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MEINEKE Consumer Complaints

Do you have a complaint with Meineke Car Care Centers or a particular Meineke franchise location?

Please share your Meineke complaint or problem below.

Meineke Car Care Centers seem to have a disproportionately large number of angry complaints and serious allegations leveled at them across Internet complaint sites.

Have you had a bad experience with Meineke? 

Do you think it’s a problem throughout the chain, or with a single Meineke franchise location?

Angry Meineke Customer Vents on YouTube

This angry Meineke customer broadcast his Meineke complaint on YouTube.

The man claims his wife brought their van into a new Meineke location in their small town in Virginia to get a $19.95 oil change.

The Meineke worker allegedly told his wife that the car was not safe to drive and needed many immediate and expensive repairs.

The Meineke worker told the woman that there were major problems, that the timing belt was bad, there was water mixed with the engine oil, and the water pump was bad.

The woman claims that the Meineke worker told her she should not drive the van, as the engine could seize up at any moment.

The husband took the van to his trusted mechanic who told him:

There was no water in the engine oil.

The timing belt was fine.

The water pump was fine.

The man said that he spoke to three local women who all had the same experience:  they went in for the advertised $19.95 oil change and were all told they needed major, expensive repairs.

On our MEINEKE Franchise Complaints post, we reported that many Meineke franchise owners are struggling to keep their centers open.

For some, like this center in Virginia, it is just a matter of time before they’ve damaged their reputation enough that they are sure to fail.  This man even suspects Meineke switches license place bulbs with burned-out bulbs just so they can charge to replace them.  Whether they do or not, it just shows how far this Meineke has destroyed consumer trust.

Meineke Care Care Centers:  Share Your Experience

Are you familiar with Meineke?

What was your experience – good or bad – with your Meineke Care Care Center?

What steps should Meineke and Driven Brands be taking to stop bad consumer experiences?

Do you think these consumer complaints and bad practices are the result of a few bad Meineke centers, or are they all the same?

Please share a comment, opinion or insight below.



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30 thoughts on “MEINEKE Consumer Complaints

  • I dont think we should paint them all with them same brush. I know there are some Mienekes where if the owner saw such things, that person would be fired ASAP. They are all independently owned so it cant be a company wide thing. You may get the same thing at Jiffy lube, Walmart etc. People are looking to rip you off no matter where you go. For cars slaes, repair, hair, resturants, beauty counters pushing “miracle” cream thats nothing more than mud etc.I have seen on shows like Dateline where even the car dealerships lies about things being broken or even showing the employees poking holes in radiators! We just have to be savvy enough to spot the scamers.

  • Meineke Victim

    What I would like to know is that obviously there are a lot of meineke complaints, and there are a lot of us with very real complaints on this website, however, what is the point if there isn’t a direction we can take with this. I lost over $1000. and almost lost my life. If you know of a class action against meineke that we can participate in, please let me know.

  • gus cabuso

    I realize all of these outfits are franchises, but in looking at these comments I sense a trend none the less. Whatever value this brand has left, is being consistently eroded by the low standards they apply to selecting francisees. I had recently moved, and all of my tools were in storage. I’ve been doing brake jobs since I was 16 and can’t remember the last time I paid someone to do one for me. However I took my car to the shop at 1227 Caldwell Blvd, Nampa, Idaho (208) 465-0600, and was prepared to do it this time, to save myself the trouble.

    I was met by a man who appeared to have his butt welded to his chair. He asked me what I needed although I didn’t get the feeling that he really cared. I told him, “I need my pads replaced, and rotors turned. I would do it myself but I can’t get to my tools.” Which is guy code for “I know how this works, I know what I need, so don’t waste my time by playing with me.” He said, I can do that for $199.99. (So much for that 10% off coupon for any service over $200 that I downloaded.) I pointed to the price board, where the basic service was listed at $129 and asked where he got the $200 figure from. He said “Its our pricing.” I said, “That answer isn’t very informative, please indulge me, your posted pricing suggests otherwise.”

    Still sitting in his chair, “It’s for ceramic pads, and my labor.” I told him I was anxious to see what his labor looked like since he couldn’t even stand up to talk to a customer. I told him I didn’t want ceramic pads. He said, “That’s what requires the vehicle.” I asked him if he was telling me that OEM for my car was ceramic pads (more guy code) and that he could not put semi metallics on it. He said again “That’s what requires the vehicle.” I asked him if he was aware that I knew he was lying to me. He stood his ground. So I thanked him and left.

    It was apparently a slow that day, not a single other vehicle in the shop, (is it any wonder?) but I didn’t feel like contributing more than my share to his day’s receipts to make up for it.

    Never again!

