STRATUS BUILDING SOLUTIONS Franchise: Are Stratus Franchisees Successful?

The Stratus Building Solutions franchise, like other commercial cleaning & janitorial franchises,  is under fire from its franchisees.

Our post STRATUS BUILDING SOLUTIONS Franchise Complaints prompted some harsh criticism.

Stratus Franchisee wrote: “…[Stratus] franchisees are offered accounts that are not profitable. When they are forced to give them up because they lose money, the franchisor transfers the account to another new unsuspecting franchisee… It seems the business is not set up to find new profitable accounts but to find new gullible franchisees because that is how the franchisor can make a quick buck.”

Linda Seneway wrote “I am a former employee at Stratus Building Solutions. I left because I could no longer be a part of scamming minorities. The contracts are set up against you. You cannot win and will never make money.”


Nunya wrote:  “Stratus Building Solutions is a scam……period!!!!!! They jack up the price on any and all equipment….uniform attire that one would use… they double that price when it gets to the Franchisee.”

Jonathan Fortman wrote:  “…I filed a class action lawsuit in the Circuit Court of the City of St. Louis on behalf of 3 plaintiffs who purchased Stratus franchises. The franchisees allege that Stratus gave them false and misleading information to get the to sign the franchise agreement, failed to provide services it agreed to provide in the franchise agreement and violated Missouri law by terminating franchises without proper notice.”

Stratus Building Solutions Responds to Criticism

How does Stratus Building Solutions respond to such damning allegations about its commercial cleaning franchise opportunity?

A blog named Franchise Chatter recently acknowledged online criticisms from janitorial franchisees.

Franchise Chatter posed the question “Are Stratus Building Solutions unit level franchisees financially successful?”  Stratus Building Solutions Marketing Coordinator Marisa Lather provided an official company response, which is reprinted in its entirety below. Italicized commentary is ’s.

Are Stratus Building Solutions unit franchisees successful? “What an outstanding question…”

Are Stratus Building Solutions unit level franchisees financially successful? Marisa Lather replies:  “What an outstanding question and one to definitely take into consideration. I can only speak for Stratus Building Solutions. It all goes back to creating a system built for success with appropriate margins for every participant. Every Stratus system has been built with the unit franchisee in mind.”

Yes, Marisa, it is an outstanding question!  We have fielded numerous complaints that Stratus underbids jobs and provides franchisees with contracts that yield less than minimum wage. Not to be pushy, but we eagerly await your answer to this outstanding question.

Stratus’ Marisa Lather continues:  “The founding philosophy of Stratus Building Solutions is to draw distinction to the company by being a true bottom up organization. The success of the unit franchisee is paramount to the success of the company. Even in building our tagline of ‘Your Success is Our Only Business’ we wanted to convey how truly committed we are to having successful franchisees on all levels, starting with the unit.”

Marisa, we agree.  It’s a beautiful tagline!  We have not received one complaint about the Stratus tagline! 

However, we have received complaints that Stratus Master Franchisees will take away accounts from unit-level franchisees under the pretense that there were client complaints (when there weren’t) so they can award them to new franchisees at a much higher profit. I’m sure you’ll address this when you answer the outstanding question. Which will be soon, I hope!

Marisa states:  “Every product, system and process has been carefully evaluated to see how it will influence the outcome of the unit franchisee’s investment. For example, we are the only company in our industry to have our own line of Green Seal Certified cleaning chemicals. When we were exploring the idea, we went to our developer and stressed it must be competitive or superior to anything else available in our market.”

Marisa, how will Green Seal Certified cleaning chemicals help unit level franchisees whose jobs are hopelessly underbid or who have profitable accounts taken from them under false pretenses, as is alleged?  You ARE going to get to the outstanding question soon, right?

Marisa states:  “Our Stratus brand HEPA Filtration Backpack Vacuum is a top grade piece of equipment that costs $450 at retail. Through the Stratus program, unit franchisees are able to have the vacuum at a discounted price while still maintaining top quality.”

Marisa?  Seriously?  People are claiming that they are losing their savings and being scammed out of their livelihoods, and you brag about the discount they get on a vacuum cleaner?  Plus, franchisees contend you double and triple the price of such things as uniforms and business cards to franchisees.  Answer the outstanding question, now, please!

“It’s also worth noting that we have zero litigation (compared to our competitors) and we offer unlimited consultation on what the FDD states so that our prospective franchisees understand exactly what is coming in and going out.”

Zero litigation compared to your competitors?  What does that even mean?  And what about the class action lawsuit reportedly filed against Stratus Building Services on behalf of three stratus unit franchisees?  Have you read STRATUS BUILDING SOLUTIONS Franchise Class Action Lawsuit Filed?

“We’re lucky to have avoided such issues for the most part, but it’s certainly a valid question and it’s best to know all sides of a business — good and bad — when evaluating a final choice. Buying a franchise is more than just an investment in your money – it’s your time, your life really.”

Oh, Marisa, you teased us, then broke our hearts.  You said the question of franchisee profitability was outstanding, and then you dazzled us with your tagline, HEPA vacuum discounts and Green Seal Certified chemicals! And you never answered the outstanding question!

We do agree on one thing:  Buying a Stratus franchise will cost you more than money… so prospective franchisees should thoroughly research this opportunity and get expert advice before buying the franchise.


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7 thoughts on “STRATUS BUILDING SOLUTIONS Franchise: Are Stratus Franchisees Successful?

  • Marisa Lather

    My words are being taken completely out of context and misquoted. Not surprising the response to zero litigation – as it currently stands, so please address your fact checker – was not published.



    I don’t understand what you are saying, but want to give you a chance to clarify. Here is your exact statement, cut & pasted from Franchise Chatter:

    “It’s also worth noting that we have zero litigation (compared to our competitors) and we offer unlimited consultation on what the FDD states so that our prospective franchisees understand exactly what is coming in and going out.”

    Aren’t you claiming that Stratus Building Services is not involved in any litigation? If we are interpreting that incorrectly, please clarify.

  • I fail to see how Ms. Lather’s comments about “zero” litigation could be taken out of context. That was their tag line back when Jan-Pro, Coverall and Jani-King were being sued and not Stratus. I will give her the benefit of the doubt and assume she was using old marketing materials which predated our lawsuit. Otherwise she would be giving out false and misleading informtion. To be perfectly clear, our case is still pending. We intend on proceeding with the case and seeking certification of the class. The class action mechanism used by our courts was implemented to specifically handle these types of claims. We are confident that a court will certify the class after hearing all of the evidence.

    Jonathan E. Fortman
    (314) 522-2312

  • 1st Amendment

    Stratus was exposed on Television. Many people were Picketing and asking to talk to the manager at Stratus and they were not allowed to. The Police were called ! Everybody who bought into Stratus got Ripped-off. They gave Stratus there life savings and got nothing in return they just wanted there money back. One of the gentlemen who got ripped-off compared Stratus to a Cave of Rats!

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  • stratus tampa

    is a racist playing with scores of people to where you want it does not have enough money and accounts and want money, you never come to tampa buy because jeff is a crazy scammer

  • stratus tampa

    thank you at mr. fortman the stratus franchiseein tampa need you, good luck for work with non English people

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