

    who could respect someone like that??? and what anyone would respect her would do on this forum? be serious lili you are ridiculous…

  • Rancho Cucamonga is closed and so is Shalimar.

  • Dennis

    Just picked up a coffee from Cuppy’s in Wheatland, CA. You can call it open. Great staff and service.

  • Mike Wallace

    ? McKinney Texas Store:

    This store is not open (closed September 2008). Ours was one of the first to hang the stupid Cuppy’s sign. I took it down two months later and went independent. Unfortunately, the financial losses we suffered at the hand of Morgan and Cuppy’s were too much and the business failed.

  • Omar rafik

    I opened cuppys in 2007 at Whitney field mall Leominster ma I had the worse experience in my life it’s closed now since 2010 and I’m still paying my loan I lost about 250 k I’m losing my mind not only lost my business I lost my marriage too

  • Marta Alvarado

    I too, opened cuppys in 2007@ the Whitney field mall in leominster ma. Lost everything! my business, my partner, family & friend, I gave everything and got nothing!!!!!

  • Cuppy’s in Pineville, LA was closed when I moved here in 10/2014. Not sure how long it’s been closed, still has sign and graphic paintings on windows, in its strip mall unit. Looks cleaned out- too bad, there Is like one coffee shop in this entire town!

  • Tina Mickelson

    Cuppys in Rockford Illinois closed in July of 2009. Roy Snowden ripped us off of our money and then we were unable to get supplies. Here we are in 2016 and still living the terror of the debacle. We attended Coffee College and all seemed legit. Snowden belongs behind bars.

  • Cuppys is a scam. I got shellacked for $40,000 even thought i took them to court and the Judge ruled in my favor. I never was able to get any of my money back. Reported the scam to the FBI in Florida. Went back and forth with them for about a year and a half and got no where. The FBI dropped the case. Cuppy’s people ran. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY. The screwed millions of dollars out of unsuspecting franchisers. Stay away from them. They don’t honor contracts.

  • Hugh J

    I live here in Greenville, SC.. the address that is supposedly their HQ downtown seems to be the same address as Roost Restaurant at the Hyatt Hotel (according to Google Maps).. there’s a lot of great businesses there; Starbucks, Kilwin’s Chocolate and Roost Restaurant, but not a Cuppy’s to be found!

    What do you say about a franchisor who doesn’t have a location in their own hometown? (/s)

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