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MARS VENUS COACHING: Does Your Life Coach Wear an Ankle Monitor?

(  Mars Venus Coaching may want to consider renaming its June 9th licensee training seminar to Women are from Venus, Men are from the Clark County Detention Center.

According to the Mars Venus Coaching website, the new coach training session will be conducted by none other than coach Richard Bernstein.

Who better to train the future business coaches of America than a man whose past, according to the Las Vegas Sun, “includes a conviction for credit card fraud,” and has “numerous civil judgments for breach of contract [and] two Internal Revenue Service liens totaling more than $200,000 in unpaid taxes that have been recorded against him”?

Who better to teach success secrets than a professional investment advisor currently facing felony fraud charges that could land him a 20 year prison sentence?

Unhappy Franchisee commenter Phil claims that Richard Bernstein will be conducting the training session adorned with an electronic monitoring device under his trousers.

Coach Richard BernsteinIf true, that’s unfortunate. Tip #6 for selecting a life coach is Avoid life coaches wearing orange jumpsuits and/or electronic ankle monitors.

But let’s cut Coach Bernstein some slack. 

At least he isn’t on the Colorado Convicted Sex Offender Website, like, say, Mars Venus Coach and Marketing Director Scott Lippitt.

Women Are From 7th Grade, Men Are From the National Sex Offender’s Registry

Scott LippittThe Mars Venus Coaching website touts the high-powered background of its Marketing Director, Scott Lippitt.

Here’s an excerpt from the Meet The Team section of the Mars Venus Coaching website:

Scott Lippitt

Marketing Director

Based in Denver, Colorado

Scott is a highly experienced executive and consultant with more than 25 years of hands-on…experience…

In addition to being a Master Franchisee and Success Coach in Colorado, he also trains and coaches our new Mars Venus Success Coaching franchisees/success coaches on how to get their practices up and running as quickly as possible, how to gain awareness in their local markets, how to attract…

If anything, this bio understates Scott Lippitt’s “hands-on” experience, ability get things up quickly and his incredible talent for attracting awareness.

When he was EVP, Marketing for Quiznos, Scott Lippitt gained widespread attention by getting arrested in an online teen sex sting operation. 

It seems the incredible Mr. Lippitt was busted after offering to Life Coach a supposed 13-year old girl on “how to be a woman.”   Allegedly, when he arrived at the initial consultation (with such coaching aids as condoms and sex toys), the young girl was neither from Venus nor middle school, but rather from the Canon City, CO police department.  Oops!

Scott Lippitt’s picture does not appear on the Mars Venus Coaching “Meet the Team” page, it does appear on his Colorado convicted sex offender web page.

Proposed Seminar for Prospective Franchise Owners:  Use Google Before Investing!

It would be very interesting to attend the June 9 licensing training session (or to watch from outside) just to see who would actually pay to be trained as a success coach by a convicted fraudster currently on bail and a registered sex offender.

Then again, I’m sure they’ll end up here eventually.  This site is, after all, named Unhappy Franchisee.


32 thoughts on “MARS VENUS COACHING: Does Your Life Coach Wear an Ankle Monitor?

  • For Immediate Release
    April 27, 2011

    Mars Venus Coaching Global President and CEO
    is Stepping Down to Resolve Legal Challenges

    Mars Venus Coaching, a global coaching organization, has announced that its President and CEO, Richard Bernstein, will be stepping down to address legal charges that have been filed against him by the Nevada Attorney General’s office.

    See the press release at our site here:
    The charges relate to his involvement with the unfolding of a business venture that dates back to 2007 and well before Mr. Bernstein’s association with John Gray, Ph.D. and the Mars Venus Coaching organization. The Mars Venus Coaching organization has not been named by the Attorney General’s Office. Mr. Bernstein has denied any wrongdoing.

    Dr. Gray, the founder of the Mars Venus phenomenon and the Mars Venus Coaching organization, has expressed his full support for Mr. Bernstein. “We have a high degree of respect, love and caring for Rich as a coach, mentor and friend. We wish Rich and his family the best during these difficult times. Our sincere hope and expectation is that Rich is exonerated from these charges and can return to lead Mars Venus Coaching as soon as possible” said Dr. Gray.

    “We are confident that once the truth comes out, the charges will be dismissed in their entirety,” says Dheeraj K. Singhal, a Mars Venus Success Coach and California-based litigation attorney. “Rich has been the unfortunate victim of his former business partners, who by misrepresenting information, have persuaded the Attorney General’s office to take up a matter that should be handled in civil courts, if anywhere.”

    Mars Venus Coaching is actively searching for an interim management team to run the day-to-day operations. While Mr. Bernstein takes time to address his legal issues, he will continue to provide support to existing coaches and the new management team, which is expected to be announced shortly.

    All questions should be directed to Pam Lippitt, Corporate Spokesperson,

    Mars Venus Coaching is a global coaching company founded on the principles of best-selling author and speaker, Dr. John Gray. His 30 years of experience in the fields of psychology, relationships, communication, personal success, productivity in the workplace, wealth generation, and coaching systems have made this company a world leader in personal and professional coaching. Mars Venus coaches can be found around the world, including United States, Central America, Europe, the Middle East, India, China, and Australia.

