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RICKY’S: Summit, NJ Store Equipment Auction

ext signage.250Another sad milestone for the dying Ricky’s Candy, Cones & Chaos franchise dream.  

Equipment for the defunct Ricky’s Candy, Cones & Chaos franchise in Summit, NJ will be auctioned by A.J. Willner’s Auctions on Monday, December 14, 2009 at 11:00 AM. 


Here is the information from A.J. Willner’s auction page:

Like New Gelato, Ice Cream & Candy Equipment 
re: Ricky’s Candy, Cones & Chaos of Summit
By Retention of Landlord. Everything Must Be Sold Regardless of Price!

Auction Date(s):     Monday, December 14, 2009  Time: 11:00 AM

333 Springfield Ave.    
Rt. 24 to Exit 9A    
Summit, NJ  07901

Inspection Date(s):
Monday, December 14, 2009
Time: 9:30 AM to 11:00 AM
Animated Store Fixtures.250Pickup Date(s): 
Monday, December 14, 2009  Time: 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Tuesday, December 15, 2009  Time: 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM

# "New" Prima 18 PLUSA 5 Ft. Glass Front Gelato Showcase (s/n L40002; Recently purchased for $25,000!)
# Master-Bilt Glass Ice Cream Showcase
# Scotsman Undercounter Ice Machine
# True Undercounter Rolling Refrigerator
# 47 Compartment Candy Dispening Unit
# 3 well S.S. Sink w/ Sprayer
# Single Head SaniServe Ice Cream Dispenser & (3) 5 Ft. S.S. Tables
Tables & Chairs.250# Bunn CWTF35 Coffeemaker & 6 Head Coke Soda Dispenser
# Beautiful Free Standing & Custom Built Store Fixtures Including Wonka Mobile, Cabinets, Menu Board w/ TV, Outside Lighted Sign, Wall Signage, Decorations, etc.
# 8 Sections of Metro Racks, Small Sentry Safe & Samsung SF 560 Fax
# Large Qty. of Paper Goods, Supplies, Accessories, Tables, Chairs, Hot Fudge Disp., Hand Sinks, etc.

Featured Items:

Prima 18 Self Contained Gelato Showcase
Master Bilt Self Contained Display Freezer Case
Scotsman Under Counter Ice Machine
SaniServ Frozen Beverage Machine
True Under Counter Single Door Refrigerator
Stainless Steel Prep Tables
Wonka merchandising unit.200Stainless Steel Triple Well Sink
Hot Topping Dispensers
6 Flavor Soda Fountain
Dial Face Safe & Fax Machine
Interior Signage
Exterior Signage
Bulk Candy Merchandising Unit
"Wonka" Store Fixture
Animated Store Fixtures
Tables & Chairs

For Complete Catalog please click on "download catalog" at the A.J. Willner’s auction page.


photos:  A.J. Willner

4 thoughts on “RICKY’S: Summit, NJ Store Equipment Auction


    Charles Alario, a founding partner of Ricky’s, is engaged in a messy legal and family dispute over the bankruptcy of one of this Golden Corral franchises and allegations of fraud made by his brother Frank against him.

    Here’s an excerpt:
    “The Debtor manages its restaurant operations pursuant to a franchise
    agreement between Charles Alario and Golden Corral Franchising Systems, Inc., dated May 25, 2007 (the “Agreement”). A true copy of the Agreement is attached as Exhibit A.

    10. The Agreement is a valuable asset of the Debtor’s estate and is an integral
    part of the administration of both the Debtor’s estate and the Realty estate.
    11. Charles Alario acquired the Agreement for and on behalf of the Debtor to
    support the Debtor’s construction and operation of a Golden Corral Restaurant.
    12. Charles Alario used the Agreement to enable him to borrow millions of
    dollars to build and furnish the Restaurant and to obtain credit from various trade
    creditors and servicers.
    13. Frank Alario was unaware that Charles Alario retained sole ownership of
    the Agreement and failed to take title in the name of the Debtor.
    14. Frank and Charles Alario are involved in litigation against each other
    wherein Frank has alleged that Charles forged Frank and Frank’s wife’s names to various loan documents and guarantees, thereby committing Frank and his wife to millions of dollars of indebtedness.
    15. On information and belief, Charles Alario forged his mother’s name on
    various mortgages to collateralize loans to him or his companies, without his mother’s or the family’s knowledge.
    16. Charles Alario formed at least four companies whose alleged purpose was to own and operate a Golden Corral restaurant on Street Road in Bensalem, PA. He then used those companies to borrow monies to finance the purchase and/or lease of restaurant equipment that, allegedly, would be used at the Restaurant.
    17. Charles Alario formed said companies for the sole purpose of obtaining
    fraudulent financing for equipment alleged by Charles Alario to be delivered to and used by the Debtor.”

  • Guest

    We still don’t have a complete picture of how the clearly fraudulent activities of Charles Alraio weaved themselves into Ricky’s, but the pattern is clear. Rick Barber knew these stores could never make money and yet he went out and sold them to people who put their life savings and more on the line. But, he not only sold them he had people taking on big rents in 4,000 sqft stores. Why? Why build a franchise on a foundation of sand? Why try to raise more money with a reverse IPO into a shell company SPYRUS Inc. with the kinds of numbers the stores were putting up.

    I personally know of 2 instances where Charles Alario was forced to make good on debts related to Ricky’s, But it appears they have successfully avoided over $250,000 in debts incurred by the Princeton store alone via the Ch 11 that was tossed out of court.

  • guest

    While Rick and Charles have left many bankrupt. Rick is now living the high-life making $180 grand a year working for Macy’s. How the former franchisees are unable to get a dime from him is unbelievable!

  • guest

    How do you know he makes $180,000? What is his title?? Please tell me I want to pursue.

    If he committed fraud – why cant we go after him personally??

    How is the lawsuit going?

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