JANI-KING Franchise Complaints

JANI-KING Franchise Complaints: Add your own – or defend the company – below.

(UnhappyFranchisee.Com) Entrepreneur magazine lavishes high praise on the Jani-King franchise opportunity via its 2010 franchise rankings.  Entrepreneur ranked the 10,000+ unit Jani-King #8 overall in the 2010 Franchise 500, the #2 low-cost franchise, the #1 home-based franchise and #7 in the “America’s Best Global Franchise” category.

Jani-KingOf course, Entrepreneur states that when compiling their rankings they do not “measure subjective elements such as franchisee satisfaction…” since “…these are judgments only you can make.”

In a time when many individuals are struggling to make ends meet, the Jani-King franchise opportunity – with its low start-up cost and guaranteed cleaning contracts – seems especially enticing.  But do a bit of digging and you’ll find some troubling – and remarkably consistent – complaints from Jani-King franchise owners.

Lawsuits allege a cleaning-contract shell game.

In an August, 2009 Franchise Times article on lawsuits leveled against commercial cleaning franchise companies, Julie Bennett writes:

…the lawsuits, filed recently in Massachusetts against all three companies and in Pennsylvania, Minnesota and California against Jani-King, contend that the cleaning companies misrepresent their offerings, because they do not have sufficient customers to guarantee each franchisee the amount of monthly cleaning business they purchase. Instead, the lawsuits allege, they breach their contracts by underbidding the amount of time and staffing required for each job, refusing to allow franchisees to inspect cleaning jobs or bid sheets before accepting or rejecting a job, offering geographically inconvenient jobs and unjustly taking jobs from one franchisee to re-sell them to others.

Consumer complaint sites are abundant with specific complaints about the Jani-King franchise, the franchisor and the regional master franchisees who recruit unit-level owners. 

On the Complaints Board, 2009-08-22 letshelp wrote

franchise is a scam

I purchased a Jani-King Commercial Cleaning Franchise after reading they were a great franchise opportunity in several franchise magazines. During my initial meeting with the regional director I expressed concern over the 40% they take off the top of what clients are billed. He told me not to worry as they take all their fees into consideration when giving a cleaning quote to a client.

When they started offerring me contracts I would do the math and tell them there was very little profit in some contracts and absolutely none in others. I was told this was a low profit margin industry and I had to learn to work some “break even” contracts for I would get additional business from those same clients ( floor waxing ).

I accepted some of these contracts since they are only required to offer you the amount of cleaning business you purchased (with the franchise cost ). If you don’t accept the accounts they are not required to offer you anymore.

Once I started working accounts, the operations director would go by the account every month to evaluate the franchisee’s performance. He would always find something negative to write about to justify taking the account away from the franchisee and reselling it to a new franchisee. So the franchisee ends up losing the original franchise fee and whatever fee he paid for the accounts he was working at hardly no profit.

I later learned this type of scam preys on people who have never been in business for themselves – so trust the Franchisor. If anyone is looking into purchasing this type of franchise, do yourself a favor and run a Google or Yahoo search on Jani-King. They have had numerous lawsuits and government complaints. I lost all my savings, but hopefully others can learn from my mistake.

85 days ago, Rickety Rabbit responded:

Almost the same thing happend to me in Boston. I bought a Jani King franchise in 2006. I paid $15, 000 for $4000 per month in business.  Minus the 22% Jani- King takes off the top. With what is left I pay for labor, chemicals, and equipment.

Jani King has it so they do not have to provide you with the $4000 per month in business, they only need OFFER it to you. If you refuse it, that’s it. They don’t owe it to you any longer. You had your chance. But here is what they do. They underbid the account by hundreds of dollars. They make false promises to the business owner, and do not tell the franchise owner about it. When the business owner cancels because the promises are not met, the franchise owner is left to make a decision. Take care of the promises never mentioned to you ( such as delivering the newspaper ever morning, or a free strip and wax every month) both are actual cases, and both would have put me in the negative for profit.

So I was forced to give it up. No fault of mine. Also the account is not supposed to cancel before one year. If they do Jani King promises to file suit with a killer legal team. Which they must have because they are still in business. However they only use it to defend itself from angry franchise owners.

They purposely offer you accounts that are way underbid, or too far away. When you deny them, they no longer owe you the account. If I could do it all over again I would invest in real estate on Venus before having to deal with this again.

One last thing. I placed over 40 calls per month to the district manager for four months straight. Not one call answered not one call returned. I had to buy an existing franchise that was already working with history in order to pay the bills while waiting for my $4000 in business. Now I am about to lose those accounts to under bidders. Can you believe that? In this economy there are those worse then Jani King that UNDERBID them. Sorry. Very sorry.


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  • July 9, 2010 at 3:21 pm

    Guest: I was quoting you. You made it sound like those were your words, didin’t you? Next time, be a little more careful, take your time, make sure you “cut and paste” first then send. I know, I can think on my own two feet and “shuck and jive” at the same time.

    Attorneys, SEIU members, loyal followers of Obama have an issue with doing that. I fully understand your “limitations”, I’ll try and do better, type slower, not think as quick and I’ll still have to wait!!

    I’m attacking you, you are spewing garbage so quick, making STUPID and DEMEANING comments, that you might want to “simmer down” and stick with the issues at hand.

  • July 9, 2010 at 3:23 pm

    1st amendment: In regards to your “cut and paste” on the FTC ruling quoted earlier, you might want to TELL THE TRUTH!!!! You are quoting something that happened in 1995!!!!!! At some point and time, you need to utilize “current history”. Hell, even your bankruptcy is forgiven after 7 years!

  • July 9, 2010 at 3:24 pm

    To jerry ?? From Indiana??

    I have talked to veterans who have been ripped-off by these Fake cleaning franchisors.

    It’s really trully sad the way these fake franchisors hurt and ripoff our veterans who are going out there and loosing there lives for us to have freedom.

    I talked to this Gentleman to an American veteran who had to get an Attorney and take legal action because they were Ripping him off.

    He was also starting his own class action Lawsuit.

    How can you do this to our Veterans? How dare you!

  • July 9, 2010 at 3:35 pm

    1st amendment, Jerry “v”, Iloveamerica, friend of “guest”:

    Ok. Give them my information, I will be more than happy to work with them, get them on the right path and handle things the correct way. What more do you want from me?

    Oh, you don’t have his information, this person doesn’t exist, he’s a “charge is louder than fact” I’m sorry, I’m on the “short bus” too often. I catch on eventually.

    I don’t do anything to Veterans but thank them for their service, appreciate their bravory, pray for them and their families, buy them a meal when I see them in restaurants and offer my assistance to them in any way possible.

    Funny, people like you, guest and the attorneys, SEIU members that are your friends only “use” veterans when it suits your purpose. For that, I hope you rot in HE–!!!! You bore me, you tire me. Let’s agree to get off the Veteran Issue.

  • July 9, 2010 at 3:41 pm

    To jerry the looney monkey in Indiana who says that he is waching me and that he is going to come and get me.

    In response to one of your June 30, 2010 comments

    You say that you have been in this business for 25 years then why were you working for jan-pro? Shouldn’t you have your own business with 100 employees. I guess its much easier for you to be a goon for jan-pro than to do real work. The best advice you should have given Lee is to stay away from cleaning franchisors because they control you and they can take all of your accounts away at any time for any reason. I have witnessed managers get mad and just want to take accounts away from people for no reason. Just read all the comments all over the internet of all the people who have been ripped-off.