  • It’s interesting that Scott Lippitt and Pam Lippitt share not only the same passion for this dead-end franchise, but the same last name too. I bet she was happy when Scott was convicted of a sex crime involving a child. Hey, maybe they can sell me some more bogus securities, and continue to neglect my rights to dividends, balance sheets, ledgers, etc.

  • Rayner Graeber

    Is Pam Lippitt’s husband Scott Lippitt, the convicted Colorado SEX OFFENDER?
    Why doesn’t Bryan Drewes take over at Mars Venus? After all, he is accused of being an expert at filing bankruptcy and stiffing creditors. Every coach should be able to teach students such tricks as that for when the “coaching” fails.
    Pam Lippitt states Bernstein’s theft and fraud happened “well before” he became involved with John Gray, PhD. That is totally untrue. He touted himself as John Gray’s partner to perpetrate the theft and fraud which has him involved in his SECOND Felony trial. Oh yes, stand by to see how John Gray looks in a prison jump-suit while Bernstein’s wife, Valerie, joins Bernstein in a prison cell. What a cute couple they will make.

  • Interesting how John Gray is always referred to as “Dr. John Gray” or “John Gray, Ph.D” Seems that he’s been accused of hyping phony credentials and that his Ph.D may have been purchased from a mail order diploma mill that’s been closed down by court order.

    According to wikipedia: “Gray received his Ph.D. in 1982 from Columbia Pacific University (CPU), after completing a correspondence course.[3][6] CPU, an unaccredited institution, was closed by California court order in 2000.[7] The court ruled that Columbia Pacific University (CPU) has not had legal authorization to offer or award degrees since June 25, 1997”

    Inside edition: “Dr. John Bear, an author and top expert on correspondence schools, tells Inside Edition that Gray’s doctorate degree is from an unaccredited school, which is problematic”

    Is anyone involved with this organization even remotely legit?

  • Interim Management Appointed at Mars Venus Coaching

    Apr 29, 2011

    Mars Venus Coaching, a global coaching organization, has appointed an interim management team to take over a number of the day to day responsibilities that were being handled by President and CEO, Richard Bernstein. Mars Venus Coaching (MVC) has appointed Dheeraj K Singhal as interim CEO of Global Operations and Andrew Smits as interim Managing Director of European Operations. Reflecting the depth of leadership within MVC, both individuals are certified Mars Venus Success Coaches who have worked with small and large businesses.

    “It is a great honor to be asked to oversee the global operations at Mars Venus Coaching, a leader in providing executive coaching and life coaching services,” said Dheeraj. “I expect Rich to return to the helm of the organization soon, and I will do my very best to make sure the organization runs well and grows around the world.” Mr. Singhal will be assuming responsibilities starting May 1st 2011.

    “This is an incredible opportunity to assist Mars Venus Coaching in this capacity,” said Mr. Smits, “and, I’m happy to take the position and also pleased with the confidence of the members of the new management team. With all the developments we have in progress, I expect the expansion of the Mars Venus Coaching brand to flourish worldwide and welcome new members onto the team.”

    Mr. Bernstein has elected to take an extended personal leave of absence to address several legal matters that have recently arisen. The legal matters concern his involvement with the unfolding of a business venture that dates back to late 2007, prior to Mr. Bernstein’s association with Dr. John Gray and Mars Venus Coaching.

    Mars Venus Coaching is a global coaching company founded on the principles of best-selling author and speaker, John Gray, Ph.D. His 30 years of experience in the fields of psychology, relationships, communication, personal success, and productivity in the workplace, wealth generation, and coaching systems have made this company a world leader in personal and professional coaching. Mars Venus coaches can be found around the world, including United States, Central America, Europe, the Middle East, India, China and Australia.

    To see the press release visit our website here:

    also at



    Mars Venus Executive Training Las Vegas
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    We are currently the fastest growing and most successful training company in the world. With 88 offices in 22 countries we provide Gender based training programs to large and small companies around the world
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    – Full sales and product training provided.
    Must be a self starter and professional. If you feel that you are qualified for this position, call today :
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    “To start the process of learning more about Mars Venus
    Success Coaching licensing ownership, contact us either by
    phone at 702-271-3677 or by Completing an Inquiry Form.





    (CANON CITY) Scott Lippitt, a current Mars Venus Coaching executive from the Denver area, was tried in 2006 after a judge found that probable cause existed on several felony counts. Judge Marshall heard testimony from Canon City Police Officer Michelle Sage, who assumed a Yahoo profile of a 13-year old girl and entered a yahoo “chat room” on the police computer. She testified that a man, identified in court as the defendant, engaged in four “chats” with her in July and August of 2006. The talk turned to sex within the first six minutes of “chat” and culminated in the defendant telling her online how to masturbate. That is the essence of a new felony that became law July 1, 2006, called Internet Luring of a child. Eventually, her character agreed to meet him at a secluded place in Canon City, where he was arrested. A search of his car at the scene revealed a backpack full of condoms and sex toys. Lippitt’s statement to police that night was that he thought she was 18, not 13 years old.

