Kittylitterdelivery Here’s a new franchise opportunity being promoted on Franchise Gator and elsewhere: KittyLitterDelivery.Com.

With a franchise fee that ranges from $2000 – $45,000 (depending on population), the Kitty Litter Delivery franchise requires an initial investment of between $7,050 – $74,425.

According to the Kitty Litter Delivery franchise marketing kit at their website, “ was started by two cat owners who understand the frustrations of(a) continually handling bulky bags of cat litter and (b) having to remember to actually buy it from the store when you have depleted your household supply.”

How do KLD franchise owners solve the massive kitty litter problem plaguing America?

If you guessed “by delivering it,” you would be correct: delivers the most popular brands to a customer’s doorstep relieving them of the headaches associated with buying such a cumbersome product. By doing this, we’d like to think we are making people’s lives easier, and more important, enabling some people (i.e. seniors, the handicapped, etc.) to continue to enjoy the company and companionship that cats can bring into their lives, companionship that can enhance one’s emotional well-being.”

Couldn’t someone just get a van, buy kitty litter wholesale and deliver it without a franchise?

Kitty Litter Delivery answers that in their marketing Q&A:

Q) Why can’t someone compete against KLD?

A) They can- but it would be very difficult. Not only do we have all the systems in place
for the marketing, distribution and logistics of cat litter…through our research, we have
figured out how to efficiently run this business…and we also have over 40 similar
domain names locked up that greatly limit any competitor’s market potential.

Surely, the elderly are cruising only top domains for kitty litter delivery. But the real benefit of paying up to a $42,000 is the intensive 1.5 day franchisee training program:

Q) What kind of training will I receive?

A) Your training is complete and comprehensive. A new
franchisee receives 1 ½ days of classroom and field training
* near our Headquarters in the Metro NY/ NJ region that includes lessons on product selection, storage & logistics,
customer service, and sales/ marketing. In addition to hands-on training, you will receive

What about marketing?

Q) How will I market my franchise?

A) A combination of grass-roots marketing/ networking, direct mail, on-line/ social
media, word-of-mouth, print, etc., should help to make your business successful! In the
near future, we have plans for product line expansion that will include working with you
to include offering your customers pet food and other pet supplies.

Grass roots marketing… social media… word-of-mouth… in other words, you’re on your own.

What do you think?  Is KittyLitterDelivery.Com the next great franchise opportunity?  Or will it be one of the next hot topics on in a year or so?



* emphasis ours

One thought on “KITTY LITTER DELIVERY: Hot New Franchise?

  • April 16, 2010 at 8:06 pm

    I think it “will” be one of the next hot topics on in a year!

    Bad name, bad logo, bad website! Looks very cheap and homemade.

    The first impression of this website is…. I don’t know what the heck they do. Really doesn’t give the apperance of a professional cat litter delivery service.

    What’s with the Paypal checkout? This is a franchises system! You need to invest in a proper shopping cart program. Can’t afford it? As a franchisor you better be able to afford it!! If you can’t, there are plenty of plug-in applications out there just like the big compaines use. Don’t get me wrong, Paypal is a super service and I use daily, but you need to be providing a better system for your franchisees.

    Your entire program looks cheap! For what you are charging for a franchise, it needs to be better.

    As a cat owner myself, I think you have a great idea. A super idea in fact! I would sign up in a second if such a service was here in my city.

    Good luck. Hope you can get it dialed in.

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