  • I experienced terrible customer service, work, and ethics at Meineke. They put the wrong part on my car and then quoted the correct part at a cost 4 times as much as the original. They will not refund the original amount only credit it towards the correct job with the overpriced part. They say they are getting it straight from Toyota. I believe this because the price they quoted me happened to be the price Toyota gave me for the part plus the amount they would “credit” forward. Thus the price I paid was what they have to pay for the part nulling my “credit.” I was able to get it done correctly locally for the same amount as I originally paid. I feel like this was a scam. On top of this I went back and forth with Meineke for over a month until I had to get the job done elsewhere. This voided my warranty so now I can’t get anything and they can be as rude as they want, which they were. I will never use Meineke again anywhere and advise everyone else to never use as well.

  • Meineke's Fraudulent Business Practices

    his particular Meineke Car Care Center is a Virginia vehicle inspection site. I do not recommend that anyone use this facility. The manager there attempted to rip me off for $1,300 in supposed problems including exhaust system, rack and pinion repairs, and brakes when I took my daughter’s car for annual inspection. I was suspicious and declined the offer to do the repairs immediately. I was issued a rejection sticker and told I had 15 days to have the repairs done. I would then have to pay another fee to have it reinspected and passed. The car was then taken to another inspection site for a second opinion and I was told the car would have passed with installation of new wiper blades and a couple of bulbs and there were no major problems. The story is not ended. Now the second inspection station has to involve the state police because Meineke’s rejection is called into question and the police will have to rule on the matter. By the way, the Meineke manager ran a credit check on me without asking, which I am told, is illegal. He told me my credit was good for $2,500 and they could finance the cost of repairs. I was given a schedule of financing costs by the manager. This was based on my giving my name and telephone number. I am a woman and 68 years old.

  • Dave Parsons

    East Windsor NJ ….
    cant communicate the correct part with the Subaru parts dept>….Subaru parts dept says they are beyond stupid…dont even know how to find or order the correct part…
    FAILED to bleed my ranger pickup…or even know how to do it…took it to MIDAS across the street and was shown where and how and why by a tech at that location and YES IT DID NEED TO BE BLED>>.took almost 1 full gallon more fluids to be done correctly…Mieneke was CLUELESS…AND to top it off…they are attempting as we speak to install the THIRD SET OF FRONT Transmisson cv joint seals…WTF …they dont have a tool…or the skill???….its 4 days after they delivery as promised date…TOTAL FAIL:URE >>># TIMES IN A ROW>>>3 strikes…they are out…DONT GO TO THIS FACILITY if you need work done correctly…TALK ABOUT A DOWNHILL SLIDE…used them for years and they were great…new “kids” working there…NO CLUE!!!>>> sorry to see a good place go bad so fast..SO
    DONT ASK EM TO DO ANYTHING EXCEPT THE MUFFLERS>>>…I wonder if they screw that up now too>>>

  • James MacPherson

    On 1/28/14 I took my wife’s 2003 Toyota Camry to the Meineke located in Woodbury, NJ for an oil change. For the scheduling and payment, I dealt with an individual by the name of “Will”. After payment, I drove back to our apartment and right before I parked, I noticed the “Check Engine” light had come on and there was a slight “tapping” sound coming from the engine.

    I told my wife about it and she said iot would be best to go back to the Meineke to have them check it. About 200ft. before the Meineke there was a red light. I stopped and the car began to violently shake and the “tapping” sound quickly became a “loud knocking” sound. I pulled in and spoke to “Will” and told him what was going on. He went to pull her car into one of the bays and the car died out. He asked a few of the mechanics there to help him push the car into the bay so he could inspect it.

    Once on the lift, he called my wife and I into the shop area and told us that they had installed a “defective” oil filter and that her engine was blown! My wife became extremely upset and began to take an asthma attack and I had to try my best to calm her down because she did not have her inhaler on her. “Will” told me to tell her that they will “do the right thing” and replace her engine free of charge. My wife and I insisted that at the very least, they must install a “rebuilt” engine with a warranty. He said he was not sure if he could do that.

    Once we went back to our apartment, my wife called Meineke Corporate and told them what had happened and demanded that they install a “rebuilt” engine with a warranty. She spoke to a CSR by the name of “Ellias”. He said that her request was extremely reasonable and that he would contact the Woodbury Meineke and tell him to honor the request. “Ellias” called my wife back and told her they would install a “rebuilt” engine with a warranty.

    About 2 weeks later, the Woodbury Meineke called us and said that her car was ready. Once there, we spoke to someone named “Steve” and he said that he personally took care of everything and had ordered a “rebuilt” engine from a company called “ITC”. He said that if we had any problems whatsoever, to take her car back to Meineke and her would personally take care of it. About 5 days later, the “Check Engine” light came on again.