  • CBGB:
    Was the Dr. John Gray Scott Lippitt video set to private when you posted the link? It is now.

    Also, Scott Lippitt has been deleted from the Meet The Team page on the Mars Venus website.

    But he is still listed in the Coaching directory for Colorado and there’s a testimonial on the site from Scott’s Client Jonathan Comyn, Chief Operating Officer, American Red Cross Mile High Chapter.

    ““The coaching provided by Scott Lippitt has been invaluable to our organization. On a weekly basis Scott works with me on current situations and challenges me to think out 90 days to see what needs to be done over that period of time. He provides key coaching around organizational situations to help me think about other options and opportunities to move situations forward in a productive manner. The coaching provided by Scott has really helped me be intentional in my daily activities to complete tasks in a more timely fashion.”

    – Jonathan Comyn
    Chief Operating Officer
    American Red Cross Mile High Chapter”

    Do you think Comyn is aware of his coach’s past? Do you think Red Cross contributors would be happy with how their money’s being spent?

  • Kind of weird that before joining the Red Cross Jonathan Comyn was a law enforcement officer and a deputy in the Sheriff’s office one county over from where Lippitt was arrested and convicted. Why would he hire a registered sex offender as a coach and then provide a public testimonial. Doesn’t seem real prudent for an ex-LEO and exec with a nonprofit organization. Or maybe Scott Lippitt just that good of a coach ;)


    John Gray has discovered a new way to utilize his partner Rich Bernstein’s skills of ripping innocent people off even though Bernstein is out on bail with an ankle monitoring bracelet on facing felony theft charges. John Gray may be telling law enforcement that he is no longer involved with Bernstein and putting out press releases that Bernstein has stepped down like the one above but the below link of an audio of Bernstein and Gray tells a complete different story.

    On this audio John Gray refers to Bernstein an ex felon as his partner. Furthermore Bernstein’s linkedin still has him listed as CEO of Mars Venus Coaching.

    I have a question for you John Gray. How can you wake up in the morning and look at yourself. Instead of talking the talk why not try practacing what you preach. People have been ripped off by this scam, they have lost their homes, their dignity, even have been unable to feed their families because they have been scammed out of their life savings. Some have been taken for over 200,000.00 each.
    I have been told John Gray is facing criminal charges for his perjury pertaining to Rich Bernstein and is scheduled to go to trial in October. Hopefully he to will be prosecuted so the victims will have some sort of closure for all the hate and disaster he has inflicted on so many.

  • Below are the court minutes for the civil case filed against Mars Venus Coaching and Rich Bernstein.

    09/26/2011 9:00 AM

    – Court noted this matter was set originally for the status of a settlement. Court instructed Mr. Bernstein, the Entities require representation of Counsel and Mr. Bernstein can not represent the Entities. Upon Court’s inquiry, Mr. Bernstein noted his Counsel, Phillip Brown, whom represents him in his criminal case, will be representing him and his entities. Colloquy regarding previous set hearings, striking the answer, and setting a 16.1 Conference. Mr. Gibson noted if the restitution for $200,000.00 is paid in the criminal case, then this civil case could be dismissed, However Counsel was not sure Deft. could come up with the money. COURT ORDERED, Matter CONTINUED for this Court to review the previous hearings and Mr. Bernstein to appear with Counsel. At the request of Mr. Gibson, Court directed Counsel for Defendant’s to meet with Mr. Gibson prior to the next hearing. Court further noted this case must move forward, set for trial or be dismissed. Colloquy regarding scheduling a default and requesting attorney fees and costs and seeking punitive damages. 10/10/11 9:00 AM STATUS CHECK: COUNSEL FOR ENTITY DEFENDANT’S/RESET TRIAL (Courtroom 15D)

    10/10/2011 9:00 AM

    – Mr. Phillip Brown made a special appearance for Mr. Bernstein. Court stated if Mr. Brown is not confirming as counsel for the corporate entities he will dismiss the case. Mr. Brown stated he represents the Deft. in his criminal case and the Deft. understood once the restitution was paid the civil case would be taken care of. Mr. Brown stated he contacted Mr. Gibson and much progress has been made in achieving a global settlement agreement in the civil case. Mr. Brown explained his reasons for not confirming, advising his representation would cost the Deft and eat away at the settlement money. Mr. Gibson stated although they are making progress on a settlement agreement, he needs to make sure his client is protected and requested a default be entered but he won’t move to enter default judgment unless they cannot come to a settlement. Court admonished Mr. Brown, if he is not confirming as counsel for the corporations, the Court will strike their answers. Mr. Brown agreed to enter an appearance as to the entities. Colloquy regarding discovery, 16.1 Conference, interrogatories, sanctions, moving the case forward and trial setting. Court advised counsel to go before the Discovery Commissioner and have the case set for trial and ORDERED, matter set for a Status Check Court to see if case is settled or if it should go to a settlement conference. 11/14/11 9:00 AM STATUS CHECK

    11/14/2011 9:00 AM

  • what are the case numbers in clark county for each various rich bernstein scam lawsuit?

    i have these so far:

