BLO DAD & Sons Vending Responds to Alleged Complaints

Blo Dad & Sons VP Sales & Marketing, Gabriel Jacobs, from Blo Dad & Sons, has provided this rebuttal to the alleged complaints on our post BLO DAD & Sons Boozelator Vending Complaints.

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This is Gabriel Jacobs, from Blo Dad & Sons. I am the Vice President of Sales & Marketing, and I oversee 100% of all sales, whether I am your sales associate or not. We have determined that these postings are not from one of our customers for the following reasons:

1. We have only sold a quantity of ten (10) machines to one (1) customer, who is located in upstate NY.

A.) I spoke with him today and he has confirmed that he did not make this posting and that he is very happy with our customer support.
B.) We offer a deeper discount for quantities of 11, as opposed to 10, which so far has always prompted people to purchase 11, as opposed to 10; of course with the exception of this one (1) customer.

2. We do not sell our machines for $1,400 (or even $1,500 for quantities under 50), so this also false.

3. Our website specifically states that our machines are made with parts from around the world, including USA, Asia, Germany, Japan. We have many of our metal boxes made and designed here in Ft. Myers, FL, and those are assembled in Cape Coral, FL. We have never made a claim that our machines are ‘made in the USA.’ Only assembly and containing some USA parts. Heck, even iPhones and other Apple products (which are among the best in the industry) are made in China, so we do not see anything wrong with that, as long as it is regulated. However, our product is not just composed of Chinese parts as listed by the above poster, it is a collaborative effort among several countries.

4. We only charge a $200 difference between the fuel cell and semiconductor, not $350, which further confirms the above story is fictitious.

View an accuracy video on the the Boozelator™ 3001 on our homepage here: You cannot fake a news-clip!

More Info On The Differences In Sensors:

The fuel cell sensor is indeed leaps and bounds more accurate than a semiconductor sensor, and also far less expensive to maintain. A semiconductor sensor starts breaking down within about 1 hour of being exposed to alcohol fumes, and starts becoming vastly inaccurate. You will even receive false positives: for instance, you may have had nothing to drink, but your test may read a 0.02% or a 0.04%, etc. The fuel cell sensor does not give false positives. A semiconductor sensor should also be replaced a few times/year, which can cost you hundreds of dollars. The fuel cell sensor typically lasts 2-5 years (average of 3.5), and can be re-calibrated for as little as $0.25/calibration. You can often save $200/year or more by using a fuel cell over a semiconductor. It is our job to save you money on your maintenance, so you can re-invest it into more machines and more locations, as opposed to spending it on maintenance. There are far too many other differences to list between the two sensors. Contact us if you wish to learn more.

5. You may ‘Google’ Boozelator and see several websites from our different route operators. You can contact any or all of them via the ‘Contact Us’ section on their website, and you will be sure to find 100% positive feedback on Blo Dad & Sons, and our unparalleled customer support in the industry, by contacting real people.

6. I personally deal with any customer complaints, which are very rare. I have a vast education in business and business ethics, and have never copped a tone with a customer, let alone using profanities with them. Heck, you will only find me saying nice things about competitors, let alone talking down to a paying customer. Anyone who has spoken or emailed with me can testify to that.

7. There have only been 2 unsatisfied customers with us, and each of them had only purchased one (1) machine and realized the industry was not for them. See their stories below.

A. Customer #1 was located in Santa Barbara, CA – he decided to send back his machine months outside of the return period with claims that he could not place the machine anywhere in Santa Barbara, CA, and he demanded his money back. We have since sold 4 machines to route operators in Santa Barbara, CA, who have successfully placed their machines. We came to an agreement with this customer and issued him a refund, even though it was outside of his return period. He was VERY happy with the way we handled things.

B. Customer #2 was located in NJ and realized that he did not like being in the presence of alcohol and the bar crowd in general. He never placed his machine, and because he was outside of his return period, we helped him sell his machine to one of our other existing customers. In a recent email from him, this is what he had to say: “Gabe, I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for all your effort and your help. I am sorry that I never got off the ground. But you were a great help to me. Thanks again for all your support.” Again, this is from a customer that we knew would never purchase another machine, and we still went out of our way to help them.

8. There is no plastic on our machines, so that could not be breaking. The LCD monitors are ‘commercial-grade’ and built tough. We do not manufacture the monitors, but even they come with a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer of the monitor – so they are


Sometimes when you have the top of the line product with the best customer support in the industry, you have jealous competitors who spend their time trying to bash the competition, rather than spending their time bettering their own products and own customer support. It is also unfortunate that the breathalyzer vending industry has typically been a shady business and never exploded as mainstream in bars – this was due to lack of an accurate product, as well as lack of customer support in the industry. We at Blo Dad & Sons saw this as a huge opportunity in this market, and that is how we revolutionized the industry: by changing the standards in the industry to use of a law enforcement grade fuel cell sensor, as well as offering top of the line customer support.

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  • Blo Dad and Sons customer service is a joke. Just try calling the phone number from their website and I bet you will get sent straight to voicemail. What kind of business doesn’t have someone answering the phone during business hours?? Machines are shit the LCD screens seem to always go out. Gabe only gets back to you if its convenient for him he could give a shit about a customer if he isn’t going to make a buck off of them. Poorly run business.

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