    We took it back to Meineke and “Steve” said that he would take a look at it. He called us up and said that there was just a simple “communication” problem between the catalytic converter and the engine and all he had to do was “reset the soft light” and everything would be fine. He asked if he could keep the car for a few days to test drive it to make sure that the “Check Engine” light would not come back on and that everything else was ok. My wife agreed and we picked her car up 3 days later.

    Everything seemed fine with the car…at first. 3 weeks afterwards; on my wife’s birthday no less; the “Check Engine” light went off again. We took it back to the Woodbury Meineke to find out that they now have a new owner, new management, and all new mechanics. No one that was working there now was there when we had taken the car for the intial oil change or when we brought the car back after the “rebuilt” engine was installed.

    The new manager; “Jim”; had no idea what we had gone through, but we explained everything to him. He said he would inspect the car to see what the problem was. He called my wife and told her that she would need a new catalytic converter. My wife and I were sure that the “rebuilt” engine had something to do with the catalytic converter going bad.

    My wife called Meineke Corporate and asked to speak to “Ellias”. She was told that “Ellias” no longer works there and spoke to an extremely rude CSR that would not let my wife explain anything or get a word in edgewise. My wife told the CSR everything that had happened to her car and that she was sure that the “rebuilt” engine was the cause of the catalytic converter going bad. The CSR told my wife that her warranty was only on her engine and that there was no way that would have made the catalytic converter go bad.

    My wife had became extremely frustrated with this CSR and told her that we would contact a lawyer. The CSR told my wife that if she did that, she would “erase all records of all of her phone calls and complaints!” The next day; “Jim”; the new manager of the Woodbury Meineke; called my wife. He said he wanted to try to find out any information he could about the “rebuilt” engine that was installed. He told my wife that it was not a “rebuilt” engine. He said that it was a “used engine from a junkyard”!!!

    My wife and I have gone through so much since the economy went down the drain. We both lost our jobs, we lost our home, and have gone through bankruptcy. I am back to work now, but my wife is still unemployed and needed her car to look for a job because I can not afford everything. We are in an apartment now and are falling back further and further in debt. We don’t know what to do now. We can not afford a lawyer unless we can find a pro-bono lawyer or possibly a lawyer that would handle our case on a contingency basis and add all of their charges and fees to the total amount my wife and I are seeking.

    We gave Meineke one shot to “do the right thing” and they did not and lied to us! The only way I can see them doing “the right thing” at this point in time would be to cut my wife a check for the entire amount that she has paid to Toyota. I have heard that the best we could hope for would be “Blue Book” value, but we will not be able to get a car as reliable as her’s was with that value. Besides, none of this would have ever happened if they just recognized the defective oil filter BEFORE they put it on.

    Are they any lawyers that would be willing to take on this case as described earlier? Either by pro-bono or on a contingency basis? Someone…..anyone?

  • Rocio Amador

    where/who and how can I complain about a Meineke Shop? I had the same problem three times already. Keep having to take my car BACK for the transmission and every time I do it takes about two to three weeks to get my car back. I have called corporation and Jasmine, said,”because the shop in Corona, CA is a franchise there’s nothing they can do” I am ready to call the city, radio and news, let them know how Meineke Car Service, is allowing this shop owner to run there business. How bad of a reputation Meineke is getting. Not to say thier customer service be Joe at the Meineke in Corona, CA is! . Let the people know about there bad service. This will hurt the rest of the Meineke shop! I have been very calm of the the situation. When when a man want to take advantage of a woman! thinking we women don’t know his lying when he said, the transmission is new!! and i ask him, but your paper work said,’ rebuilt” This time On Monday, May 05 he said, ‘bring your car Friday, May 09 wait for 3 to 5 hrs Your car will be done the same day. Now I called him and he said,” take Monday” I am a frustrated Women who feels discriminated!:(


  • Rahat Tariq

    Oh where do I begin…..

    Let me start by saying I, as well as my family, have been very loyal customers to Meineke. We get our oil changes done here every time we need to. We have 6 cars total in our family: my Honda Accord EX-L, 2 Toyota Camrys XLE, Toyota Sienna (mini van), Lexus ES 350, and a Mercedes S550. Every time any of us needs our oil changes done we head over to this location….until today.

    WAIT TIME WAS 2 AND A HALF HOUR FOR AN OIL CHANGE and THE OWNER/MANAGER IS VERY HOSTILE AND RUDE. Also, there is no AC in the waiting room and it was 90 degrees out. yuck!

    I arrived at about 2:40 pm for a simple oil change. I checked in and then sat down. About 45 minutes later I asked what the estimated time of completion would be and JOE said my car was next. Cool! So I double checked and asked him if I should leave because someone was on their way to pick me up and he assured me that I shouldn’t leave because my car was next. That’s fine.