    Case Number: A-09-596917-C = Breach of Contract
    File Date: 8/10/2009
    Daniel Moravec vs. Richard Bernstein, High Voltage Productions LLC, Robinson Creek Financial Group, Mars Venus Coaching Global Inc., Mars Venus Coaching Management Co LLC, Mars Venus Coaching North America Inc.
    As to the issue of responsibility, Bernstein believes the motion could only be granted against Robinson Creek Financial as they were the sole borrowers, and no personal guarantees were made by Mr. Bernstein. Plaintiff argued that the individuals were in the same suites and responded that Mr. Bernstein made seven (7) interest payments in cash of $1,250.00 per month from November, 2008 to May, 2009. As to the issue of responsibility, Plaintiff it is undisputed that Mr. Bernstein received a check for $75,000.00, which was made out to RCF, and argued that this was a revoked entity at the time the promissory note was made. COURT FINDS, there are issues concerning the relationship between Mr. Bernstein and RCF and the correspondence, which does not appear to indicate a personal guarantee or arrive at the conclusion that the note will be paid. COURT ORDERD, Pltf’s motion is GRANTED IN PART AS TO ROBINSON CREEK FINANCIAL GROUP ONLY. FURTHER, motion is DENIED IN PART WITHOUT PREJUDICE AS TO DEFT BERNSTEIN. COURT FINDS, the issue of the address condition precedent to be a red herring and ORDERED, motion MAY be renewed following discovery, which is to focus on the issue of Mr. Bernstein’s relationship with the Plaintiff and clarification on the $75,000.00 promissory note. COURT ORDERED, this issue will be dealt with later. Bernsteinf is to draft the order.
    NAIMI & DILBECK: MOTION TO WITHDRAW AS COUNSEL OF RECORD FOR DEFENDANT’S…STATUS CHECK: TRIAL SETTING Mr. Dilbeck noted his clients have not paid. COURT ORDERED, Motion to Withdraw as Counsel, GRANTED. Court directed moving Counsel to notify his Client of all future dates. Court noted it will give additional time for Defendant’s to obtain counsel and/or meet with Plaintiff.
    COURT ORDERED, Status Check, trial setting, CONTINUED. 08/15/11 9:00 AM STATUS CHECK: TRIAL SETTING (Courtroom 15D)

    Case Number: A-09-590-493-C = Breach of Contract
    File Date: 5/15/2009
    Actioncoach USA Inc. vs. Richard Bernstein
    Judgement: $31,680.17
    Debtor: Richard Bernstein
    Creditor: Actioncoach USA Inc.
    March 10, 2011
    Mr. Bernstein quit Actioncoach in January 2008
    Actioncoach sold it’s franchise rights to Peter Williamson in August 2006. The sale was for $300,000 for the franchise rights and one half of that $150,000 was paid on the execution of franchise agreement with Actioncoach. The other half $150,000 paid out of the franchise sale by Mr. Williamson. Mr. Bernstein owes $25,000 of every sale to Actioncoach until that $300,000 is paid in full. Mr. Naimi argued Mr. Bernstein loss his attorney in the beginning and requested he step in to help in this matter. Mr. Naimi requested to postpone arbitration to get caught up on case. Mr. Naimi stated Mr. Bernstein doesn’t dispute he took the money, he felt he was entitled to it. Mr. Aeger argued in support of his motion and stated he is asking for full summary judgment.

    Case Number: 08A568654
    File Date: 7/31/2008
    Joan Haakonstaad, vs. Rich Bernstein, Bryan Drewes, Mars Venus Coaching International, Mars Venus Coaching North America, Turn-Key Financial Group
    Kolesar & Leatham’s Motion to Withdraw as Counsel of Record for Defendants Richard Bernstein, Mars Venus Coaching North America, Inc, Mars Venus Coaching International, Bryan Drewes, AATFM, and Ed Burk, Notice of Attorney’s Lien and Reduce Lien to Judgment
    Motion to Withdraw as Counsel of Record is GRANTED. FURTHER, lien reduced to judgement in the amount of $9,732.00
    Arguments by Defendants: stated that Mars Venus had no relationship with Mars Venus International. Plaintiff argued that Rich Benrstein owns both of the businesses
    Jury Trial Cancelled due to impending criminal investigation

    Case Number: 07A534985 = Breach of Contract
    File Date: 1/24/2007
    Titan Stairs and Trim, Inc. vs. Robinson Creek Financial Group, Inc., Richard Bernstein, et al
    Judgment Plus Interest : $9070.50
    Debtor: Valerie Bernstein
    Creditor: Titan Stairs and Trim Inc.

    Case Number: 04A480965 = Breach of Contract
    File Date: 2/20/2004
    Onyx Acceptance Corp. vs. Richard Bernstein, Valerie Bernstein
    Court stated that Defendant (Richard Bernstein) put up a 1994 Mercedes as security for a loan which has been in default since January 2002. Bernstein admited that they have not made a payment recently. However, Bernstein will pay off in two weeks when he gets paid. Plaintiff does not want to give him two more weeks as they fear the car will be gone. Bernstein advised that the car is in California, was purchased for a business in California and there is equity in the vehicle. Court stated that there have been no payments since January 2002 and Court does not think an additional two weeks is unreasonable or a significant burden. COURT ORDERED, Writ of Possession GRANTED; if entire amount is not tendered within two weeks, by 5pm on 3/29 vehicle can be repossessed.