  • July 9, 2010 at 4:02 pm

    1st amendment, Jerry “v” , SEIU Member, Attorney at law, Iloveamerica, friend of “guest”

    I had my own company for over 8 years. I had over 150 full and part-time cleaners working throughout the State of Florida. Been there, done that. Maybe that’s why/how I know so much more than you, your “friends”, your “partners” , your “attorneys” etc…….. Real work, wow!!!!! Stripped Floors, Cleaned Toilets, Mopped Floors, used Back Pack Vacuums, used Auto-Scrubbers, Propane Burnishers, Propane Stripping Machines, Cord Electric Burnishers, Battery Burnishers, Dump Trash, Wash Windows, Polish Concrete, Polish Marble and so much more than you, guest , SEIU members etc… (by the way, all of the equipment listed are machines used by people in the past 25 years of the commercial cleaning industry)

    You’ve witnessed what? How could you witness that, remember, Jan-Pro STOLE your accounts, THEY DEFRAUDED YOU, They beat your dog, took your children, followed your wife to work and numerous other things (wait a minute, that wasn’t you, that was SEIU goons)

    Can you get up to SPEED, Please!

  • July 9, 2010 at 4:06 pm

    25 years inhaling cleaning products… now I understand.

  • July 9, 2010 at 4:07 pm

    To jerry?? From Indiana ??

    Who said that he is waching me and that he is going to come and get me!

    For those of Anago who don’t know him he works for the cleaning franchiors and is getting paid alot of money $$$$$$.

    He is in here 7 days a week 24 hours a day trowing all kinds of mud at the wall to try and see what sticks but nothing does.

    The cleaning franchisors are desperate and are trying to do damage control.

    They will Lie and say anything on these blogs to defame me but Jerry from indiana ?? Wont reveal his real name ?? He said that he is an insider at jan-pro but then he says that he doesnt work there???????????? Which one is it ???

    Then he says that he is going to reform jan-pro but how can he do so when he said that he doesn’t work for jan-pro ??? Again which one is it. He is just a monkey lying and saying anything because the cleaning franchisors are afraid that they will get in allot of trouble for ripping of so many people.

    The money making Racket is coming to an end. Even a Judge called them a modified Ponzi Scheme!

  • July 9, 2010 at 4:17 pm

    To jerry??? from Indiana ????
    Who said that he is waching and stocking this blog and that he is going to come and get me!

    So now you say that you had 150 people working for you. Then you say it was in Florida but now your working for jan-pro as a manager in Indiana, which one is it ????????????? Nobody believes anything you say.

    Its funny how you say that you had 150 workers. If you made so much money why did you get a job as a manager working for jan-pro. You make no sence at all. I can see right through your LIES.

    Why do you LIE so much??????

    Anybody with there own business and 150 workers doesn’t get a job with jan-pro as an operations manager. I don’t believe a word you say. You are nothing but a LIAR just like jan-pro.

    The only money that you are making is the money that jan-pro is paying you to come in here and do Damage control but your Racket Scam is coming to an end. A Judge recently called this fake cleaning franchising a modified Ponzi Scheme!

  • July 9, 2010 at 6:58 pm

    1st amendment, Jerry “v” , Iloveamerica, friend of “guest”:

    You realize your on the “jani-king” post right? Any way, I’m lost again, where am I? Oh yes, I’m a liar. You claim to “know me”, if you “know me” then you know I’m not a Liar. So which is it, YOU KNOW ME or you don’t. I’m still on that “short bus” that “guest” gave me coinage for.

    So am I still working for Jan-Pro or not, if I am, then when did I ever say I was an Operations Manager for them? If you’ll “cut and paste” where I said that and show it to me, I would appreciate it.

    I know it’s difficult for you to “walk and chew gum”, you’ve already stated numerous times that even the Jan-Pro attorneys that you met with told you that the FDD was hard to understand and that you had a right to sue them over the language and the fact they stole your accounts, committed fraud, perjury, rico violations, chased down your mother, beat your dog, made fun of your wife, called your children names etc… I know, you are the TRUTH and I’m a LIAR.

  • July 9, 2010 at 8:37 pm

    To someone who calls himself jerry ?? who says that he is from Indiana or Florida ?? Who said that he is waching me and that he is going to come and GET ME !

    Let me see. Your in here everyday. Your on here 24 hours a day. You protect the cleaning franchisors specially jan-pro. It’s only obvius that you own a Master franchise and that is why you are posting all this crap. The way I see it it’s both you own a master franchise and you are also getting paid to come in here and bable all of your monkey dung!

    You said that you were an INSIDE PERSON. Then recently you said that you were with management. Then you said that you would never ever and no way in hell buy a unit franchise but you sure PUMP other people into buying one. You however said that you would buy a Master franchise. Which shows that you probably own a master franchise. Either way jan-pro and the cleaning franchisors are paying you alot of MONEY $$$$$$.

    Finally you try and be funny and add some more of your monkey dung remarks. I guees since you can’t deny that these fake cleaning franchises have ripped-off so mnay people like single Moms, Veterans and hard working American Families you have to resort to your not funny pshyco bable remarks, but I asure you that for the people that lost there houses or livelihood because of the cleaning franchiors scam it’s not funny at all . We have so much overwhelming proof that it will singe the hair of a MONKEYS back!

  • July 9, 2010 at 10:06 pm

    1st amendment, Iloveamerica, Pimp my “attorney”, SEIU member, Illegal alien supporter, friend of “guest”, guest and Jerry “v”.

    Physco bable. “hair off monkey’s rear”, ” slinging monkey crap”, “troll”, “Liar”, “fool”, “coward”, and so many other names you’ve called me by is amazing that you accuse me of “physco bable”.

    So, I go from being a “no body”, to being “operations manager”, to being a “fraud”, to being a “master owner”, well at least I’m progressing up the “food chain”.

    I feel for anyone that loses money in a business. Whether that business is cleaning, restaurant, gas station, food store, clothing store, fitness place etc… But you know what? Sometimes it happens. That’s Life. Just because it happens doesn’t mean the person(s) that loaned them the money, showed them the store, stocked their shelves with products is at fault. Sometimes, people think that owning a business is “cool”, but its not just “cool” its alot of work, tears, sweat, blood, time, effort and guess what ? sometimes when you do everything right, you still lose!!!!!

    Owner/Operator systems have been around for decades! Even in other businesses such as trucking, restaurants, learning centers, daycares, etc…. Your problem is, you want to blame someone for your “loss”, guess what? you’ve got no one else to blame but yourself.

  • July 9, 2010 at 11:17 pm

    1st Amendment:

    Jerry may be a Master, but he certainly isn’t doing this on behalf of corporate. The franchisor undoubtedly knows that Jerry’s constant posts are actually helping to boost these blogs higher in the search engines and making them more visible.

    Corporate would know that his constant comments have helped this discussion stay in the #1 and #2 spot on the home page consistently.

    And corporate would know that prospective franchisees will pick up the real attitude they keep hidden by his hateful dismissal of the identical complaints that are so widespread they must have credence. No matter how obvious it is that these companies churn accounts, the Jerry’s will always blame it on franchisees not following the system.

    The more Jerry comments, the more people are warned.

  • July 10, 2010 at 9:28 am

    Guest: BRAVO!!!! As usual, you think the “least” of people, you don’t think that they can “figure” things out on their own, that they are now “flocking” into Jan-Pro, Jani-King, Coverall and other offices in droves just to see what all the “talk” is about.

    Just because you represent and work with 1st amendment and he has issues understanding the FDD, can’t follow Policy and Procedures, was a business failure, loves the illegal aliens, believes that the SEIU is going to “save all janitors” (or is that you) and has a financial “hand” in all of this mess, you seem to think good, honest, hard working, driven people can’t figure it out on their own.

