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Kelleher International matchmaking service claims, on its MeetTheElite.Com website, that it has “set the Gold Standard in upscale, selective, and personalized matchmaking.”

“Armed with the largest private database of accomplished singles in the country,” the site states, “ our ’boutique’ style of matchmaking assigns a matchmaker, client liaison and scout to our clients in order to provide a truly unique and personalized service that has built Kelleher International’s reputation as the most sought after leader in exclusive dating for 27 years.”

However, a multitude of angry consumers, many of whom have spent more than $10,000 with Kelleher International, describe the elite matchmaking service with words like “scam,”  “fraud,” and “rip-off.”

Kelly W. writes:  “Kelleher & Associates has quite the racket going. They charge thousands of dollars for ‘memberships’ in their ‘upscale’ dating service. Bottom line, they do nothing of what they promise. They are running a con to milk people out of their money.

“They hire high pressure salespeople, mostly attractive women, to convince you to sign up for a year or 18 month membership for upwards of $10,000. Then, they claim that their ‘proprietary’ software will match you up with a similar person. Well, their software looks to be an excel spreadsheet because of the two dates in eight months (well below what they promised) were disasters.

“We had absolutely nothing in common. I was told all of the clients had to pass a rigorous screening process and be looking for marriage. Both of my ‘gentlemen’ had no such ambitions, and one had that typical male mindset that since he was paying for the date, he should get whatever he wants from me. I’m so happy that I paid so much money to feel like a hooker.

“They did not deliver on either quantity or quality. I set up more dates during my membership on my own than they did. The men they set me up with did not match my requirements or personality on ANY level. It is absolutely impossible to believe that anybody even looked at my responses, let alone that a sophisticated computer program ‘matched’ my results with these two bozos.

“This is a scam. It’s a fraud. They are robbing people pure and simple. They con you into joining and then basically play a shell game without a ping pong ball. They will rip you off. They will flat out lie to you.”

Are you familiar with Kelleher International?  Please share your experience – good or bad – in the comment section below.

Charles from San Antonio, TX wrote:

I must also voice my concerns with anyone considering joining Kelleher International.

I had a very poor experience with the service and was quite displeased and disappointed with the results. I was promised many qualified matches with qualified and attractive women. After shelling out nearly $10,000 I had very few quality matches and had to contact the representatives of the company frequently to find out what was going on. I even wrote several certified letters advising Kelleher that I would be filing a complaint with the BBB and other organizations if I did not get some results or receive a refund.

In the end nothing came of it and it was my serious regret to have ever become involved with this organization. If you are considering this service, you may want to reconsider!

Kathryn from Dallas, TX wrote:

I was signed up with this company for 2 years. The few men that I was introduced to were a real disappointment. I would not have gone out with any of them for a second time. It was definitely NOT worth the $10,000 and I would never do it again or recommend it to anyone.

H F. from San Francisco, CA wrote:

This was/is one of the biggest rip-offs and scams I’ve ever known.  I was told emphatically ‘you are so normal and will be so easy to match”.  Yes, I was easy to match as it was done totally randomly. I don’t think they thought at all about what I had said I was looking for, if we had anything in common, or were even logistically compatible.

*  *  *  *  *

Every match I had except one lived over 50 miles away, two in different cities.  I’ve had 3 different matchmakers since signing up…never have once met them face to face.  I’ve told them on more then one occasion to take me out of their database and I continue to hear from them randomly.
I really thought I would get excellent, one of one service for the amount of money I spent and the quality of the matches would be high.  NOT TRUE!!  I would go months without hearing from them and when I would query I would get some random match.

*  *  *  *  *

I think they must have a very small base of people to choose from.  After signing up I heard from another friend they had briefly been involved with KHA and had a very similar poor experience.  I would NOT IN A MILLION years recommend this company to ANYONE.  Run, run and run away…do not give them any money.  RIP OFF!!!

Jane D. from San Francisco, CA wrote:

This was one of the more expensive mistakes I’ve made and a truly terrible client service experience — I want people to know about it.

Ladies:  Do not waste your hard earned money on this…

*  *  *  *  *

They set me up with most of the same men I had already seen through online dating, people I had no interest in going out with! :(   They didn’t deliver the level of service they claimed and charged a lot of money for very poorly matched dates.

*  *  *  *  *

A couple of Key Problems with this service:  The person who interviews the male party is most often NOT the same person who interviews the female party (they just review notes in a database), therefore there is NO WAY they can truly make a good personality match. In fact, after I signed up I was passed to a few different reps, NONE of whom met me or even asked to meet me.  How can they match me well if we have never met and they don’t have a sense of who I am??