    Case Number: 02A452225 = Foreign Judgement – Civil
    File Date: 6/19/2002
    Lake Street Industrial Partners vs. Bernstein Brothers Marketing Corp., Richard Bernstein

    Case Number: 01A443553 = Breach of Contract
    File Date: 12/07/2001
    Ramon DeSage vs. Richard Bernstein, Valerie Bernstein

    Case Number: 01A438010 = Breach of Contract
    File Date: 7/31/2001
    Sahara Rainbow LLC vs. Richard Bernstein, Valerie Bernstein
    the original lease with the Bernsteins, the subsequent default, property vacancy period, and, re-leasing arrangement with American General Finance. The Bernstein lease contained provisions for professional fees and costs. She stated that after calculations, damages are computed to be in the amount of $86,391.54 which includes rent differential from 10/1/01 through 9/30/04, for late fees, clean-up, and costs associated with re-leasing the property. COURT FOUND, LIABILITY on behalf of Richard Bernstein and Valerie Bernstein and ORDERED DAMAGES AWARDED in the AMOUNT OF $86,391.54. FURTHER ORDERED, INTEREST AWARDED, which is to be computed from date that each payment was due and owing, forward. Mr. Berkley stated he would calculate that amount for the Order. FURTHER ORDERED, $1,362.72 AWARDED for COSTS and $16,757.50 for ATTORNEY FEES, per contract language in this matter.11.
    Case Number: 01A436354 = Civil Filing
    File Date: 6/21/2001
    Blaine Senior, Kay Garfield vs. Richard Bernstein, Valerie Bernstein
    Defendant should be enjoined from offering dance instruction to the individuals as referenced in the motion, with the exception of a few. COURT FINDS that there is a huge factual dispute as to the creation of the corporation and the roles and obligations the parties had. Court stated it is not clear if the corporation existed, and FINDS Plaintiff has not met its burden and FINDS there is no irreparable harm and ORDERED, Motion DENIED and matter is to proceed through the ordinary course of litigation


    Ex Felon Richard Bernstein can now add another felony conviction to his resume.

    On March 14, 2012 Bernstein is ordered to be sentenced for the following felonies.

    03/14/2012 Status Check (9:00 AM) (Judicial Officer Mosley, Donald)

    Hey John Gray and Mars Venus Coaching 1 Question. Didn’t you put out a press release that Bernstein was going to be exonerated?

    “Mars Venus Coaching Global President and CEO is
    Stepping Down to Resolve Legal Challenges”

    This corrupt team of unprofessionals claims in the above press releases the following,

    “We are confident that once the truth comes out, the charges will be dismissed in their entirety,” says Dheeraj K. Singhal, a Mars Venus Success Coach and California-based litigation attorney. “Rich has been the unfortunate victim of his former business partners, who by misrepresenting information, have persuaded the Attorney General’s office to take up a matter that should be handled in civil courts, if anywhere.

    Richard Bernstein is definitely not the victim here and hopefully the court will order him to repay the hundreds of thousands he stole from innocent hardworking people as part of his sentencing for these very serious crimes.
    The Mars Venus team also attempted to dupe others into buying into this scheme by claiming Bernstein stepped down. Just another lie for Bernstein’s Linked in still lists Bernstein as CEO of Mars Venus Coaching and so does the website.


    05/14/2012 Sentencing (9:00 AM) (Judicial Officer Thompson, Charles)

    05/14/2012 9:00 AM

    – By virtue of his plea and by Order of this Court, DEFENDANT BERNSTEIN ADJUDGED GUILTY of SECURITIES FRAUD (F). Statements by Mr. Segal, Defendant and Mr. Brown. COURT ORDERED, in addition to the $25 Administrative Assessment fee and $150 DNA Analysis fee including testing to determine genetic markers, DEFENDANT SENTENCED to the Nevada Department of Corrections for a MAXIMUM term of ONE HUNDRED TWENTY (120) MONTHS with a MINIMUM parole eligibility of FORTY-EIGHT (48) MONTHS and PAY $460,875.70 RESTITUTION; SUSPENDED; placed on PROBATION for an indeterminate period not to exceed FIVE (5) YEARS. CONDITIONS: 1. Complete impulse control counseling. 2. Pay $460,875.70 restitution. Mr. Brown handed a check to Mr. Segal for the remainder of the restitution; now what is owed is $10,875.70 for investigative costs by the State of Nevada. 3. Sign a Civil Confession of Judgment for unpaid restitution. 4. Have no contact whatsoever with the victim or victim’s family. 5. Disclose this conviction to present/potential employers. 6. Submit to full and complete financial disclosure. 7. Comply with an imposed curfew by Parole and Probation as deemed necessary. 8. Submit to genetic markers testing and pay a $150 fee to the Clerk of the Court. 9. May not participate in any securities transaction, but may borrow money from a family member or financial institution. Defendant was directed to report to Parole and Probation today. BOND, if any, EXONERATED. NIC

  • Todd A. Peterson

    So why would a Multi-millionaire team up with the likes of these two listed above? I guess someone should ask the FOUNDER from Australia?
    Darren Stephens
    Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker and Business Consultant

    Darren is a self-made multi-millionaire and is seasoned business executive entrepreneur, growth strategist, bestselling author & consultant.