    I personally could care less about “corporate” of Jan-Pro. Again, if you had bothered reading any of my previous posts where I have openly called for the removal of Rich Kissane and the other “lackeys” that he has placed in the top of the “food chain” and have given “information” by which to draw the primary equity holder of Jan-Pro into the fight and actually properly set the ‘standard” for reform in the industry, I am honored that instead of it “languishing” near the bottom because of the “stupidity” of comments made by 1st amendment and other “disgruntled” minor minions, I’m good with that.

    Maybe you can come up with something more “educational” to speak about vs. what 1st amendment comes up with.

    I’ll give you plenty of time to read and respond. I know you have to run any comments through a filter first.

  • July 10, 2010 at 1:52 pm

    1st amendment, Jerry “v”, friend of “guest”, SEIU board Member, Friend of the illegal aliens, Telemundo producer, Iloveamerica:

    You shuold be awake by now. Even in California it’s at least “taco time” isn’t it?

    Just wanted to update everyone on this site. As you recall, I had to take a “breath” last night, because my one Operations Manager who goes to KKK meetings on the 2nd Friday of the month, my other Operations Manager who goes to the SEIU/Black Panther meetings on the 1st Friday of the month, but because last Friday was a holiday, they both had meetings last night. What a surprise, they both use the same meeting “hall”!!! So, needless to say, they had to call Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, raise the ghost of former Senator Byrd to come in and settle the “troops” down.

    As my “master” took his yaht out today, I was forced to go into the basement and feed/water all of the illegal aliens we are “training” to become the next batch of owner/operators. NEWS FLASH!!! This just in from Telemundo, “master owner” in California admits to writing bad checks to illegal aliens for services performed on underbid accounts, more details later.

    Now to show that I’m not as mean the “master”, one of our illegal aliens gave birth last night despite our best efforts to have her wait at least ten (10) days, she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. To show that I’m not without feeling, I immediately explained to the illegal alien, that “wet foot, dry foot” didn’t apply to her as she was coming into the world. I then took the mother, sold her a starter kit at 5X the cost of the products and equipment given to her, forced her to take a tremedously underbid account, called the customer and told them I was putting an illegal alien into their facility, who was untrained, unprepared, never visited their account before, didn’t have the alarm code etc… Asked them to call me on Monday morning with all the complaints, so I could fine her for each item missed. In the meantime, I stole her cellphone and have begun calling it every two hours so I can fine her $50.00 each time. By the time this weekend is over, I shuold have at least 10K in my pocket.

    What you ask about the baby? Well the “master” and I have decided to “sell” the baby to the highest bidder and pocket the money. We wil make a large donation/gift in the baby’s name to the owners of Franchise Times, Frannet, Vetnet and any other “net” willing to name us in the top “5” of their franchise list.

    More later…………

  • July 10, 2010 at 8:03 pm

    To all that read this “post” The above listed posting made by me was a “shock” writing. It was meant to be outrageous, it was meant to be descriptive and yes it was meant to be “on the edge”. Yes, it may have very well even been “over the edge”. I personally don’t have a “racist” view or bone in my body. If anyone took “real” offense to that post, I am truly sorry. However, it was done for a reason and that reason is as follows:

    On this site, there are numerous people that have called, intimated and out right printed the following:

    1. ALL Jan-Pro International employees are Liars, Scam Artists, Thieves, Fakes and have committed crimes that are both civally wrong, criminally wrong and simply aren’t true. Are there some “bad apples” that are employees at Jan-Pro International? Without a doubt. I have personally called numerous times for the removal of Rich Kissane and his band of “lackeys”. He failed as the CEO of OneSource and he certainly isn’t doing anyone a favor by staying at JPI.

    2. ALL “master franchisors” have committed fraud, have stolen, have lied, have committed terrible acts and have taken direct advantage of illegal immigrants, immigrants in general, those with military service, moms, daughters, sons and fathers. That is sheer nonsense!!! It is wrong to make “blanket statements” such as those, I have personally met several men and women that are “masters” at Jan-Pro those people run their businesses the right way, those people are church goers, leaders in their communities, family people and good citizens. The disgust that you have “spewed” against ALL is unjust and unfair. ARE there “masters” that deserve to be “replaced”, “removed”, “retrained”, “warned” and “encouraged to sell”? Without a doubt. This is my primary reason for calling out both Rich Kissane and Jacques LaPointe. Both of these men have done great “harm” by not handling these issues correctly, quickly, without hesitation and without distinction.

    ALL “master employee’s” are common thieves, violent, demeaning, improperly trained, improperly monitored etc…. Again, you make “blanket statements”. Are there some “bad apples” again, Without a Doubt!!!!! But again, I have met several of the people you are describing, do they have the experience that I do, NO, do they have the passion for the industry as I do, NO are they as capable as I would demand of my Operations and Sales People, NO. But they for the most part are good, honest, hard working, meaningful people. (Possibly “former Jan-Pro Operations Manager should put his two cents in here).

    All owner/operators are failing, are being cheated, are “just going along for the ride”, don’t know any better, are all disgruntled, are all wanting to leave. Again, these are “blanket statements” that simply aren’t true. There are approx. thirty (30) thousand owner/operators working on their customers every night of the week, some of those thirty (30) thousand actually have employees working for/with them as well, those people, if they were as you say they are “unhappy, unwilling to perform, lackeys etc…” well guess what? If that were true, couldn’t they, wouldn’t they simply “walk away” and leave at least thirty (30) thousand buildings “unclean” for at least one night, one week etc…

    If you bother to read my other posts that I have made, I have called on the replacement of Jan-Pro upper managment, I have called on new policy and procedures to be directed both towards “masters” and the “employees of masters” in regards to the owner/operators, I have called on new policy and procedures in regards to training, fines, oversite management, owner/operator envolvement in issues that effect the “corporation as a whole” for you see, I’ve always felt that owner/operators are “investors” in the corporation and should be treated as such by regional advisory councils, scheduled meetings with corporate management, training seminars etc….

    Problem with 1st amendment, guest and several of the others that continually post here, they only talk about “one side”, they only speak “ill” of everyone of the the “big 3”, they only speak “ill” of the employees and “frontline” management, they only speak “ill” of the system as a whole.

    I anxiously await some reasonable comments directed my way.

  • July 10, 2010 at 10:11 pm

    To jerry who owns a master franchise with jan-pro.

    Now you hit an all time LOW! You think that making fun of people who speak more than one language or look a certain way is funny.

    For your information slavery has been abolished. For your information women have the right to vote.

    I guess you find it funny or ok to rip-off people that you think might be immigrants. Do you walk around all day long labeling everybody?

    So I guess that if someone looks different than you, you have no problem being racist towards them or ripping them off. You forget that this country is made up of different people from all over the world. You forget that Latinos, Blacks, whites, Asians, Indians are all in the Military and fighting for this country and they do so together.

    You call those ladies that came out on TV who exposed jan-pro illegal aliens but you don’t even know them. You just label them. You said it yourself your racist. Do you walk around all day long labeling people ???

    How do you think that some of these ladies sons who are in the Military will feel when you call there Moms illegal aliens. Meanwhile jan-pro is also ripping them off.

    You think you are funny with your racist comments. Is that why jan-pro was going to FIRE you?

    Who else are you racist to? Are you also racist to handicapped people, old people, people of a different race other than yours?
    I guess your true self is coming out. In your book if someone looks different than you its ok to rip them off.

    Anybody looking at buying a fake cleaning franchise from jan-pro this is some of the crap that you will have to deal with so don’t buy a fake cleaning franchise with jan-pro.