    After waiting an additional hour and 15 minutes (total of 2 hours!!!) I asked Joe when my car would be done AGAIN. He said it was done, so I paid and he then told me that the mechanics will pull my car up to the front. 25 minutes go by and my car is not up front. So I talked to Joe again and asked him why he would tell me my car was done when clearly it wasn’t because MY HOOD WAS STILL UP! He said that he couldn’t estimate the time of completion, yet he told me that it was done… does that make sense. Why would you even tell me that my car was done??? You could have just said it was close to being finished.

    I am a teacher, so I have the patience of an angel. I calmly told him that I did not appreciate him telling me that my car was done (which was a clear lie) and then waiting another 25 minutes to see that my hood was still up. Which anyone would be upset about. I did not raise my voice and I was not demeaning what so ever. I come to this location quite often and just wanted to let Joe know that what he had said wasn’t appreciated. He then said:

    “THEN DON’T COME BACK HERE ANYMORE!” He said it very aggressively and threw his hands up. After his debacle I told him that he has lost my business and that I would put this up on social media and he said “THANK YOU.”

    Why would you ever say that to a customer??? I can’t even believe that he said that. I immediately told my entire family and friends about his volatile behavior and I PROMISE THAT THEY HAVE NOT ONLY LOST MY BUSINESS BUT MY ENTIRE FAMILY AND FRIEND’S BUSINESS.

    Also they tried to upsell me a few times with crap things like changing my AC vents and saying that my brakes needed to be changed when I changed them with the Honda dealership 3 months ago. Idiots.


  • willie dickson

    Meineke ripped off me for $3,000, They charged me $1700. for repairs to my 2003 ford explorer and $1300. for my 2004 pontiac bonneville. On my explorer they never repaired the upper and lower ball joints nor the upper valve cover gaskets. On my bonneville they charged me for replacing manifold cover gaskets,ignition control module ,and other repairs. None of these repairs were completed. I contacted Meineke and informed them that my pontiac would not run and my explorer still was making noises from the baal joints. Meineke insisted that they had done the repairs and wuold not refund any of my money.I had to get a new ignition control module replaced at another repair shop and I will have to get my ball joints replaced, Meineke of York, pa is a ripoff repair shop.

  • Bill Sanborn

    If less than 1 star was available, I would have chosen .5, as the 2 that run the Meineke on Highway 50 and College in Carson City Nevada (Martin and Raj who by the way do not have their names on their uniforms), are a couple of “THIEVES”.
    I requested 2-1/4″ exhaust, and they used 1-3/4″. When approached shortly after the fact, Raj said “I don’t know why he used 1-3/4 inch (and did not tighten bolts that were by then missing and the exhaust and hangers so it was swinging and hitting the frame), he’s off today, I will call you tomorrow when he comes in” (and gee, he never did). I did a chargeback on my AMEX over a month later (giving them plenty of time to reach me), and the lying rat that answered the phone said when AMEX (according to the letter from AMEX) “The customer was advised to bring the vehicle in for inspection but the customer never came in.”

    I went back in on Thursday May 7th 2015, to see why they had lied to AMEX, and the 2 of them (Tall skinny one I guess is Martin) and the (short slovenly unkempt one I guess is Raj) said they had not received a call from AMEX, and they would look into it and get back to me by Tuesday the 12th with a solution we could all live with.
    To my surprise (not really), no call ever came. If I was traveling, or had ever had issues receiving calls, I might be inclined to check with my cell provider, but since over 1,000 people (customer’s, friends and relative’s) have my phone #, and have not let me know about any issues, I have reached the natural conclusion that they think I’m done with them.
    You know I should have known the fist time I went to pickup my truck and it would not shift into gear (as Martin had the exhaust against the shift linkage on my transmission) that this was not going to end well, but I have given them 4 chances to get it right, and they appear to be totally inept at exhaust work, or they thought I looked like an easy mark.
    Going to Carson City Sherriff, BBB, and contacting the FBI (For fraud) on Tuesday June 2nd 2015, (unless I hear from them or Meineke before then) to help make sure these jerks do not dupe an unsuspecting single Mom or elderly person who might not know they’ve been taken by “PROFESSIONAL CON ARTISTS, WHO DON’T KNOW HOW TO WORK ON EXHAUST”!

    PS, If I was not under my truck changing the transmission fluid, I may not have noticed this, and the exhaust would have eventually come loose on the highway, and may have caused an accident!

    Opened a Facebook account, just to be able to comment and protect others from these shysters!

