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Anthony Reza Solhi: Predatory Scammer or Innocent Victim?


The company was still a good investment. If it had survived, it would have prospered.  Anthony Reza Solhi

According to numerous press reports and dozens of alleged victims, Anthony Reza Solhi is a predatory con man who preyed on the hopes and dreams of recent immigrants, drove a Porsche and bought a mansion with an indoor pool with their life savings.  According to the 2007 article Taking Your Dough:

According to dozens of families – mostly newcomers to Canada — Solhi took their life savings and left them with nothing but untold debt and empty bank accounts…

…Dozens of cases revealed he had been at this scheme for years – first as 3-for-1 Pizza and Wings, followed by Pizza One, Pizza Uno and Anthony’s Kitchen. It appears Solhi has been up to no-franchise good for nearly 10 years.

After police charged Solhi, in 2004, with 25 counts of fraud involving 3-for-1 Pizza, victims thought they would recover their losses. A year later, the government dropped the charges against Solhi in exchange for paying $500,000 to some of the franchisees… But many of Solhi’s victims haven’t seen a penny.

…After close to twenty unpaid civil judgments against Solhi, totaling more than $1 million, Solhi is still trying to sell franchises.

FranchisePick.Com reported on the Solhi controversy (The Latest U.S. Import: Franchise Fraud, Another Pizza Franchise Scam Victim comes Forward), as did Michael Webster’s THE BIZOP NEWS.  In fact, alleged victims of Reza Solhi maintain an entire website, Anthony’s Franchise Information, dedicated to negative news stories about the man they say scammed them.

But now Anthony Reza Solhi is fighting back.  Solhi has launched an aggressive blogging campaign to tell his side of the story:  That he is himself a victim of a predatory news media and misguided, unscrupulous franchisees.

Is Anthony Reza Solhi the REAL victim?

Solhi’s personal website, titled Ideas by Anthony Reza Solhi, begins with the statement that Solhi is owed a debt of gratitude for inventing the concept of delivering chicken wings with pizza:

Next time you enjoy a pizza and wings combo from the local delivery service, thank me! Anthony Solhi.solhi-illus

In 1989, I started a small pizza company in Toronto, Canada, called 3 for 1 Pizza and Wings, the first chain to offer both pizza and wings for home delivery. Within 14 years, that little company grew to a nation-wide franchise with outlets from coast to coast. Its growth rate was unprecedented in the pizza home delivery industry. Many of its menu innovations would be copied by competitors, both in Canada and in the U.S., altering the way we eat in North America. These are minor achievments but I remain proud of the innovations I’ve left to the pizza home delivery industry and even of my small contribution to America’s fast-food palette.

This is a personal Web site I maintain. It tells a little of my story and contains information about the history of 3 for 1 Pizza and Wings. I periodically update it with commentary on business and franchising issues and responses to specific claims made with respect to 3 for 1 Pizza and Wings.

Reza Solhi’s blog contains his autobiographical account of how he, through hard work and innovation, built the fastest growing pizza chain in North America. 

It also tells how the rapid collapse of his enterprise, as well as criminal and civil charges, were the result of many factors, none of them directly attributable to him.

In his section The Fall of 3 for 1 Pizza & Wings, Solhi blames his franchise department for picking bad franchisees:

With the company growing so fast, I was unable to remain involved in selecting franchises. That critical task was left in the hands of our franchising department. Unfortunately, with this change, the company started bringing in, not pizza-makers, but trouble makers.

The foolish franchisees went to the press with their complaints, a decision which eventually toppled the company.  Writes Solhi:

As our company’s first decade in business came to a close, we found ourselves embroiled in an internal dispute sparked by company efforts to reduce employee theft (the food industry’s biggest cause of lost revenue). The disgruntled franchisees took their complaints to the press, and this became our first encounter with bad publicity. The Toronto Sun featured the dispute in a series of articles that were sympathetic to the franchisee cause, and which portrayed the company’s executive branch as being of questionable character. ..

Bad press hurts not just home office but every single hard-working franchisee affiliated with the company.

These first stories put an end to our efforts to expand into the U.S. and dried up much of the interest we had from prospective buyers in Canada…

As short-sighted franchisees began demanding their money back, Anthony Reza Solhi likened himself to George Bailey in It’s a Wonderful Life.

Anyone who has ever watched George Baily defend the New Bedford Building & Loan Association knows what happens when investors suddenly get it in their heads to demand their money back.