  • July 10, 2010 at 10:24 pm

    1st amendment: Obviously the “intended humor” was lost on you. I was simply doing a “parody” as explained in my last posting, was it “over the top” ? Yes, did I apologize and explain? Yes.

    I find it funny how you can call innocent people “crooks”, “scam artist” , “thieves”, “liars”, “cheats”, “disgusting”, etc…. and some how that’s ok. I’m sorry isn’t that “labeling” as well?

    You have had a free rein on this and numerous other sites. Those days on this site is over. I have no problem looking at myself in the mirror on a daily basis, I have no problem sleeping at night, I have no problem “calling a spade a spade” etc… Racist? No Bigot?No do I have a problem with illegal aliens? Yes do I have a problem with Telemundo, CBS News, ABC News, CNN, NBC News, MSNBC, PBS and others “skewing” the truth, or out and out mis-reporting and mis-representing the facts of something? Yes

    My true self, I don’t rip people off, if you knew me (as you claimed on previous postings) you know that is not the case. I don’t cheat people, I don’t lie to people, I try not to mis-represent anything intentionally etc… Can you say the same thing?

    I don’t care what color someone’s skin is, don’t care what language they speak, don’t care where they came from, what religion they practice or if they practice. Only thing I care about is what/who a person is. Their character, their honesty, their belief in themselves and their strength of family.

    You continue to go on and on, you continue to call me, Jan-Pro International employees, Jan-Pro Master Owners, Employees of those Master Owners and the current group of thirty (30) thousand owner/operators doing things the right way, building their businesses the right way, servicing the customer the right way all the names you want to. I’ll be here to set the record “straight”. Eventually, you’ll tire, eventually you’ll lose your court case and go on trying to blame others for the next failing venture you undertake.

  • July 10, 2010 at 10:37 pm

    People like jerry from Indiana who owns a master franchise think that the following article is funny, but I don’t find it’s funny when single Moms get ripped-off.



    Owner Fired Housekeeper Solely Because of Pregnancy, Federal Agency Charged

    DALLAS – A federal district court today awarded the maximum damages of $50,000 and significant injunctive relief in favor of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) in a discrimination lawsuit against a Dallas-based commercial janitorial company, the agency announced today.

    According to the EEOC’s suit, the owners of First Sreymco, LLC, doing business as Jani-King, reduced the work hours of housekeeper Sonia Alvarado simply because she was pregnant and subsequently fired her. The company ignored medical assurances that Alvarado presented to them, the EEOC said, and co-owner Michelle Myers told her that the company did not want to take any risks because of her pregnancy.

    Such conduct violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended by the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, under which employ­ment discrimination on the basis of preg­nancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions con­stitutes unlawful sex discrimination. In June 2007, Alvarado filed a discrimination charge with the EEOC, initiating an investigation by the agency’s Dallas District Office.

    The EEOC’s suit (EEOC v. First Sreymco, LLC, d/b/a Jani-King , Civ. 3:08—CV—1607–D) was filed in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas, Dallas Division, on September 12, 2008. Despite receiving notice of the lawsuit, Jani-King failed to file an answer to the litigation or otherwise appear in the case, and the court entered a default judgment against the company on May 13, 2009.

    Judge Sidney A. Fitzwater awarded $50,000, which is the maximum amount of damages an employer having fewer than 100 employees is required to pay in an employment discrimination lawsuit. The judge ruled that these damages consisted of both compensatory damages to com­pensate Alvarado for the pain and anguish she suffered as a result of the discrimination, and punitive damages to punish Jani-King for its malicious or reckless indifference to Alvarado’s federal right to be free from employment discrimination.

    The court also awarded significant injunctive relief against Jani-King. The judge ordered Jani-King, its owners, managers, successors, and all persons in active concert or participation with them to be enjoined from engaging in discrimination on the basis of sex or pregnancy. The judge further ordered Jani-King to institute, disseminate, and enforce a policy under which pregnant employees are permitted to work as long as they are able to and choose to do so.

    Devika Seth, senior trial attorney with the EEOC’s Dallas office, said, “We hope this Judgment sends a message to employers that women who wish to continue working and are able to do so should not be penalized simply because they are expecting a child. We are so proud of Ms. Alvarado for coming forward and standing up for her right to work.”

    “I lost my happiness when Jani-King told me they didn’t want me because I was pregnant,” said Alvarado. “The news of the judgment has brought hope back to me because I know now that there is support for pregnant women when their employer breaks the law.”

  • July 10, 2010 at 10:49 pm

    1st amendment: There you go again attacking my character. At some point in time, that should “grow old” on you. I’m sure that “guest” and/or “your attorneys” will contact you and clearly those with any common sense will realize that you have done and are doing more harm than good in your “case”.

    No I don’t think cutting someone’s hours are funny if they are pregnant. My wife has been pregnant before and I never found it funny. When companies do things wrong, they should be punished, they should be held accountable and they should have to “pay” and/or conform.

    Unfortunately, that is not your issue, your reason for failing, your lack of thought, your reason for filing suit is it?

  • July 10, 2010 at 11:08 pm

    To someone who calls himself jerry from Indiana ??
    Who said that he is waching me and that he is going to come GET ME!

    I see, so now you don’t find it funny? You only find it Funny when it hapens to people of other Races.

    Your the one who brought it up and your true racist feelings came out.

    I hope that one day you see that we are all humans and I hope that someday you stop looking at the color of peoples skin.

    I hope that one day God enters your heart and that you stop being racist.

  • July 11, 2010 at 6:43 am

    1st amendment: I understand that you are simple minded, I understand that you don’t understand things that most of us do. Let me break this down in a phrasing that even you can understand:

    1. Not a racist or bigot. Never have been, never will be.
    2. No, I do not like the fact we have so many illigal aliens in this country. Never have liked that fact, never will. illegal aliens are just that, here illegally. There is a proper process, there is a proper opportunity for people of all nations to come into this GREAT country of ours and they need to do it the proper way. Why should illegal aliens be allowed to come into this country and get the same if not GREATER benefits than those of us born here.

    Those aren’t racist thoughts, those are practical thoughts and either have no place on this site. The reason the “parody” was used by me was simple: To show you and “guest” how STUPID you were making yourselves sound and what you were stating about people that for the most part YOU DIDN’T EVEN KNOW!!!!!!

    Now if you can, Move on. If you can’t then I’m going to ignore your level of STUPIDITY and simply move on to the subjects and topics at hand. Final warning to you from me, you want reasonable engagement, want to “talk” things through, I’m your “huckleberry”, you want to continue attacking my personal character and question my beliefs, let me remind you, you are no Priest, Pastor, Rabbi or any other religious leader.

  • July 11, 2010 at 7:28 am

    Open Forum: As stated on the other “site” of this post, I would like to “stop” the nonsense that is continually “spewing” from 1st amendment and “guest” and start “talking” about real issues and discuss real solutions to those issues. On the other site: I opened the conversation topic of “why are so many owner/operators unhappy” and included my thoughts and proposed suggestions for fixing the problem.

    On this site: I would like to “converse” about the following: Why are owner/operators “failing” in their business endeavors in regards to the franchised purchased from “insert company name here”?

    My thoughts: Part of the reason for failing is discussed on the other site, I truly believe that people have purchased a “commercial cleaning company” and believe that its somehow “glamerous work”. But one of the reasons for failing is as follows:

    Training: Upfront and on-going system wide is “average at best”. I would even be more honest and state there are too many “poor at best” training programs both on the “corporate level” and most especially on the “master level”.