    William Sanborn

  • I wanted to share my experience with the Meineke on Broad Street in Woodbury, NJ. I had some work done at their competitor a few doors down and something was not right. So I went back to the competitor to have them check the work that I had already paid them for. They told me it would be at least a 2 hour wait. 2 hours on something they screwed up????? Not very happy I went to Meineke and told them my issue. They took me right in, thoroughly checked my issues, changed a part for me and cleaned under my engine to keep anything further from happening. It took about 1 1/2 hrs. And they charged me absolutely NOTHING!!!! This is pretty amazing customer service and they have all of my business from now on.

  • alan Chibatar

    I had some work done at Meinicke some the work I don’t think was necessary but that’s beside the point I did end up having to have the Lugnuts replaced on my van front wheels and because they were tightened so tight they were destroyed the threads on some bolts had to be gone over with a die would never go back to Meinicke

  • Zachariah

    Meineke was suppose to help me with a bung hole on my head pipe and that weld job he did looks like a frakkking hack did it and his name was Dave and he works at the one on Colfax in Denver Co.Im so disgusted with his work I’ll be buying a new head piping from FMF and going somewhere else note to everyone out there see if you can get some type of receipt for someone’s ten minutes of work because they will ignore you after they shove it in to you.

  • Guy Taylor

    I am a Veteran, and as such was enticed into a Meineke auto shop on Veterans Day for a free oil change. The person who greeted me said that they were no longer giving free oil changes to Veterans. I asked if there was a time limit to bring in my car, and he nastly replied that we are backed up and going home at 6PM. They will not receive my business, and I will be sure to repeat this story to as many Veterans I meet among the many Veterans Associations I belong to. The Meineke I am referring to is at: Time of incident : Wed. 11/11/2015 at 4:30 P.M.
    1860 East Serene Avenue (At Spencer in front of Sam’s
    Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Marcia

    Just went to Meineke in Quincy Mass

    They told to come to there because they “use better quality OEM type parts and that the other guys use inferior parts”. They put a universal fit muffler on my Jeep and sealed it in place with muffler cement! This is hack work not the type of work one would expect for nearly $400 muffler. Basically they put on a $175 after market muffler and tail pipe and charges me $200 labor for a hack job. They also left not off two important nuts that they took off…..where these are I have no idea!

    Now I have to take time out my busy midweek schedule to get the poor work they did fixed!

    These guys are hacks. Steer clear of Meineke in Qunicy Mass.

  • Christine Cantu

    On 11-05-15, I took my 2002 Ford Escape V6 for a check engine light issue to Meineke #4156 (Austin TX). Autozone had said it was a cylinder 5 misfire and probably just needed a basic tuneup (change spark plugs) since we had already tried a fuel system cleaner. The only performance problem with the truck was a slightly rough idle at stops and a surge before accelerating when on the highway. A 1.5 hr job turned into over 6 hrs, the manager was trying to convince us to buy a new motor and by the end of it charged me over $1,000 for changing spark plugs, ignition coils, fluid flushes (recommended by Meineke). They said they couldn’t locate the cause of the misfire (WTF?!) but good news, the check engine light was off. When I asked if it would pass an inspection, the mechanic and the manager looked at each other and didn’t answer. They said it would drive the same as when we brought it in. We left and noticed the performance was sluggish, it smelled of exhaust (when it hadn’t before) and as we continued down the road (less than 3 miles) the truck started making so much noise that I thought the engine was going to fall out. The car finally stopped and i called the manager at Meineke to tell him what happened. He sent the same mechanic out, who after checking under the hood claimed it was the fuel pump. I asked why they didn’t catch it before we left the shop? He shrugged and just kept saying “things happen, ma’am”. Really? within 3 miles of leaving your shop?! and your solution is to go back so i can be charged even more? The manager tried to get me to bring it back but we took it to another mechanic who actually replaced the spark plugs and the faulty coil (Meineke had not replaced them at all), nor was there any evidence that they opened the manifold to get to some of the spark plugs/coils. This was Meineke’s reason for the job taking so long! The other mechanic also replaced the front and rear catalytic converters, (front one was melted, rear was clogged). Also, the wiring for the coils was mixed up and he had to straighten them out. it appears that Meineke, if they did do any work, it was just sabotage to get me to buy a new motor.
    I just found out it is illegal for a shop to reset the check engine light if the problem has not been fixed. i was pissed when they cleared it because that meant another mechanic wouldn’t be able to read any codes unless the light came back on after driving (which it was now undriveable). So any other mechanic was going to have a hard time diagnosing the issue without having to take the engine apart. So my next step is to get this Meineke to give me a full refund for the work they didn’t do and the parts (highly overpriced btw) they never replaced.

  • Meineke in Oak Lawn, Illinois lied about rotating my tires. If my wheels were not marked I would have never known the tires were not rotated. I will never use Meineke again for fear that their lying will be a safety factor in any future car repair.