*  *  *  *  *

The other major problem is that they refuse to show you photos of the people they are setting you up with.  This would save everyone a ton of time by avoiding those you are not at all attracted to, or people you already know.  If they showed you photos, you would recognize most of the men from online dating sites.   Why pay thousands for what you can do so much better for yourself for around $25 per month??

*  *  *  *  *

…it was a total waste in my experience.

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13 thoughts on “KELLEHER INTERNATIONAL Matchmaking Complaints

  • Hi there. I am someone who is familiar with Kelleher Associates also known as Kelleher International. These people are BAD news. When I was naive (before my research on KI) I thought they were this reputable cool sounding firm based in the Bay Area, CA (USA)

    In my research on KI, I learned they had to undergo a massive “re-brand” of their image because it was so tarnished due to the lies, the bad business practices, and frankly taking any money they can get from vulnerable men and women out there. I’ve been emailing some of the ladies and a couple of guys from the various complaints sights and really appreciated their honesty with me about their experience with KI.

    After the re-brand (probably hiring some inexpensive marketing people who suggested they use “international” to sound more high class) they are still out there destroying dreams and hurting innocent people. Note, there are no international offices. Just random phone numbers that pipe you through some central call station. First Lie.

    Second, these people are frauds through and through. There are international and domestic lawsuits out there after them and from the past. They’ve hired a full-time attorney to help with “disputes” from clients because it seems like from my research as a former prospect of KI there are hundreds (if not in the tends of thousands) of lawsuits and complaints against them.

    I guess I thought they seemed reputable when I saw them in an airline ad. In a moment of vulnerability as I was feeling lonely one night thinking about taking the plunge doing their services, I had to ask myself who really advertises in an airline ad. Readers, they have to PAY to get our attention…it’s not like the media seeks them out. They must spend 1MM a year on ads around the world or at least in the friendly skies. ha ha.

    When I heard that they charge people all sorts of fees- from not charging clients anything to charging them hundreds of thousands it felt totally off-putting. They quoted me 45K but I just knew something didn’t seem right. They didn’t even take the time to get to know me. It was like “write a check” and you will have a great experience. I do pretty well for myself but 45K is a very large undertaking and could be put to good use towards my retirement or my dream second lake house one day.

    In further research I see there are many BBB complaints, some crazy lawsuit all over Huff Post, and I’ve even heard from my colleague that they pay the guys in some cases to take these ladies out. In other words, the men who are clients are given free memberships and the team at KI actually pays the men to pretend to take the female clients out. That’s fraud.

    I met one guy at a golf tourny a few months ago who shreeked when I asked him about KI. He said something like “DUDE DON”T DO IT.” He has been recruited to enjoy the service with no fees. They girls he met were definitely sub par and not the types he had hoped for at all. Additionally they the staff said to “just take her out” and here is their corporate Amex #, he politely ducked out and knew they have very poor business practices, an army of creeps working for them, and even after this rebrand work a reputation that is irreversible.

    If anyone wants to chat privately with me about this, happy to chat, email me. Thanx Mark in the Bay Area, CA (USA).

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  • Joe Thomas

    Guy here. I was recruited by a Kelleher “Scout” at an up-scale restaurant/bar and encouraged to try the service for a couple of dates. Met a few ladies who were very sub-par and got to know a few of them. Gold diggers who were still in legal disputes with ex’s, women who had drug/$$ problems, etc. It was quite an experience. Did meet a few women who paid big bucks and I felt sorry for them. I would avoid this place big-time. They were just wasting my and the women’s time and $$.

  • I cannot comment on the specific practices of Kelleher, however I’ve been matchmaking professionally for almost 25 years and don’t for the life of me understand how anyone consumer could spend this outrageous amount of money on ANY matchmaking company.

    You need to be a better consumer. Read the reviews BEFORE joining, check the BBB rating, ask friends. No one should be paying any where near $10,000 for matchmaking…it’s NOT brain surgery! They are out of line charging that and the consumer who falls for their sales pitch is crazy to pay that.

  • I actually AM an extremely beautiful actress and model who joined Kelleher Int’l. in hopes of finding a mate. Someone who was looking for the same sort of lasting relationship that I want. My last few relationships have been with men who, ultimately, were not looking for something permanent. I mistakenly believed that Kelleher could do as they promised and match me with someone like minded. I considered the money to be an investment in myself. That I would meet a man who had likewise invested in himself.
    What a load of bull. The men I met were not even members. They had no interest in a relationship that lasted longer than one night. I felt as though Kelleher was sending me out as a call girl. And I paid $5500 for this? I have no trouble at all meeting that type of man. Why in the world would I want that? And as others have posted, there were never any “matches” until I called and complained. Then, they would try to hook me up with one of their friends to pacify me.
    Save your money. Kelleher International is a lie.

