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7-ELEVEN: Have NCASEF Board Members “Sold Out” 7-11 Franchisees?

Anonymous commenter 7Eleven Gal claims that several individual NCASEF board members “sold out” the franchisees they represent by agreeing to abort a planned protest in exchange for self-serving, special treatment from CEO Joe DePinto.  UnhappyFranchisee.Com doesn’t know if the allegations are true, and is reaching out to the individual Board members and the NCASEF for confirmation or denial.

(UnhappyFranchisee.Com)  Weeks prior to the February 10-13 “7-Eleven Experience”  franchisee convention, UnhappyFranchisee.Com had been notified that a large-scale franchisee protest was to take place at the corporate-sponsored event in Las Vegas.  The protest was to be much larger than protests in the past, as all the NCASEF Board members (we were told) were to be involved and were mobilizing members.

The purpose of the protest was to put pressure on CEO Joe DePinto to address a number of issues that adversely affect all 7-Eleven franchisees.  Franchisees were excited to show their solidarity to the ultra-powerful CEO and the massive corporation that, in many ways, controls their fates.

The day of the protest, we received photographs of only a small (but passionate) group of protesters that was a fraction of what we had been told to expect.   While the small group still made its message heard, some participants communicated that they had been “betrayed” and “abandoned” by their fellow franchisees who pulled out at the last minute.

Last night, an anonymous commenter using the name 7Eleven Gal posted an unconfirmed account of the kind of behind-the-scenes deal-making one would see on House of Cards.

According to 7Eleven Gal, several NCASEF Board members agreed to “dismantle the protest” in exchange for individual, secret financial and political perks.

7Eleven Gal states “The National Executive Board has sold their own franchisees for their own self greed and personal gains.”

7Eleven Gal’s statement is posted below.  A reminder:  The accuracy of these serious allegations has not been established.  We would caution readers to withhold judgement until Mssrs. Dhillon, Galea, Gill, Haitayan and Ms. York have the opportunity to tell their version of what took place prior to the franchisee protest.

7Eleven Gal Claims NCASEF Board Sold Out to Joe DePinto

Early morning, 2/16/15, 7Eleven Gal posted:

National 7-Eleven Franchisee owner Association Executive Board sells out.

The inside deal and the story.


On February 04-2015 the Executive Board of the National had a meeting with Joe DePinto the CEO of 7-Eleven Inc in Dallas Texas. Before the meeting a few item were decided between 7-Eleven inc and a few members of the Executive board of National owners association.


Jas Dhillon Vice Chairman, had asked for Joe DePinto to forgo mark-ups for him and his friends in Greater Los Angeles Franchisee Owner Association. These mark-ups were given by Asset Protection department of 7-Eleven in the amount of around one and a half million dollars for accounts not properly reported at the store level to 7-Eleven. If CEO would drop the markup’s Jas Dhillon would have National drop the idea of the protest at MGM. The CEO agreed to the deal and dropped one and a half million dollars mark-ups for Jas Dhillon and his fellow friends in Greater Los Angeles owners association.


Joe Galea the Chairman of National Franchisee Owners association asked to be made part of the CEO round table and all committees in existence between Franchisees and 7-Eleven Inc. He also wanted the CEO to attend his National Board up coming meeting in Florida on Feb-17-2015. The deal was granted.


Jivtesh Gill Executive Vice Chairman, wanted to be made part of the CEO Round Table and two more 7-Eleven franchisees for himself. The deal was granted.


Serge Haitayan Vice Chairman, wanted to be made part of the CEO Round Table.

Deal was granted.


The above mentioned Executive members after receiving there deals decided to dismantle the protest as they had planned at MGM and give-up any ownership of the protest.