    Changes to be made:

    1. Though 1st amendment, “guest” and others will disagree, believe it or not the Policy and Procedures aspect of the manual is a good training tool and it has good information in regards to building the relationship with the customer. However, it is poor in the “step by step” approach that needs to be done in order to give the owner/operator the best chance and opportunity to be succesful.

    a) I go back to the “quality” of the Operations Manger, is he/she an industry veteran, do they know/have they been in the commercial cleaning business for at least 5 years. If so, where and how did they learn. Are they good and patient “teachers”.

    b) Are there DVD’s, Tapes, Manuals written and available for either purchase or at least “loan” to the prospective owner/operators for them to take home, have ,keep made by industry veterans and can explain cleaning properly, review how to “flow” the work, understand the importance of utilizing the proper chemicals, the proper way, understand the importance of the equipment being utilized. In my opinion, when you buy a package of at least a certain size, a package of DVD’s, tapes, manuals should come with it at no additional charge to the owner/operator.

    c) There needs to be on-going training classes done at least on a quarterly basis. Those classes should include the following: 1. Floor and Carpet Cleaning (in all honesty, that’s where the “money” is in this industry) 2. General Cleaning and Restroom Cleaning 101 3. Business Management, Goal setting, Financial Tracking etc… 4. Customer relationship building, customer retention and “new sales” These classes should be offered and a minimal charge should be given to the owner/operator, nothing over $50.00 though.

    d) Proper relationship developed between “master” and the “owner/operators”. Masters need to start treating their owner/operators as “investors”. When you treat someone as an “investor” you allow them to have a “say” in what is going right and wrong in your company. When you treat someone as an “investor” you handle them on a much different level than you do an employee, that level of respect needs to be done “both ways” though. Masters need to go through proper training as well. It doesn’t do anyone any good to have a “bad reputation” especially in “smaller communities”. Treat people with respect, treat them well, assist them whenever and however possible (within reason), put a good product in place, provide good service and you wil have a “winning organization”.

    Let me know your thoughts.

  • July 11, 2010 at 4:52 pm

    1st amendment and Guest: Just need to do a “recap” on why you will lose your lawsuits against Jani-King and Jan-Pro:

    1. FDD: Too hard to read, understand, only had 10 days to make up my mind, just had to get the 10K out of my pocket before I went out and purchased a used car!

    Problem: FDD is written in English. Why? Guest, you should be able to answer this, but I will, because English is the only accepted language currently throughout the United States to be used in U.S. based companies (meaning doing business, there are other languages of course, but our legal system uses English as standard, go figure)

    Do you know that most of the FDD is language prepared by the government, whether that be State or FTC or Federal? Go figure, wonder why its so difficult for most people to understand? The rest of it is “attorney approved”, “litigation avoiding” (that one not working so well) and then finally the “substance”.

    2. They underbid all accounts: REALLY, well in a matter of one or two posts, I blew that one out of the water by giving detailed examples how “traditional companies” bid, how the “big 3” bid and even how “mom and pops” and the other “whores” in the market known as the “national companies” bid.

    3. They stole my underbid accounts: REALLY, well if you had bother reading, doing, implementing exactly what is in the Policy and Procedures aspect of your FDD you would have seen a step by step program to which you build a relationship with customer. It told you what to do after 1st cleaning, 1st week of cleaning, 1st month of cleaning and every month after that. I know you didn’t do that because you didn’t bother reading the FDD under your own words and statements.

    4. They fined me for not calling them back in 2 hours or less: REALLY, well here’s my thought on that. a) Probably because the customer wanted an answer to a question/needed a problem handled immediately and you took “all day” to respond, might be the reason. b) Because you had complained, moaned, groaned, weren’ handling, hadn’t handled the customer properly in the past, they were using the fines to “get your attention”.

    5. They never filled my package: REALLY, well here’s my thought on that. a) Because you had turned down accounts previously (which is your right to do so) they probably were having a hard time finding the “perfect” account for you, as I explained earlier, it is difficult and time consuming when you “show” accounts to prospective owner/operators. b) Because probably by this time, you had threatened, yelled, screamed, made a total “ass” out of yourself, no wonder they didn’t “fill your package”. No one likes to put up with people like that and because you had already turned down so many accounts to “contractual fulfill” your contract, they decided to “let it ride”.

    6.They promised me $25.00 per hour: REALLY, wow, though we heard from someone earlier and never heard from him again, I’ll I stated was there was no way for anyone to earn $25.00 per hour unless they were doing specialty work like floors, carpets, windows etc…. or unless they were doing a group of $195.00 per month accounts that took less than 2 hours to clean and were only cleaned once per week. Do you have this $25.00 per hour promise in writing? NO.

    In closing, for two years here and longer on other sites, you’ve shown the type of person you are, the lack of care you have, the disrespect that you continue to show others that “have a differing point of view”. I’m no attorney, (as you know because I’m a “master”, “paid operative to shadow you”, “corporate goon”, “goon from Jan-Pro’s law firm) but I think you’re going to lose and if your attorneys are preparing for “contingency plans” my guess is they think so to.

  • July 11, 2010 at 6:12 pm

    Open Forum: Why is it so important for you to ‘build your business” and “protect your busienss”

    Well despite the “rants” and “ravs” of 1st amendment and “guest” let me “tell you a story”.

    It costs a lot of money to “get” a customer. It costs a lot less money to “keep” a customer.

    “Guest” who knows little to nothing of our business makes it sound like customers are like water, there are so many out there, you could never “run through them”. REALLY. Well let’s talk about that for a moment:

    a) When a company gets a bad reputation for poor performance, it’s amazing how even in a larger city, the word “gets around”. In a smaller market, no doubt that you are finished. So performance is key. Quality is mandatory and one of the greatest selling points of the owner/operator system vs. “traditional companies” is the “vested interest” angle and the fact the consistancy in “people” begats conistancy in “quality of product”. For those in California, that means the longer the owner/operator stays in an account, the longer the “master” keeps that account.

    At the end of the day, we are speaking about commercial cleaning, this is a “service based” “performance based” product we are all delivering. Do you know how much money it takes to “get an account”. Ok, let’s break it down:

    1. Telemarketer calls on prospective customer to get an opportunity to “bid”. Telemarketer costs 9 to 10 per hour in direct wages (east coast), if they set the appointment, they get an additonal “bonus”, if the sales staff “closes” the account, they get an additional “bonus”.

    2. Salesperson goes to the prospective customer, walks the facility, gets measurements, sees floor surfaces, gets a copy of current specifications or produces his/her own. Comes back to the office, produces a nice proposal full of colored charts, pretty pictures etc… Then calls the customer sets up another appointment to go back out there and deliver. Hopefully the customer signs, but if they don’t, which here’s a stat (less than 1/3 of all proposals delivered, presented, bid etc… are accepted by the customer and signed into “contract”)
    So the salesperson gets paid some sort of salary or draw, if they are lucky and get the “contract” they get paid a commission.

    3. Marketing Materials, there are a lot of materials used in mail outs, costs for running a “master based” website, costs associated with “corporates website”, costs associated with “corporates national account program”, costs associated with “corporates managment team”, costs associated with corporates existance in the terms of “royalty payments”.

    4. Now all of what I described above goes into the “cost” of getting a new customer and remember, the “customer” 2/3 of the time walks away at time of proposal and choses another company.

    Now, lets talk about “once you have the customer” and “keeping the customer”.

    a) You have an operations manager drawing a salary and has a bonus structure built around “customer retentions”. Though I think it needs to be modified and possibly expanded, I would like to see a bonus structure for operations which includes “owner/operator retentions”. I think that is as important. If I keep my owner/operators happy, they are going to do a better job (in most cases) and they are going to keep the customer happy.(in most cases)

    b) You have an admistrations person drawing a salary. That person keeps up with all of the soft and hard “paper trail”.