  • melvin turner

    i felt i was ripped off by Meineke employee, went for oil change, employees took car took wheels off without my permission and end up charging me some 900.00 please be aware of the scam going on at the Meineke at 411 Broad Street in Lynn ma.

  • Joseph Ferrante

    I was supposed to get a $10.00 rebate on my oil change. I sent them the form and the receipt. A few months later I hadn’t gotten it so I called them. They said they will resend it. I double checked to make sure that they had the right name and address. A month goes by, still no rebate. I call again and they said they will resend it. Never came so I called again. They said they will resend it. I called a total of 10 times and each time they said they will resend it. A year later I still never got the rebate. They are full of crap saying they resent it, if they did I would have gotten it just like I do all my other mail. It is a total scam.

  • Margaret Smith

    Do not bother going to this location om North Loop Conroe Texas unless you prefer terrible deceitful customer service.
    My husband took our new used van in to have a tune up. He informed Gracie not to start work on the vehicle until he ( my husband) said to because he had only two hours before he had to pick up our children from school. Two hours go by with no word on the vehicle, Gracie is being very sweet and talky the whole time. Half an hour before school let out he informed her it was about time for him to go and he would have to come back after to have whatever actual work that needed to be done, done. She then informs him that several filters need to be replaced and had the mechanic show them to him, exclaiming how filthy they were. She also informs him ( husband) the mechanic already began work so she would herself take my husband to the school to get the kids. Very weird, but the lady is kooky so he chalked it up to that.
    They retrieve the kids and they all head back to the Meineke. A while passes the time up is done husband pays 309.00 and comes home. Not twenty minutes later Gracie calls my husband and informs him that she accidentally voided our transaction after he left the location, so he needs to come back and pay asap.
    Weird right? I call the bank right away and they confirm a pending transaction of 309.00 and advise I don’t pay her again until the transaction falls off, it could be 4 days.. Unless I want to be out 618.00. Well, I was going to HEB anyways so I went to the location to speak with her and ask what in the world caused her to void our transaction and what could we do to fix it. Turns out after speaking to her that she has no idea what caused her to void our transaction. She also can’t tell me for sure if it will charge me twice if I pay her again right then. I explain to her that I do not have another 309.00 to give her until the transaction she voided drops off my account. She gives me the voided receipt ( not time stamped mind you) and I tell her I will return to pay her as soon as it drops of, and we both agree it could take up to four days.
    It’s now been two and a half days and she not two hours ago had my car repossessed for non payment. I’m left with a transaction receipt from when my husband payed her, the void receipt she created, and no vehicle. She did not give a warning phone call or anything. She knows I have five children who depend on that crappy minivan to get around in. Now I’m faced with having to go to her in the a.m. to sort this out if possible.
    Oh, and there is the irony that it’s national women’s day as well.
    Do not go to this location.

  • doger wei

    I brought my Volvo in for oil change in roxberry New Jersey and the mechanics in the back remove my gas cap and the gas cap of another client 24 hours later my engine light went on which blew out a pump trying to regulate gas pressure in the tank. The fools that work in the Meinicke Believe that by hurting people and breaking cars will generate more business. I’m taking them to court and everybody else should too.

  • I went to mineke for an oil change with no leaks in my car. the same day i got my oil change my car started leaking oil. When i brought my car back to them and they threw away a key piece in making sure it doesn’t leak and tried to blame it on my previous oil change. They stripped and broke my oil pan. They said i could come back after buying a new oil pan (which costs over $100), and i would have to pay for them to replace the oil pan.
    Since i came back 3 different days with 3 different people they each said it was someone else’s fault. I had to go pay someone else to fix what the employees at minneke broke. The employee who i dealt with was the most unprofessional person i had ever met. He was incredibly hostile. To me, it seemed as if there was some racial vendetta against me. I have never had such horrible and disrespectful customer service as i did at this place. This is not okay for a professional business place to act. i did not expect to have them break my car and cause me 200 for fix.
    I called customer service and after the resolution center talked to the manager i was told me because the technician “told me i needed a new pan because it was striped” after my first visit. The most they could do was give me a deal for maintenance at their location. I was not told the screw was stripped until my second visit after i complained about the leak. Funny enough there was no notification on my invoice of a stripped screw that needed to be replaced. The manager and employees are now lying to cover his butt. Do not go here.
    I will be going to the better business bureau and any other place i can to get this handeled.
    I was at this location: 8724 S Tacoma Way, Lakewood, WA 98499

  • James R. Berry

    I took my 2006 Buick Rainier to Meineke shop in Columbus Ohio on old Orchard Road to have my rear airbags replaced. They charge me $500 for the replacement kit the cost no more than $200 for two springs and two shocks. I called the corporate office to voice my complaint, still waiting for a reply. I just wanted to add this to the atrocious serves deals that’s going on at Meinicke !!! They also have terrible customer service there. You would’ve thought they would’ve said thank you after ripping me off , but they didn’t. If my wife wasn’t afraid to drive the SUV in that condition, I would’ve never let them do the work. I’m destroying my Meinicke credit card.

