PLAY N TRADE: Recruits Multi-Unit Video Game Franchise Owners

There have been many contentions online that the franchise graveyard contains the dreams – and financial wellbeing, savings, credit scores, etc. – of many a failed Play N Trade franchise owner.  For that reason, many might find the name of the Play N Trade franchise contact (Miles Coffin) ironic, if not appropos.

When writer Sean Kelly posted the question IS PLAY N TRADE A GREAT FRANCHISE OPPORTUNITY? on the blog formerly known as FranchisePick, the 130 responses were predominantly negative.  More than 300 comments, mostly negative, have been posted on this site.  Allegations of fraud, franchise disclosure violations and a hopelessly flawed business model have been posted on numerous sites, especially when the California Department of Corporations suspended Play N Trade’s registration in its state ( see PLAY N TRADE Franchise Registration Revoked)

However, in 2010 Play N Trade has mounted an aggressive franchise PR push, with numerous press releases citing increased same-store sales growth and claims that Play N Trade is “one of the fastest-growing franchises worldwide across all industries.”

Here’s the press release issued by Mr. Coffin today:

“Play N Trade to Attend and Sponsor 2010 Multi-Unit Franchising Conference

“San Clemente, CA, March 23, 2010 –(– Play N Trade Franchise, INC, the fastest growing video game franchise worldwide, is excited to announce that not only will it be attending the 2010 Multi-Unit Franchising Conference but will also be a sponsor for the event.
From March 24th-26th, one of the only conferences in the nation focused exclusively on multi-unit franchising will be held at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas, NV.

“On Thursday, March 25th Play N Trade President and CEO, Larry Plotnick and Vice President of Franchise Development, Charles Franklin will be in attendance to discuss owning a Play N Trade franchise and the resources Play N Trade provides every franchisee to succeed.

“’Play N Trade defines all that is exciting and revolutionary in today’s gaming culture and is the only company operating in this space that has successfully positioned itself as ‘the Ultimate Gaming Store’,’ says Franklin. ‘The store design, wide selection of new and used games, accessories and consoles, in-store tournaments and ‘Try-Before-You-Buy’ policy create a community atmosphere that makes Play N Trade the preferred destination for gamer participation, discussion and competition.”’Play N Trade Area Developer and Franchisee, Ken Leese will also be on hand as a panelist to discuss his former success as a massive multi-unit operator with Jackson Hewitt and his current successes with and the future potential of Play N Trade. Mr. Leese will be presenting primarily on the evaluation and selection of new brands for portfolio expansion.

“Prospective franchisees who are serious about growth and interested in new concepts, opportunities and unique service solutions can find Play N Trade at booth #5 to learn what makes it such an exciting franchise opportunity.

“About Play N Trade
”Play N Trade is the largest and fastest-growing video game franchise worldwide. It is also one of the fastest-growing franchises worldwide across all industries. The company provides exceptional training, support and marketing systems to its store owners, who in turn provide an outstanding customer experience for their shoppers. Play N Trade customers can try any video game before they buy”

“Play N Trade Franchise, Inc.  Miles Coffin  888.PNT.GAME

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5 thoughts on “PLAY N TRADE: Recruits Multi-Unit Video Game Franchise Owners

  • That is an ironic name, Miles Coffin, at least its not Miles Default. Of coures they are going to push multi-unit sales, they need money, and they full well know that
    that there is a high probability that most will never even open, they have made millions off of franchisee’e that payed 70-100k for 5-6 stores, only to open 1, and watch it close in a year. As far as same store sales, that figure they use is worthless, a majority of their stores have only been open for 1-2 years, so that number they give is inflated, any stores that are left that were open in 07, that would give you a better trend into their sales. As far as their support of their current franchisees, here is what one told me, “They have gotten around 80k
    in fees and royalties since I have opended, and for all of that, i get go to Target to get em, that was my 80k support” Sounds like great support to me, no wonder they are dropping like flies left and right.

  • 246 stores open 2008, 233 stores open end of 2009

    My math is a bit weak, but in order to be the “fastest growing” do you not have to actually grow at least one more store than the previous year. I guess the recession was tougher that I thought, no franchise system in the world has grown as them.

    So a new tale is spun, Closing more stores in 2009 than they opened and it somehow turns into the one of the fastest growing franchisees in their industry and the rest of the franchise community.

    Two days before the conference we get a pr announcement, great planning. So can the two guys, again share with us how “they provide resources every franchisee needs to succeed.”

    Or maybe that is laid out in the settlement with the State of California. Something about no more false disclosure.

  • I can’t believe in this day and age with google that so many people are really “scammed” With all of the disclosure laws and research you can do before you buy any franchise, I think “I’ve been scammed” is an excuse for “I’m a failure and I’m looking for someone to blame” I’m not buying any franchise because if I succeed I did it myself and if I fail I won’t be coming to a website like this to make myself feel better (I’ll just look in the mirror}.

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  • Alberto Guzman

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