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Cuppy’s Coffee Franchisees Seek FTC Help

The individuals are seeking help from the Federal Trade Commission in getting their money returned from Cuppy’s Coffee, Elite Manufacturing and Fransynergy.

Cuppy’s Coffee franchisees who have deposited tens of thousands of dollars that the company refuses to return claim they are not going away.

They are also requesting an investigation as to the franchise practices of all companies involved including Cuppy’s Coffee, Elite Manufacturing, Medina Enterprises, and current owner FranSynergy.

The individuals are reportedly planning to file complaints with the Better Business Bureau, the FL Attorney General, the Attorney General of their home states, the FBI, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), The Small Business Administration (SBA), as well as other governmental, consumer, and media organizations.

4 thoughts on “Cuppy’s Coffee Franchisees Seek FTC Help

  • I filed a complaint with the FTC just a couple hours ago. Everyone needs to take the time to file these complaints. If these agencies see a flood of complaints, it will certainly get their attention! It didn’t take long at all to fill everything out – after a while you get very good at summarizing your situation in 3500 words or less.

  • Thanks for posting. I read this and filed a complaint too. We need to make FTC aware!

  • Guest (Tony)

    The direct line to the FTC is 877-382-4357. It will take a few minutes to file your complaint. Do it now!

  • hassan

    I am sseking for help too against cuppys/elite they steel from to 3790000 usdollars plus 700000 dollars fees.

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