    The two listed above are spread over literally 100’s of accounts and profit structures. What I described prior has one cost/profit structure only, and again is only succesful at maximum, 1/3 of the time.

    Having said all of that, does it make sense to “churn customers”, NO!!!! why you say when you are “charging” for that same account over and over again.

    1) In most cases, when it goes from one owner/operator to another, the other has “business owed” as well so there is little to no “percentage noted advantage”. b) It does tremendous harm to the customer unless it is warranted, remember, the “greates” selling point to a potential customer is “stability” of the owner/operator system vs. the constant turnover with “traditional companies” and their “employee” based system.

    2) Too many changes in a short period of time (one year or less), pretty much guarantees customer won’t renew. At the end of the day, that’s the only way that the “master” can recoup their investment upfront is on the 2nd year.

    So before you get all “emotional” and claim that the “masters” are making money hand over fist, let me give you some % information and lets all agree “everyone needs to make money, for if they don’t what’s the purpose of being in business”. Isn’t that why you wanted to become an owner/operator in the first place?

    10% pretty standard “fee” for Operations, Managment, Oversite, Program Training
    5% pretty standard “fee” for Administrative duties, billing, payment, tracking
    4 to 5% for insurance “fee” for liability, workmans comp, bonding, vehicle etc..

    Now let’s take a “smaller” master, one that’s doing 1million per year in “gross revenue” for it’s commercial cleaning or “contract services”. Approx. 85K per month in billing:

    10% equals : $8500. per month out of that, they have to cover for Operations Manager, part of telemarketer (because in most cases, “master” will utilize telemarketer at least a few hours per week to make “customer service” phone calls as mandated both by the contract and with Jan-Pro International) and oh by the way, the “master” does deservice to get “some pay”, right?

    5% equals: $4300. per month out of that, they have to cover for Administratvie person, office functions, rent, lights, water, building up keep, etc…

    5% equals: $4300.00 per month for insurance related costs, administration of the insurance policies, financial documentation as it relates to insurance coverage etc….

    So there it is in real figures, lets say that the master pays 36K per year for his Operations guy/gal. That translates into 3K per month just for the salary, but wait a second, he’s got car allowance or auto costs to pay on top of that, bonus structure as designed above, what about matching FICA, how about FUTA, SUTA, and other “fixed costs” All of a suddent that 3K has now turned into 4K plus per month!!

    How about the % of telemarketer money, ok, it’s small, but it’s still something, let’s say with “everything” it’s 500.00 per month. Now $4500.00 of the $8500.00 is gone and we haven’t even covered “incidental or some money for the “master”.

    Ok. Lets stop here for the p.m. and pick it up later………..

  • July 11, 2010 at 8:12 pm


    How much would someone have to pay you to spend a summer weekend writing and posting more than 13,117 Words – 28 typewritten pages – on a commercial cleaning franchise blog?

    That’s exactly what Jerry has done, starting before 6 am each morning.

    Jerry, I really hope for your sake you are getting paid, and paid well, cuz that’s just downright disturbing.

  • July 11, 2010 at 8:24 pm

    Guest: Why are you so “bothered” with what I do with my time. Is it yours, did it cost you anything? What’s really “disturbing” is why do you care?

    Funny, when someone starts to put forth some “positive” help in this industry, they are called names such as bigot, racist, convict, scam artist, thief, villified and scorned by the very people I question?

    I mean we all know about 1st amendment, we know that he has a “vested interest” in the outcome of the lawsuits. Why didn’t you bother counting his “posting” numbers. Let’s see, I found “postings” from Jerry “v”, Iloveamerica, 1st amendment (by the way, those are all verified names for the same person) going back to 2008.

    But what about you? What’s your interest? Who pays you to count my words? Why are you “monitoring” my words? Who are you?

    But I promised, I wouldn’t spend too much time “bantering” with you and 1st amendment. That should be enough for now.

    More to come………

  • July 11, 2010 at 8:40 pm

    Open Forum: I don’t want to spend much more time “justifying” the “masters” take home pay. But lets all agree, that you are somewhat “shocked” by what 1st amendment, “guest” and others have portrayed as the “money making machine” that these “masters” are not really. I haven’t even talked about the notes the master has to pay in regards to the original purchase of the territory, though I touched briefly on the royalty structure, the other “corporate” fee’s, there are still others.

    Now that we’ve debunked the “myth” that “guest” and 1st amendment have been “spewing’ unchecked for years, let’s go onto to some “financial” issues for the owner/operator:

    Small accounts are easy to “make money” on. In order to have a succesful business, you should have a mixture of larger and smaller accounts in your “program”.

    Small accounts: Typically 175 to 195 per month in gross billing: After 20% you are in the 140 to 160 range in “gross net”. Now you have to factor in cleaning time. Most smaller accounts are 1 to 2 hours maximum cleaning time. In fact most are closer to the one hour. But you need to take that “gross net” figure and break it down to a “per clean” price structure. Again based upon your “gross net” you are looking at 30 to 40 dollars per clean.

    You should be cleaning these accounts yourself. You take your equipment in/out of the facility with you, you should be able to clean multiples of these by yourself in one night, especially since most one time per week accounts are done with Friday or over the weekend in mind. You should “never” have employee’s cleaning these accounts unless they happen to be “next door” to an employee cleaned account. These are your “money makers”.

    Medium sized accounts, let’s call these Tier 2: Tier 2 accounts are typically billing $500.00 per month to $900.00 per month. Those accounts range in cleaning days from 2 to 5 days. Now be smart about these, some of these you want to clean yourself as well. In most cases you can clean these accounts in one to two hours as well, it just means you are cleaning them more days per week than the others.

    Larger sized accounts, lets call these Tier 1: Tier 1 accounts are typically billing at least $1000.00 per month and are almost always cleaned 4 to 5 times per week. These accounts, should be the ones you place employees in, if you are going to do so, it’s one location, its large enough to justify putting in equipment that stays on site and your worst case scenario is that you come and help your “employee” finish the account off each night or at least a couple of nights per week.

    If you purchased a 2,000.00 per month package or less: Fill your package with a mix of Tier 3 (500 and less) and Tier 2 (500 to 900). Yes, there are advantages to cleaning one account at 2K per month, but usually, those have the lowest “actual profit” margin for owner/operators. Those accounts are typically good for the one’s that purchase the larger packages because they already are set on an “employee format”. Only time a smaller “owner/operator” should be on that format is if they simply don’t have the time nor desire to make more than just a couple of hundred per month and are simply treating their “package” as additional income.

    More to come………

  • July 11, 2010 at 9:00 pm

    Jerry writes: “Funny, when someone starts to put forth some “positive” help in this industry, they are called names such as bigot, racist, convict, scam artist, thief, villified and scorned by the very people I question?”

    No, Jerry, racism isn’t funny. And giving positive help doesn’t make you a racist, racist comments make you a racist:

    Jerry writes: “You shuold be awake by now. Even in California it’s at least “taco time” isn’t it?”

    The thing about racists is that they don’t even know when they are being racist. They think they’re funny making jokes about KKK rallies, taco-eaters not knowing English, etc. and they don’t even know it’s offensive. But because they’ve never been on the receiving end of discrimination in their Indiana corn fed caucasian worlds they have no idea how hateful their words come across.

    Skip the lame attempts at comedy (“humer”) Jerry and stick to what you know, namely, justifying scam franchises with pages and pages of logical fallacies.

  • July 11, 2010 at 9:40 pm

    Guest: At least you admitted that the “parody” was at least “funny”. You’re not the only one. Now that was done to “change the subject” and to “clean up” the constant barrage of “trash, dark comments, attacks on bascially good people” that you and 1st amendment have been spewing for years!!!!! Let me remind you of what I believe was your first “appearance” here on this site in October 2009.