First Jas Dhillon announced to all that his uncle had passed away in India and he will be leaving for India and not attend the MGM event. Second Jas Dhillon conspired to send Kathy York the President of Greater Los Angeles Franchisee Owner Association to 7-Eleven management naming a few franchisees that they are working to hold a protest at the MGM and not National or anyone else. The names she gave to 7-Eleven management were Andy Khan Past President and Chairman of 7-Eleven Political Action Committee, Jaspreet Dhillon President of 7-Eleven Political Action Committee and Navdeep Bassi past President of 7-Eleven Political Action Committee.


Kathy York also provided documents which were phony and made up to connect them all to the protest (throwing them under the bus).


On the day of the protest one member of the Executive Board did attend the protest and that was Hashim Syed from Chicago area.


Once the protest was over and Joe DePinto was mad as hell wanted to know why the protest still went on after all the wheeling and dealing. At that time Eric Karp the Attorney of National Franchisee owners association wrote a letter to clear the role of National Owner Association its executive board and it’s involvement in the protest.


The National Executive Board has sold their own franchisees for their own self greed and personal gains.


Thanks to UNHAPPY FRANCHISEE which has now become the true forum for the franchisees and the true voice of the franchisees.

We Will Publish Rebuttals & Refutations as We Receive Them

As detailed and compelling as 7Eleven Gal’s account seems to be, UnhappyFranchisee.Com believes one should withhold judgement until all parties involved have a chance to state their versions of events.

We invite all parties involved to provide us with rebuttals, corrections, clarifications or other statements which we will publish in a timely manner.  This offer extends, as always, to franchisees, franchisee associations, 7-Eleven, Inc. and CEO Joe DePinto.  All are invited to comment below, or to email in confidence to UnhappyFranchisee[at]gmail.com.

Prior to the posting of 7Eleven Gal’s message, NCASEF General Counsel Eric Karp sent a letter to UnhappyFranchisee.com claiming that the Association’s leaders did not initiate the planning of the protest  and never voted for nor endorsed a protest.

What do you think?  Share a comment below.


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4 thoughts on “7-ELEVEN: Have NCASEF Board Members “Sold Out” 7-11 Franchisees?

  • Stan Singh

    If the above information is true it’s sad day for franchise community. We should dissolve the association. We fund them in monthly basis. It’s our hard earn money we paying the association. It’s not the dollar amount it’s the principal . Good luck!!!!


    If these claims are true, the question we should be asking isn’t DID they sell out everyone, rather it is why did they sell out everyone? People like these scumbags shouldn’t be allowed to represent anyone, because they are too busy representing themselves and kissing the royal ass. Time to clean house and send all of these people packing. The balls these people have to even think of requesting a break for themselves while others are still on the hook for exorbitant amounts of money or even worse to ask for another franchise or TWO, when others have lost their only one. I hope franchisees wake up and send your asses packing along with Joe DePinto and his cronies. While it is true you people don’t directly take money from 7-11 to function, with all the favors you ask for you might as well just ask them to write you a check or give it to you in cash. As far as Eric Carp goes, you are one to point fingers at this website as you hold yourself out as a franchise lawyer. Why don’t you advise your idiot clients to put the franchise first instead of kiss DePinto’s ass like you just did? Your a sorry excuse for an advocate and I hope that you get disbarred you scumbag. SHAME ON THE NCASEF, BOYCOTT THEIR ACTIONS AND DISMANTLE THEM!

  • Sick to my stomach

    People wake up… If above info is correct those leaders need to resign. Leader is a person leads by examples. Always think others than him or herself. Come on let this politics go .. It’s time now.. Let the politics go. Focus on your stores.. I guarantee u guys would not have markups!!!! U people too busy attending meetings.. Focus on your stores..

  • Ben Dover

    Historically executive board members are subject to being “influenced” by SEI either through intimidation or outright bribery. The can be intimidated by financial issues in the stores or offered “sweet ” deals for additional stores…the losers in this are average franchisees whose leadership sells out. The NC must find and hire an independent non franchisee executive director as their spokesperson.

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