COFFEE BEANERY: Secret Justice Franchisee Interview Part 1

Here is the first of two video interviews with unhappy Coffee Beanery franchisees Deborah Williams and Richard Welshans, who are in their 3rd year of a legal fight against the franchisor.
Coffee Beanery Franchise Fraud Part 1:

In this video, Deborah and Richard describe their backgrounds (Deborah was VP of Operations for a large corporation; Richard was in industrial sales for 18 years before being downsized). They also describe their financial well-being prior to buying the franchise (owned a million-dollar house with $600K equity).

Deborah describes the type of business they wanted to open after Richard was a victim of downsizing: “We just wanted a little coffee shop… we just wanted a little franchiseable coffee shop, like a little Cheers-type place. We started looking for different franchisors. Our first choice, of course, was Starbucks.”

Starbucks doesn’t offer franchises, so they went with the Coffee Beanery franchise.

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