    So anyone who has a “different view” must be a terrible person, must not have morals, must not have reasonable intelligence, must not have a “higher purpose”.

    What you are describing is pure arrogance, a true distaste for all things good, basic understanding that you believe you know the answers to everything and what’s good for everyone.

    So as I posted on the other site: We can now add “corn eaters” to the list of people you have disgust for. I already covered the state of Indiana and Oh wait a second, you don’t like White People either. Guess we are all ‘crackers” aren’t we?

    But I digress…….. More to come

  • July 11, 2010 at 9:46 pm

    Open Forum:

    Now that we’ve talked about the size of customers and the facts that you need to have a “mix” of those customers in your package, let’s talk about “type”.

    You need to chose accounts that you feel comfortable handling as far as cleaning issues are concerned. Not everyone likes medical facilities, not everyone likes daycares. Find out which one you like best. You can do research on the type of account, go and speak to other owner/operators already doing those types of accounts and see if you can work with them on that type of account. Other resources are available on-line. Don’t simply rely on information provided by the “big 3” there are plenty of resource guides, books to read, manuals to get, etc….

    If you haven’t gotten anything but the following out of my “postings” get this message: DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!! This is a great industry, this is a great opportunity, this is something that if done correctly, you can make good money and get a positive return on your investment in a reasonable period of time despite what “guest’ and 1st amendment continue to “spew”.

    More to come………

  • July 11, 2010 at 11:49 pm

    To Jerry from Indiana who said that he is an insider at jan-pro ???

    You have got to be Kidding me, you posted 12 Times TODAY.

    Today is SUNDAY !

    Today is SUNDAY !

    Did I mention that today is Sunday and you posted 12 times.

    You posted from the Morning all the way till late at Night.

    How much is jan-pro paying you $$$$$$ ???

    Some of your post are very LONG. It’s obvious that you have a lot to loose when we go to trial.
    You seem very, very DESPERATE. You are working so hard to do DAMAGE control.

    Maybe if jan-pro stopped ripping of so many people they wouldn’t have to pay you to be on every day even on Sundays, or on 4th of July or on Fathers Day. You said that you are a father on another post but you spent fathers day posting here all day!

    How much money is jan-pro paying you to come in here and post everyday, all day long $$$ ???
    Jan-pro is going to give you one big paycheck $$$

  • July 12, 2010 at 12:42 am

    You can read another article on how cleaning franchisors keep ripping off people. To read the whole article you can go to http://www.cmmonline.com

    Franchises: Avoiding the scams
    by: Michael McCagg, Managing Editor

    Federal officials are vowing a crackdown on scam artists in the franchising industry.

    “The janitorial sector is an area that sticks out. We get a number of complaints about unsavory business practices in it,” said Steve Toporoff, a spokesman for the federal agency.

    Derrick Rill, deputy director of public relations for the agency, added that franchising schemes in the janitorial business have grown so troublesome that the agency will be targeting the public with a new educational campaign later this year.

    Trouble lurking
    Daniel said he recently met one franchise owner who paid $6,500 “to go into business” and, after several weeks, had received one contract that left no profit following supply purchases and franchisor fees.

  • July 12, 2010 at 6:26 am

    1st amendment: Well at least you learned to “double post” the same garbage on all three sites at once. I’ll just move yours down and tell everyone to review my response over on the “jan-pro” site.

    Of course, take your time, it will take Jerry and/or “guest” to show themselves again. If anyone has anything constructive to say, be more than happy to say it and answer any questions.

    In the meantime,

    More to come……..

  • July 12, 2010 at 6:30 am

    Guest: Starting to put a “profile” together on who you really are: Here’s where I’m at:

    1. Middle aged
    2. From the Northeast, probably MA
    3. I think your a man, just could be a manly woman though (Liz)
    4. Attorney, works in a law firm, SEIU steward
    5. White (though you insulted Southern and Midwestern Whites)
    6. Democrat, Liberal, Progressive
    7. Loves illegal aliens, probably has one cleaning his/her house
    8. Superior intellect, at least in his/her mind
    9. Doesn’t know the commercial cleaning business at all
    10. Loves to “pick on” others, can’t stand to be “picked on”

    Am I close?

    More to come…………..

  • July 12, 2010 at 4:53 pm

    Why is it that jerry from indiana Is so scared of me posting articles that talk about how cleaning franchisors rippoff people??

    Is it that he has alot to loose because he owns a master franchise ?

    Is it because it’s the truth and he and his company jan-pro can’t handle the truth ?

    You should also know that jerry who works for jan-pro wants you to buy a fake cleaning franchise with jan-pro but he won’t let his own Mother or anybody in his family buy one!

    He gets so MAD when I post parts of articles and post the links to them. Well I dont care how much he Cries I will keep posting them because I don’t want more people to get ripped-off. Here is the article that jerry who owns a Master cleaning franchise doesn’t want anybody to read.

    Taking off the Gloves

    I’m posting part of the article here. You can read the whole article by going to the following website.

    [Duplicate content deleted – ADMIN]

  • July 13, 2010 at 8:26 pm

    1st amendment: Only one that’s going to be “crying” soon is you. Did you ever get “guest” to agree to pay for your judgement when Jan-Pro wins and you have to pay for their attorney fees and filing and court fees such as the one’s in the “aiwah” case had to with Coverall? Should get that in writing sooner than later.

    Right now, he’s still in “la la land” and thinks you have a shot at winning.

    I’ve gone over so many times how you are going to lose, why you are going to lose, what documentation that Jan-Pro has to verify what I’m saying about your “issue” so you’ll lose, how many more times do you have to hear it.

    Maybe you should go back to your other sites and “post” your dribbles and drabs so you can have an audience that doesn’t tell you the “bad things”.

    One thing I can guarantee, you’ll still be trying to convince everyone that you “won” though it will be documented that you lost, because you will say that the “system cheated you”!

    Did you ever answer any of my questions?
    a) Do you do your own taxes
    b) Why didn’t you take your time and read the FDD
    c) If the FDD was that difficult, why didn’t you hire an attorney
    d) Why didn’t you wait another year or so to buy
    e) Why didnt’t you do your due dilligence
    f) Why didnt you contact the owner/operators listed in the FDD
    g) Why didn’t you check out other companies like Jani-King, Coverall, Bonus
    h) Why didn’t you follow Policy and Procedures in regards to customer service
    i) Why didn’t you call your customer back when they left you a message
    j) Why didn’t you call the regional office one full day after message was left by them
    k) Why didn’t you keep a copy of the email given to you by Jan-Pro in regards to the customer requesting your removal
    l) Why haven’t you shown your attorneys any/all of the above questions
    m) Why are you still “lying” about nearly everything that you stated happened to you when you know full well that it didn’t.
    n) Why do you blame others for things that were clearly your fault
    o) Why do you have a “god” complex
    p) Why can’t you admit that you are a liar
    q) Why can’t you admit that you are corrupt
    r) Why can’t you learn to “cut and paste” the entire article vs. leaving out the dates
    s) Why haven’t you learned that there are 50 states in the U.S. currently
    t) Why can’t you understand that I’m not with Jan-Pro in any capacity
    u) Why can’t you admit that “guest” is an attorney
    v) Why cant you admit that you dont like anyone that disagrees with you
    w) Why cant you admit that Jan-Pro didn’t do anything “wrong” to you
    x) Why cant you admit that you are going to lose
    y) Why cant you admit that you spent more time “posting” than you did servicing your customer
    z) When will you admit that you’ve lost

  • July 13, 2010 at 11:17 pm

    Well as we can see jan-pro and jerry from indiana who owns a master franchise are verry desperate to do Damage control.