    Darren was the founder and International chairman of Mars Venus Coaching, one of the worlds most respected & leading brands, and is now the Managing Director of global businesses such as Global Publishing Group & Successful Growth Strategies.

    He is also a board member & International Franchise Director of the worlds No 1 eBay education company Bidding Buzz Global Limited. with offices in 11 countries including Australia, Rome, Paris, Singapore, Hong Kong, UK, and North America. He’s recognized as an expert in the field of business development, sales & marketing, executive mentoring, franchising, International Publishing, self-development, and accelerated psychological transformation.

    He is the author of 7 best-selling books such as “Top Franchise CEOs Secrets Revealed”, “The 10 Day Turnaround, “ “The Success Principles” and “Our Internet Secrets” just to name a few and he was the marketing genius behind developing the expansion of the Mars Venus Brand, now in 150 countries, & the books have been translated into 54 languages and have sold over a Billion dollars in sales.

    For more than 20 years, Darren has taught internationally, speaking to and motivating thousands of people in over 27 countries on how to create business, personal and financial success.

    Darren’s appearances on many television programs plus articles published in newspapers and magazines nationally and internationally, has made him a sought-after speaker & consultant on the international stage.

    Darren has also lectured at University on business management, marketing and psychological transformation he is a board certified Hypnotist, Neuro-Linguistic Programming ( NLP ) trainer and is qualified in Design Human Engineering & Time Line Therapy.

    He is a fellow diplomat of the American Board of Hypnotherapy and a member of the, International Franchise Association, Franchise Council of Australia ,National Speakers Association and is the founder of the prestigious Entrepreneurs Business School.

    He lives in Melbourne, Australia with his wife, Jackie and their 7 children.
    Why would someone this wealthy team up with the likes of Bernstein and Lippet?

  • Todd A. Peterson

    By the way Mars Venus Coaching is ANOTHER proud member of the IFA (International Franchise Association)

  • Mars Venus is not a proud member of IFA they pulled the plug on them a long time ago. You can actually go to their website where Mars Venus Coaching is nowhere to be found.
    In regards to Darren Stephens another con artist who was featured on the tv show A Current Affair in Australia. Take a look at the below website.

    With the help of the internet the word is out Mars Venus Coaching is run by a group of liars, where the key people consist of a convicted pedophile, twice convicted felon, a notorious international cheat and an alleged Dr. with nothing more than a high school diploma. 60 minutes is currently working on a story bout these folks so I am sure even more juicy details are going to come out.
    STAY TUNED……………

  • Todd A. Peterson

    So if the IFA pulled their membership card a long time ago who made the decision and where is all the PUBLICITY at. I want to talk to the person who made that decision and ask them why they WON’T do anything responsible about the OTHER franchisors who are fraudulent and mistreat their franchisees.

    They were members of the IFA though and it was hush, hush when their membership was dissolved.

    Why don’t they do anything else for others?

  • Todd A. Peterson

    My point is the IFA supported them. They didn’t do their homework. They didn’t look into the fraud. I have no doubt they helped CREATE the problem and made it WORSE. That is why there is hardly no record of them with the IFA. Just like there is no record of the IFA giving them the boot. They don’t want to scare off future scam artist. Just for the record the IFA had their stamp of approval all over Mars Venus Coaching!

    Welcome New IFA Members!
    Franchise Systems: Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas, Austin, Contact John Martin; Gamer Doc, Woodinville, Wash., Contact Jim Belanger; Greenpoint Landscaping, Kirkland, Wash., Contact Peter Roberts; Home Health Mates, L.L.C., North Brunswick, N.J., Contact Jonathan C. Herman;

    Mars Venus Coaching North America, Inc., Las Vegas, Contact Celeste F. Graham

    ; Reginelli’s Pizzeria, New Orleans, Contact Joanna Capraro; Blendz Franchise System, Inc., Campbell, Calif., Contact Scott Mortier; Marco’s Pizza, Toledo, Contact Debbie Allen; Parmasters Golf Training Centers, Inc., Vancouver, B.C., Contact Tom Matzen; Sweet & Sassy Franchising, Inc., Southlake, Texas, Contact David D. Davis; and FedEx Kinko’s, Dallas, Contact Candice Wessinger.

  • Todd A. Peterson

    Why do people fall for these scams? Because organizations like Franchise Business Review deliver false information to the people. Just like the IFA they help protect franchising at the expense of the tax payer. According to the article below they are WINNERS!!! ———————————————————————————————————— Franchise Business Review, a national franchise market research firm, has announced the winners of its 2010 Franchisee Satisfaction Awards.

    Though the economy is still at a low, 133 franchise companies inspired strong franchisee satisfaction. Mars Venus Coaching was ranked 24th among Franchise Opportunities in 2010 that are under fifty units. You can see the article in its entirety at

    “Franchisee satisfaction is the most critical factor for any prospective franchisee to consider before investing in any franchise opportunity,” says Eric Stites, President of Franchise Business Review. “Even during challenging economic times, the very best franchise businesses maintain high franchisee satisfaction. This year’s award-winning franchises are in that elite group and represent the very best franchise opportunity investments in the marketplace today.”