  • Brett Donovan

    I took my car in to meineke at 10717 se 82ed ave Happy Valley Or 97086 to have my door locks looked at because they where not working. I dropped my car off at 10.00 at 5.30 they called and said i could pick up my car. I got there and they said i need to get a new vacuum control pump the total price for it would be 892.45. I was fine with that it gave me and amount to save up for. For them to find out what was wrong with it was 95.00 i was fine with that as well. I took my car home and walked up the steps turned around to look at the car and saw a dent on the passenger side of the car. I tried to call them at 6.32 but they where closed. So i took my car back the next day at 10.00 to show them the dent. They said that is odd because my car was never pulled into the shop to have the work done. But they would let the shop owner know and he can look over the in shop cameras to see what happened. I thought that was odd because they said my car was never pulled in to the shop. They said they would get back to me. It have been 3 days now and i have not heard anything back from them. At this point i am posting my experience at meineke at 10717 se 82nd ave Happy Valley or 97086 my was not good. I know the dent was not there because i washed my car the day before. I have reached out to the BBB and i will be leaving this post on every meineke web site that i can. What i would say to everyone it take pics of your car before you take it in.

  • Susan

    Hello. I recently had my intoxalock switched over to my new car. When I was buying my new car I chose to go to Meineke Fort Myers instead of my usual service center, Charlie’s Auto Fix, due to the fact that they weren’t answering the phones for two days. When I called Meineke I was quoted $255.00 to do the uninstall/reinstall. When I called intoxalock the morning I was planning to pick up my car and do the switch, the representative called Meineke to make sure they coudl do it. They told the lady that it would only be $140.00, and they could do it that day. When I went to drop off the car to do the switch I was then told no it would be $255.00. When I went to pick up the car after the three hours they said it would take not only was my car not ready, they hadn’t even started it. When I went to pay the man he didn’t have any idea how much it would be. I told him I was quoted one thing yesterday, then someone from here told the woman from intoxalock another price, and then today I was told the same thing I was quoted the day before. So then he told me a total different price. He told me it would be $259.00 I ended up paying $270. The kid that I was speaking to, Danny, was extremely rude, unprofessional, and quite frankly is lucky I didn’t knock him upside the head. He blatantly lied right to my face saying he was the one who spoke with the woman this morning, and then the owner came in and told me no it was him that spoke to the woman. This company should do better at vetting who they allow to own a franchise because bad owners/workers give the company a bad name. I will never be going back to that place for a single thing. They have terrible business ethics, and horrible customer service skills.

  • SO THIS BY FAR HAS BEEN THE WORST EXPERIENCE IVE EVER HAD WITH A Repair company IN MY LIFE I WAS STRANDED IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHEREY CAR BROKE DOWN ON THE WAY TO THE HOTEL SO I HAD TO FILE AN INSURANCE CLAIM TO EVEN TOW IT TO THE ESTABLISHMENT I GET THERE THE GUY CHECKS MY CAR TAKES A LITTLE BIT WHILE IM BOOKING THE NEAREST ROOM BECAUSE I NO LONGER HAVE A WAY AROUND AND THERE HAPPEN TO BE A NEARBY HOTEL WHILE IM SETTING THAT UP AS IVE BEEN UP OVER 24 hours in driving and dealing w the car the tow truck left that the insurance company sent. Keeping in mind obviously At this point I would only be able to tow again with a separate claim being filed and I told the guy I cant get a tow that fast .THIS REP GAVE ME LIKE 20 25 mins after giving me a price quote I couldnt pay I needed one thing done and he kept trying to charge and say I needed alot of other work that seriously wasn’t necessary immediately. He had my car towed he gave me NO TIME TO FIGURE ANYTHING OUT IM FROM OUT OF TOWN THATS EXTREMELY BAD BUSINESS. he was extremely rude through the entire process even started yelling at me lucky I didnt smack tf out of em . Than he gets try and get my car moved to a different location or said he would charge me for space and he didnt even tell me where my car would be at he was really rude and disrespectful he tried to overcharge me and tell me all this stuff I didnt even need fixed on the car evencwith that being said that’s understandable if I cant pay it I cant pay it but to totally move my vehicle I have no idea where its at they were closed the next day I came to atleast check they really screwed me and now im pretty sure even if I try to junk the car and I need my tags back theyll try to charge me fees in addition to what I already got going on im an outsider completely out of state this guy couldnt even give me enough time to get a tow truck i let him know it would take my insurance company like 2 hours to send someone else because I would have a seperate claim so he had it hauled off I WANNA SPEAK TO WHOEVER I CAN IN CHARGE IM REALLY VEXED BY THE INAPPROPRIATE BUSINESS PRACTICE AND HIS ACTIONS IF I WAS GIVEN ATLEAST TIME FOR A CLAIM I COULD HAVE MOVED IT SOMEWHERE OR HAD IT TO A JUNK YARD SO BASICALLY BECAUSE I COULDNT AFFORD TO PAY THE PRICE HE GAVE ME HE TOWED AWAY MY CAR THATS SO DIRTY HOW CAN YOU EVEN DO BUSINESS LIKE THIS IF I CAN GET A LAWSUIT GOING IM MAKING SURE I DO ALL THE WORKS