On a separate blog (Anthony Reza Solhi’s WordPress Blog) Solhi claims he is also being victimized by vindictive, extortionist franchisees who threatened to ruin him if he did not pay them off.  Writes Solhi:

For two years or more, I have been the victim of an Internet-based effort intended to ruin my reputation and destroy my capacity to earn a living. One man, Gautam Malik (together with his wife, Nidhi Malik) has been the principle force behind this relentless attack… Sitting in my office, they told me in the most serious tone, that I would either refund their money or they would see to it that I was financially ruined. I remember their words to this day; “You better pay back our money or we will ruin your life and your business.”

…It is not enough for them that the company I loved and nurtured was destroyed and that I lost my fortune, my home, and my family; the Maliks are still unsatisfied. Four years after the Maliks came to see me that day, Gautam Malik and Nidhi Malik continue to pursue their personal vendetta against me.


graphics source:  Ideas by Anthony Reza Solhi

13 thoughts on “Anthony Reza Solhi: Predatory Scammer or Innocent Victim?

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  • jamie simon

    HE OWS ME 1000$ to this day if i ever see him hes getting it

  • REZASHOLI scamerr

    this person is a full out crook one day some1 will take the justice in to their own hands he will die like a little kakroch no1 will be there, cops will even laff and me and other will party for a week

  • Alexander Mottram

    In case anyone is looking for him he can be found in his new company:

    Quality Brand Oils
    1081 Meyerside Drive #11
    Mississauga, ON L5T 1M4
    905-795-7777 ex 2

    A comment on the site reads, in part:

    No, His new address:Unit 5,
    Submitted by Reza is bilker on Tue, 2015-12-01 14:27.

    No, His new address:Unit 5, 40 Holtby Ave. Brampton L6X 2M1 His business number: 905-795-7777 His cell#: [redacted]

    We are a moving company. We worked to them for moving stuff from 1081 Meyerside Dr. Unit 10-11 to this new location on end of Oct. He issued a Business cheque for moving service. the business name: APEX Progress Corpotation. He made stop payment by bank after we deposited. He owing moving service charge is almost 1500 dollar…

    His business name: Quality Brand Oils. He said his clients is suppiler to COSTCO , No Frill, Loblaws, etc. supermarket. The business is filling oils for OEM. He said his brother and sister is lawyers. He is nothing to fear in Canada…


  • he owe me $3000, he is a big asshole

  • John/Deb Schnurr

    Solhi is a predator, preying on the hopes and dreams of people who wish to establish themselves as independent business owners. His so-called pizza business was in reality, as front to sell a franchise, cause you to fail, seize it, and re-sell to a new patsy, all the while telling the original owner that all the moneys are gone in lawyer’s fees. He stopped payment on all cheques all the contractors and sub-contractors, on the same day they were written. He never completely finished building me my franchise restaurant, out and out lied about the cost of flyers, and postal costs to distribute said flyers, and sent frozen food out of Toronto in the early morning in a non-refrigerated truck to arrive at my door at 5:00 p.m., and half my orders missing. We lost out on over $125,000.00 and lost everything else we had.

  • This is what happens when society tries to paint a picture,

    The moving guy must have not done his job properly. Movers are thieves. They steal.

    The person that lost their life savings should have read the contract they signed instead of signing with their eyes closed. I lost everything too, but because of the other franchisees. Not Reza.

    There are comments on here at 440 AM.

    I had a very successful Pizza business because of this man and a whole group of franchises decided to ruin it for the good people in the business. What a shame. I wish 341 could come back with the right people this time.


    I deleted your 2 other troll-like posts because it’s against our policies to allow people to post under multiple names. If you have something to add that’s on topic and not the tiresome liberal bashing/black lives matter inane trollism, please continue to comment. This blog is moderated to encourage actual debate, so if you want to just get a reaction, go somewhere else. The reaction will be deletion. Grow up.


  • Whoever commented on 6/24….

    What the hell are you talking about? Can we not even have discussions on franchising anymore without it becoming a divisive tribal identity politics political correct fest…good lord what happened to the world in the last few months….

  • I agree, Eric, except that trolls with nothing to add trying to get a reaction didn’t appear in the last few months. They’ve been at it for a long time… they just got a little more tiresome :)

  • ‘Anthony’

    I am not surprised to see this site
    I was ripped off by ‘Anthony’ when he had a previous company called Kitchen Depot.
    Of course he will feel the need to concoct a lie that paints himself as a victim. Poor Anthony.
    And he will label me as as a ‘bad apple’ , or a ‘thief’ , like the franchisees and everyone else whose money he stole. It’s his only defence.

  • Somebody knows if this man Anthony still in business? I read something he was dead in April 1916. I worked to him, he was a big criminal. I hope someone made justice. He play with people and take advantage. Real sick mind . (I read as his Funeral was Glendale Funeral Home.

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