    Franchise Business Review’s survey questions cover everything from training and support, system quality issues, franchisor relationship, financial opportunity to overall satisfaction. Additionally, demographic and lifestyle questions give a 360-degree view of their franchise ownership experience.

    “We are very pleased to be ranked among some of the best Franchise Opportunities for 2010,” Mars Venus Coaching President and CEO, Rich Bernstein said. “It is the truest reassurance of a job well done when the feedback gathered comes from your very own team. We are excited to expand our business in 2010 and welcome all professionals looking for a unique and satisfying business opportunity to explore Mars Venus Coaching.”

  • Todd A. Peterson

    Mars Venus Coaching dropped to 57 in 2011.

    Still advertising their franchise. Still able to dupe others into buying it. The IFA should have thrown them under the bus! They should have denounced them as a franchise. This is the LATEST press release!
    Mars Venus Executive Training Graduates Corporate Trainer

    Mars Venus Executive Training welcomes Susan Berke to the team. Susan received her Corporate Trainer certificate on Tuesday, April 24, 2012.

    Las Vegas, NV, May 11, 2012 –(– Mars Venus Executive Training welcomes Susan Berke to the team. Susan received her Corporate Trainer certificate on Tuesday, April 24, 2012. She is the first Executive Trainer in California. Susan has been a successful Mars Venus Coach for some time now and she felt making the move to corporate was perfect for her clients and future goals for her business.

    Susan has a unique blend of being a highly successful Corporate Sales Executive and a sought after speaker, trainer and coach. She has a passion for personal and professional development and shortly after graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Finance from Central Michigan University, she enrolled in Dale Carnegies – world famous- public speaking course and over the next 10 years went on to become a Dale Carnegie Training instructor. Susan taught Sales & Presentation Skills Training to small and large companies, while coaching executives to improve their performance professionally and personally. Susan eventually was invited to join their executive staff and moved to San Francisco to help implement their Strategic Sales Division.

    Wanting to increase her financial acumen and strategically work with businesses to improve their performance, Susan joined American Express Corporate Services & eventually their Global Merchant Services division. Over the next 10 years she was responsible for generating over $500 million in revenues through new client acquisition, was the #1 Sales Executive in her division, and was 1 of 20 global salespeople – personally invited by the Senior Executive Team – to spend 2 months in Australia as part of a “Global Sales Swat Team” created for a large international acquisition initiative.

    “Susan is a dynamic presenter with a strong sense of corporate team building and training. She brings an extensive array of corporate experience that will allow her to easily and successfully implement the Mars Venus Executive Training programs, ” said President and CEO, Rich Bernstein.

    For more information about Mars Venus Success Coaching or Mars Venus Executive Training, contact Rich Bernstein at Global Headquarters at 702-835-9295 and visit the website at: or
    Does Susan know who she is working for and what kind of team they have assembled?

  • This is Bernstein putting out all these press releases. My favorite is the one he put out claiming he left the company and quoting John Gray. Later in the article they even slam the victims blaming them.

    Have you seen Bernstein’s weekly youtube videos pushing his tip of the day. Like anyone with a brain is going to listen to some convicted felon. There are two types of people who are going to buy a Mars Venus Franchise or hire a Mars Venus Coach. People who do not do their homework or others with a criminal past who know they will be welcomed into this organization and protected if they are arrested again. Most companies do a background check and would never hire felons or a convicted pedophiles to represent their company but obviously John Gray has embraced this group of seedy individuals to run a company built on lies and deception. One has to ask if you had one ounce of integrity would you even consider attaching your name to this group of individuals or hiring one of their coaches. No Thank you

    The big question here is how is Mars Venus Coaching getting around not disclosing these criminal backgrounds of their key executives in their disclosure documents.

  • Todd A. Peterson

    My problem is when the PRESS releases statements from franchisors like Mars Venus which leads to more victims being taken is the PRESS making money to do it? Why doesn’t an attorney who is loaded with lots of money (just about any attorney) fight for the American people and take some of these crooks to knees in our court system with some NO HOLDS BARRED ground and pound? If our soldiers will fight where our country tells them to fight and serve our country as our country sees fit why don’t some of our attorneys get together and challenge our court system to fix this broken system where the crooks win?

  • vegas sooul

    Richard Bernstein along with his skanky wife Valerie Carpenter Bernstein have ripped off numerous people in Vegas. Just check Nevada district court. They were run out of LA after several people sued them there. It doesn’t matter where or who they work for same story every place. John Gray is probably not really concerned what Bernstein does after all he wasn’t convicted only Bernstein was prosecuted

  • What do you expect people. Bernstein was a convicted felon before his last arrest and his wife Valerie Carpenter Bernstein was a postitute before she married Richard. Word is he met her from some escort agency. Neither of the two have ever made an honest dollar in their life.