  • Wendy

    Meineke is obviously a living nightmare!! This is about Meineke on 4th Ave in Olympia, Washington.

    My story begins 3 months ago when I took my car in for an oil change and have front brakes looked at. The word was I needed EVERYTHING…pads, rotors etc whatever. Okay a few days later I return with a weird scraping sound on one front tire which turned out to be a bent shield scraping the tire. This was fixed.

    A month later I am hearing a clunk sound same location. Because they had done this work before i return to see what’s up. Neither mechanics could hear it but they and the manager get in a huddle and decide it needs shocks and struts on all four wheels. When given the cost of this I clearly said I need to go think about it and consider my finances. This is when the pressure, ahem harassment & manipulation, began. Manager kept insisting I get a Meineke credit card and get on their phone right now. Which I did not. I said at least three times I do not make decisions under pressure. He and a mechanic went on about how this needs to be done immediately and how dangerous it is to drive and could go up and off the road. How he’s just looking out for me… Manager says he will pay $200 himself..which is not true he just juggled around the cost of parts mostly.

    He said I had to decide right then or that deal is off and I had 5 minutes as he had to order these parts coming from out of town for the next day appointment. Well I gave in. AND further had to pay $100 non-refundable deposit for the parts. THEN he says I should give them a 5 star review on Yelp. I said possibly when I get home. He said I’d forget, took my phone, down loaded Yelp, wrote and posted it all himself…complete with the 5 stars.

    When I got home it hit me, what just happened & how do I know I really need shocks and struts?! I finally got a response from a friend which by the way I was trying to reach all through this but always got interrupted with the pressure. Next morning I got my car to my friend’s reliable mechanic who thoroughly had it checked out. It needs a ball joint NOT shocks and struts! He looked up these said non refundable parts and they come from Auto Zone. He said Meineke CAN refund this $100. Furthermore I called a parts manager at a local Auto Zone. He looked them up and they are readily available all over locally. This is a Ford Taurus not some exotic foreign car! Which begs the question just WTH parts are they using??

    I approached the Meineke manager immediately, canceled my appointment and very congenially said I needed my $100 back as they misdiagnosed my car. He says alright but he “didn’t know how to do that” and would call. (Really??) He did neither. A week goes by, I am physically ill over it, my brother went down and confronted this manager direct. The manager essentially threw him out. When my brother said we would go on every web site and tell everyone we know about this Meineke will loose a lot of customers. Manager’s arrogant response was he does not care they are a multi million dollar business!

    Sooo everybody he does not care about you or me! From the looks of the multi million episodes, issues, complaints and stories we all are finding this out. I received an email from this manager he received my complaint. I complained to corporate and on another consumer site. He tries to say I misunderstood and includes , a copy of the receipt I signed for the non refundable parts. Now we all know this receipt happened, NOT the issue! He CAN return it and he misdiagnosed the issue. Those are grounds enough. After some thought I agreed to his further offer of $100 worth of oil changes or something. When I returned the email I thanked him for a solution, asked for this in writing and inquired if I may use it at any local Meineke. NO response, nada, zip, zilch…

    Not surprised after all their integrity is a 0 star rating. I have updated with the corporate office, BBB, and on my way to keeping my promise of telling my story to everyone anywhere I can.

  • Sarah

    Went to meineke on Bardstown road 40218 and they quoted me over $400 to change my front rotors and break pads… I’m at brakeway now and they said my rotors look great and are changing all 4 breakpads for less than $200…

  • Sharon bland

    I’m total displeased I went to get rotary and brake pad.i got brake pad no rotary was said the oder was mess up and on on .vibrating still going on I paid over 300 I m really upset .I want what I came for something need to be taken care of .if I couldn’t get that tell me dont continues till u finish I could had went somewhere else.

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