  • Michele the Matchmaker….the BBB is know for being an ineffective organization. I have put a complaint in with the BBB on Kelleher and the BBB did nothing. Furthermore, reviews are not available to the consumer trying to search the company.

    I signed up with Kelleher before reviews were available which is upsetting. This company really needs to be put out of business. They are a sham and taking exorbitant fees for no service. The negative reviews are quite easily to find now while the positive ones are rare and most are provided by Kelleher employees.

    STAY AWAY FROM THIS BUSINESS and similar businesses. They are all frauds.

  • Jim Smith

    I can say that they did set me up with a number of duds and were oddly ineffective about who they picked (I’m smart and they kept setting me up with folks that weren’t as smart, but who perhaps were better looking than me). They weren’t really knocking it out of the park, but every 60 days I would call and then someone showed up who was really good.. For someone great, the money isn’t real relevant — so, yeah, $5,000 into thin air. But, I found that it was a better experience than More of a warm lead as opposed to trying to talk to someone out of the blue. Maybe I’m a bit less than wonderful looking and so it gets my foot in the door, but I found that I ran into people with more money, more education and while $3,000 of the $5,000 probably does go to marketing — that’s sorta the way this kind of a business runs.

    You probably are paying $300 a date for what over 50% of the time is a dud, but my dud is someone else’s gem. I was hesitant of the person I met who was really great before meeting her, but … probably the best 5K I’ve spent in the past 10 years. It gets me in front of quality people who typically don’t drink and who have a job, a car, and a bit of money. Much better than I seem to find in the real world.

  • Kevin Dallas

    In Dallas was offered service for free when one of their reps came up to me at a bar. Went on some dates. What an experience. Many women had drug/alcohol issues, legal war with ex-hub, gold diggers, and the like. Sherry/Mary are excellent bs’ers. Advice to Men-stay away from this outfit. Many gold diggers use this to rope in the next sucker.

  • I agree with MB that some BBBs are inaccurate and unreliable. But with or without reviews and BBB ratings those ridiculously outrageous fees are out of line. Again, after 25 years of matchmaking in Denver, CO and 313 marriages to either the first or second person those people met I KNOW it’s not the size of the investment that makes the quality of the Matchmaker or service.

    I feel terrible for all of you who have been “taken” by this company and many others who are franchises. That is something else to beware of…franchises like IJL. Read the pages and pages of their negative reviews as well as Great Expectations.

    Hopefully future singles looking at these overpriced services will learn from your disappointment and loss. I wish you all the best in the future and if you have questions regardless of whether you are in Colorado or not, feel free to contact me and perhaps I can be of assistance and point you in the right direction!

  • Michelle ‘the matchmaker’,stop trying to trash other agencies while trying to publicize your own.

    I think the people here who have direct experience with this company are doing quite well without you putting your nose in.

    You come across as unprofessional and a bit of a weasel to be honest. Yuk.

    And no I dont have anything to do with the company in question.

  • Michele "the Matchmaker" Fields


    I only work with singles in Denver so that was not a plug for my service merely background info so anyone reading these will know that I’ve been in this business long enough to know what I’m talking about.

    I don’t need to trash this service, there’s plenty about it on here. Why didn’t anyone read these BEFORE joining? That’s what I don’t get. It’s not hard to find reviews and feedback on the Internet.

  • Michele "the Matchmaker" Fields

    Also, I should say that I hate that so many matchmaking services are so overpriced! I hate that so many nice and vulnerable singles are losing time and money with these types of fees.

    I’m sure there are other local services in their areas who aren’t charging $10,000+ that would do a better job. Don’t join services that are franchises, don’t join services who do not give you an open-ended contract, don’t join services with these types of reviews, don’t assume that because the cost is high the service is good. One thing has nothing to do with the other.

    I have fought for years against raising my fees but so many people spend thousands with services who do nothing but sell them packages of dates that I’ve even been forced to raise my fee (nothing like this level) just to be competitive in Denver. But I would never charge or agree with anyone charging these types of fees.

    I’m trying to be supportive and helpful so if it’s not appreciated…this is my last word on the subject.

  • Haley W.

    Hey Rhia, first of all you didn’t even spell that matchmaker’s name correctly so that shows how much attention you paid to what she said.

    What a hater you are. Clearly from reading all of her comments she is only trying to illuminate the mistakes consumers seem to be making joining this service and others like it.

    I checked out this service and saw all the horrible reviews, considered whether the exorbitant fee was realistic and decided not to waste my time or money.

    But to trash this professional matchmaker who seems to only be trying to help when she has nothing to gain, as she says her clients are in Denver, is just being a nasty b____ch! You should thank you, not trash her.

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