  • Franchise Watchdog

    State of California – Department of Corporations
    Mars Venus Coaching Global, Inc.
    Rich Bernstein, President
    5940 S Rainbow Blvd.
    Las Vegas, NV 89118

    (For violations of section 31110 of the Corporations Code)
    The Commissioner of Corporations finds that:
    1. Mars Venus Coaching Global, Inc. (“Global”) is a Nevada corporation, organized in 2008,
    with its principal place of business at 5940 S Rainbow Blvd., Las Vegas, Nevada 89118.
    2. At all relevant times, Richard Bernstein was the President of Global.
    3. Global used the website to offer franchises to California
    residents since at least April 2012. Global offers franchises in the “coaching business” based upon
    books written by John Gray, PhD., including Men Are From Mars, Women Are from Venus.
    4. A business agreement that is defined as a “franchise” under the California Franchise
    Investment Law, California Corporations Code section 31000 et seq. (“FIL”), is subject to
    registration under the FIL. Section 31153 of the FIL states that the burden of proving an exemption
    or an exception from the FIL is upon the person claiming it.
    5. Global and Richard Bernstein have not been registered to offer or sell franchises under the
    FIL and are not excepted or exempted under that law.
    Page 2
    State of California – Department of Corporations
    6. In its “Memorandum of Understanding” (“MOU”) agreement with each franchisee,
    Global states that the agreement “allows” the franchisee “to run a coaching business or businesses in
    the territory, under the trademarks and brand and program systems and proprietary information of
    Mars Venus Coaching”.
    7. The MOU requires franchisees to engage in the coaching business under the marketing
    Plan or “System” that is prescribed in substantial part by Global in its confidential operation manuals.
    These manuals “set forth the practices, procedures, and methods to be utilized in operating a Mars
    Venus Coaching business”.
    8. The operation of the franchisee’s business is required by Global to be substantially
    associated with Global’s “Proprietary Marks”, which identify the franchisee as an affiliate of Global.
    under the MOU, the franchisee may use these commercial symbols “only in the manner Global
    authorizes the permit”.
    9. Global franchisees are required to pay a fee of five thousand six hundred dollars
    ($5,600) for “Induction Training” fees, prior to being allowed to enter into the business. In addition,
    franchisees must pay Global four thousand six hundred dollars ($4,600) for the “Key Managers”
    induction training, prior to any training.
    10. In addition to the “Induction Training” fees, the franchisee must pay Global four
    thousand one hundred and sixty five dollars ($4,165) for the right to do business under the Global
    “Brand and System”.
    Based upon the foregoing findings, the Commissioner of Corporations is of the opinion that
    Mars Venus Coaching Global, Inc. and Richard Bernstein have offered and/or sold franchises in
    California that were subject to registration under the Franchise Investment Law without the offers
    and/or sales first being registered, in violation of Corporations Code section 31110. Pursuant to
    section 31402 of the Corporations Code, Mars Venus Coaching Global, Inc. and Richard Bernstein
    are hereby ordered to desist and refrain from the further offer or sale of Mars Venus Coaching
    franchises unless and until the offers have been duly registered under the Franchise Investment Law
    or are exempt.
    Page 3
    State of California – Department of Corporations
    This Order is necessary, in the public interest, for the protection of prospective franchisees
    and currently registered franchisors, and consistent with the purposes, policies and provisions of the
    Franchise Investment Law.

    Dated: March 4, 2013
    Sacramento, California


    Commissioner of Corporations

    Mary Ann Smith
    Deputy Commissioner
    Enforcement Division

  • Las Vegas

    Rich Bernstein does not pay his employees. You have to take him to the labor board to get paid. Check the NV labor board they will back me up. When you do this the hag he’s married to Valerie Carpenter Bernstein starts harassing you claiming you are stalking her. Who is going to stalk some crazy old broad who doesn’t even have a job and spends her life torturing people her husband ripped off . The Bernstein’s owe everyone money check public records for their are numerous judgments againstthem. Pay your debts losers then the IRS, the Attorney General, the DA, and all the people you have stolen from will go away.
    Marlyn Bernstein his mother in Santa Barbara paid a half million dollars in restitution to the victims he ripped off in 2011 to keep her son out of jail but here we are 2 years later and he is still ripping people off.
    I am sure Marlyn Bernstein is not very proud she raised this convicted felon on probation but at the same time isn’t she just an enabler.

  • FYI: Update on the Bernstein’s. Forced to make an honest living and report to a parole officer Rich Bernstein is still providing life and business coach mainly via the internet. His wife Valerie Carpenter Bernstein is working in the mall selling sunglasses for minimum wage.

  • Yuck I worked for the Bernstein’s in their boiler room 15 years ago and they were super sleezy back then. Paid people with bad checks while they drove around in a used Rolls Royce. Lots of sexual harassment in the work place by Rich while his wife Valerie seemed to be strung out on pills. What a dumb broad no wonder she ended up in the mall selling sunglasses.

  • Rebel

    Yes he stole money from everyone in Vegas and was prosecuted but what about the sexual harassment that has gone on for years in his company. The ones that were forced to put out to keep their job or the ones who said no Who were fired or paid with a bad check. #TimesUpRichBernstein

  • An ex hooker, pedophile and felon trying to pass themselves off as life coaches. Now that is funny

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