CUPPY’S COFFEE: Despite Challenges, Cafe Opens in Wilmington, DE.


(FranchisePick.Com) Congratulations to Claudia & Alan Robbins on the opening of their brand new Cuppy’s Coffee cafe franchise in Wilmington, DE!

If you’re in, near or passing through Wilmington, DE stop in, show your support and get caffeinated at:

Cuppy’s Coffee

Millcreek Shopping Center,

4567 Kirkwood Hwy.

Wilmington, DE

The Robbins will be putting together a grand opening with a ribbon cutting some time around the 13th.

It’s been a long, hard road to get open.

Back in March, 2008, on one of the many fakey Cuppy’s promotional blogs (Coffee Knut Insider/ Coffee Real Estate)

cuppyswilm2James Anderson wrote:

Elite Mgf says Coming Soon: Wilmington DE Cuppy’s Coffee Cafe

Wilmington DE now will have another reason to celebrate. Many pockets of the city are populated by different groups of people with various European heritages. This ethnic diversity contributes to several very popular ethnic festivals held every spring and summer in Wilmington. Now that Elite Manufacturing is working on bringing the new Cuppy’s Coffee cafe up to trade dress, Wilmingtonites will soon enjoy a true Italian experience.

Elite estimates that the new Cuppy’s Cafe should be completed sometime in April. There soon after, Cuppy’s should have their Grand Opening to introduce the citizens of Wilmington to decadent espressos, real fruit smoothies and a whole lot more.


Unfortunately for Claudia & Alan Robbins, the April opening was just one more Cuppy’s Coffee / Elite Manufacturing fairy tale.

Little did they know, the Robbins would have to battle through the change in the ownership of Cuppy’s Coffee & Elite Manufacturing, missed deadlines, broken promises, fallout from a lawsuit against Elite Manufacturing by subcontractor SBT, and the seeming collapse of both the franchisor and its construction arm.

During the process, the Robbins’ reportedly had to seize control of their own building process and oversee their own contractors to get their buildout finished, incurring additional costs and a 7 month delay in the process.

Please join us in wishing the best of luck to Claudia & Alan Robbins and Cuppy’s Coffee of Wilmington, DE… they certainly have earned it.



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photo credits: Cuppy’s Coffee of Wilmington, DE

14 thoughts on “CUPPY’S COFFEE: Despite Challenges, Cafe Opens in Wilmington, DE.

  • congrats! you worked hard to get it open! best of luck!

  • krista noem

    Claudia and Alan we wish you both the best of luck! Rick and Krista Noem

  • Kristin

    Claudia, congratulations! I remember trying to help you find a location way back in the day. I’m soooo excited you were able to get your store open. I wish you the best of luck!

  • Alicia Benefield

    Congratulations Claudia and Alan. Rickey and I wish you great success in your new venture.
    We opened our coffee shop last Monday, November 3rd.
    Again, best of luck to you.
    Alicia and Rickey Benefield

  • Claudia I am so glad you got your store open. I was the Corporate trainer for Cuppy’s that went on the road and trained for the soft openings. I never heard from Cuppy’s again once they moved. I live in Baltimore and if you have any questions about how the equipment works or if you would like me to come up there for a day I would be happy to do it. I really enjoyed what I was doing and was sorry to see it end, but I know there are no classes anymore. So just for the fun of it I will be helping with any questions you have about the equipment. Good luck to you.

  • Sheila Goodlett

    Claudia and Alan,

    Congratulations on getting your store open. I know it was a long, hard road on the way there, but you made it! Keep the faith, keep your chins up and a big smile on your face and you WILL BE SUCCESSFUL! Best of Luck to you both.

    Sheila Goodlett
    Tampa, FL

    Claudia and Robin, you did it! Despite all the difficulties, and issues you had to overcome, you proved that when you put your heart and mind towards a goal it can come to fruition. I wish you best of luck and success in revenues and profits.

    Be strong, stay focus on your objectives of the success of your business.

    My Best Regards


  • Melissa Ottjepka

    Congrats! and may the stock fly off the shelf and the money flow into the till! Wishing you all the best. You’re our inspiration. We’re almost there ourselves.

    Steve & Melissa Ott
    Clawson, MI

  • Amy and Gary Wiebers

    Congrats to you both for taking control and getting opened. We wish you both great success!! Those with the greatest adversities to overcome are usually the most successfull in all areas of life!

    How nice of Cindy to offer training to you both. She must have really enjoyed her job also.

    Success To All,

    Gary and Amy Wiebers
    Panama City Beach Florida

  • Evans Shaw

    Upmost Congrats from Christy & I! We are finally crossing the bridge to opening as well, hopefully by Nov. 15th (soft) and grand opening Dec. 1st. in Collyville Tx. Adversities would be an understatement I think you both would agree, but here you are opening through it all and I am very excited for you both. Christy & I will post a photo as well here in the upcomiong week as well. We are working with a local roaster and winging everything including our POS system (Selbysoft) and our Smoothie supplies. Training? Just what we got from Coffee Collage back in June, so wish us luck. This has to be the education of all education’s, 4th and many, back up to our own endzone with 3 seconds on the clock? I still belive we can win!!

    P.S. Cindy, would you be intrested in a expense free 3 day trip to Texas??

    Evans & Christy Shaw
    Collyville, Tx.

  • Congrats to all who are getting open in this economy and through the nightmare of Cuppy’s corporate. Here’s hopeing for high profits and low overhead!!
    I had a Java Jo’z open for about a year but closed in Aug of this year. If anyone knows of any Java Jo’z still open I have labeled items I will GIVE to you for free. Just pay shipping. Mugs, stickers, shirts.

  • Cindy

    Evans…I would love to come help you. I am currently at my daughters in Florida I would love to come. My email address is Drop me a note and we can talk on the phone.

    C indy

  • Terri

    Doug , E -Mail me what you have! We can talk. I might take you up on that offer!
    Our signage was never changed over. Which Now I am happy to say that…..

  • Claudia Robbins

    Friends, thank you for your words of support and encouragement. We all have been caught up in a horrible situation and I hope for the best outcome for everyone.

    If any Cuppy’s franchisee (or ex-franchisee) would like to train for a day or so in my shop, or just poke around a bit, please let me know. Please give the Admin permission to forward your contact info. I wouldn’t use this experience as your only training (I have recommendations for that too) but it would be good practice.

    Grand opening weekend is 22-23 Nov with live music, free coffee and samples, raffles, etc. and appearances by Mr. Cuppy, Rocky from the Wilmington Blue Rocks and the next door neighbor, the Geico Gecko.

    Thanks again and good luck to everyone!

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