    He is know to the point were he doesnt know what to say or do. His abc rambilings are more LIES and it shows there Desperation.


    1. Jan-pro has taken peoples accounts for no reason. They will tell people that the customer isn’t happy with there work and that they have to turn in the keys. Then when the cleaner goes back to talk to the customer the customer is VERY SURPRISED that they removed them from there account. The customer was very happy with the cleaners service. jan-pro has just stolen an account. That is THEFT! This has been hapening for years all over the country. This also falls under the violation of the Rico and Racketeering Acts. Like a Judge said it’s a modified Ponsi Scheme! It’s a Racket !

    2. There accounts are way underbid to the point that some pay less than minimum wage. They underbid accounts so low that many people make less than minimum wage. When they take accounts from other real cleaning companies who pay there employees right and pay for workers compensation and follow the rules they out bid them for less than 60% Now the person who bought this fake cleaning franchise gets ripped-off, the Mom and Pops business gets ripped-off they also have to lay of there worker who now has to collect unemployment. jan-pro doesnt go by the rules of cleaning companies because they dont pay workers compensation or follow the rules that real cleaning comapanies have to. Basicaly everybody looses when jan-pro underbids accounts. They dont care because they dont do the work.

    3. The FTC Federal Trade Commision and Attorney General WARN people to be verry carefull from these cleaning franchisors. There has been hundreds of complaints against these cleaning franchisors and they have been exposed on Television, Newspapers and Magazines.

    Save your money and stay away from jan-pro

  • July 14, 2010 at 6:42 am

    1st amendment: Funny, every time I talk about YOUR situation, you want to “deflect” and go onto a “third party”. I would think the judge and jury really only want to hear from you about your personal experience, not a “third party view”. Maybe your attorney’s and/or “guest” should prepare you better. There’s a legal term Im thinking of, HERESAY!!! that’s it, you need to speak more on your issue and not “HERESAY”.

    Facts which are not in dispute in regards to “your situation”.

    1. You didn’t bother checking out, reading, verifying, seek counsel on the FDD, yet you turned over 10K to Jan-Pro Master in California.
    2. You were given opportunity for accounts, some of which you accepted on your own free will, others you rejected on your own free will.
    3. You didn’t bother building a proper relationship with “your customer” as directed, suggested, implied in the Policy and Procedures Guidelines.
    4. After not returning phone calls from the customer, from the regional office you were fined $50.00 after receiving the fine, you went “ballistic”.
    5. After multiple cleaning issues as well as a personal conflict with the customer, said customer asked for your removal from their facility and put it into writing. That customer has the right to do so under any of the Jan-Pro, Coverall, Jani-King contracts and they had “just cause” in your particular situation.
    6. After attempt to get the keys back from “your building” because of the “customer requested removal of you”, you went “ballistic”, you were then told if keys were not returned before the end of business, you would be subject to the $500.00 fine and possible additional charges for the need to “rekey” the facility.

    All of numbers 1 through 6 are FACTS in regards to your particular situation.

    In regards to the FTC, it is amazing with all the “stuff” in the FDD that the FTC mandates be put in there, that they still want more. Ok, that’s life, that’s what’s done. I have no problem with that at all, I have said all along, DONT BELIEVE ANYTHING I SAY and most assuridly DONT BELIEVE ANYTHING 1st amendment or “guest” says, check it out for yourself, you don’t like something, don’t sign, you don’t like the “master” and/or his/her employee’s don’t sign, you don’t think this is the right way for you to get into the commercial cleaning business, don’t sign.

    The a-z stuff listed above was just another example of how many questions, how many “half truth’s”, how many LIES, you have chosen to be associated with. That’s all, a little humor for our readers.

  • July 14, 2010 at 1:30 pm

    1st amendment and “guest”: Don’t look now, but soon there will be a “tide changing” event in regards to the MA law regarding independent contractor situation. Believe it will “end” the majority of this nonsense and will allow “true reform” to happen in the industry as should have been the case all along.

    By the way, could you spend a little more time “pestering” Webster. There’s where the change will come from in regards to Jan-Pro.

    1st amendment, have all of your illegal alien friends call them, send them videos, write them letters. Oh, wait a minute, maybe “guest” should do all of that for you and I’m sure with his SEIU connections, should be able to have a “sweat shop” in India handle on a massive scale.

    HOLLER, if you love this COUNTRY!!!!!!!

  • July 14, 2010 at 5:30 pm

    To jerry the racist jan-pro master franchisor

    Yes we hope changes do become reality. I dont think that the Senator from Massachusetts is going to be very happy with jan-pro. Hopefully him and the Attorney General come after all of you scamers. Maybe the Senator from Massachusetts will not be verry happy when he sees that cleaning ranchisors are ripping off Veterans!

    Now you want me to call Webster the new owners of jan-pro. Should I also call your Mom? So you want to play games. Everybody just points the finger at everybody else. I see the games you all play. Meanwhile families, Veterans and single Moms are getting ripped-off. Your games only hurt people.

    When I saw that I was getting ripped-off I talked to management and they didnt care they just tookmy money. They wouldnt gime the master franchisors phone number I had to search for it myself. I called corporate and they said =


    Then whenI finally talked to the master franchisor he treated me like crap and told me that if I didn’t like it that I should get out! Yes they gave me the FINGER!

    Basically they play games with you and rip-you -off!

  • July 14, 2010 at 5:31 pm

    The coverall case in Massachusetts was a Test case. only 3 plaintiffs were used. The Judge already Ruled that all of the Coverall people are infact employees. This is according to the LAW. This is the LAW. A 3 Pong test was used to determine if the cleaners were employees and according to the LAW and the 3 Pong test they are employees. On a later date they will be going back to court to access all of the Damages. This same Judge compared the way coverall was doing business as a Modified Ponsi Scheme!
    Coverall recently started making there cleaners use time cards.
    The Judge also stated that he may certify the case as a national class action challenging Coverall’s Unfair and Deceptive business practices Nationwide.

    Also Rhina alveranga who bought a fake cleaning franchise with coverall was able to prove that she was an employee and not a franchisee. She recouped her loses, investment and also received unemployment benefits.

    In the Jani-King case, they have obtained class certification on the claim that franchisees who have worked in Massachusetts were misclassified as independent contractors.

    In the jan-pro case we are awaiting for the Judges decision for cross parties summary Judgment and for Class certification.
    Jan-pro Lost a lawsuit in Rhode Island. I also know of many other Lawsuits that they have settled out of court.

    If you look at the Climaco Guzman V. jan-pro case you will see that jan-pro LIES. They never gave him any accounts so Climaco Guzman had to take legal action. The Judge found jan-pro Guilty!

    The Judge said that jan-pros promises were FALSE and MISSLEADING! The Judge also said that jan-pro had BREACHED the contract and committed FRAUD !

  • July 14, 2010 at 6:14 pm

    1st amendment: Now here you go again playing the “race card”. I want you to know for the record, I’m as white, brown, red, white and blue as YOU!!!!

    Now, you know you’re a little over matched right? You understand that YOU, can’t go to court, that YOU can’t take the witness stand, that YOU can’t be the face of the case anymore. Right? I know “guest” hasn’t broken the news to you, but I needed to.

    In closing, I’m sorry they gave you the Finger, that is rude and unprofessional and you have every right to be upset. I’m sure as you have shown your masterful control of your Anger issues, that you were respectful, thoughtful, didn’t raise your voice and didn’t have any “monkey dung” in your hands.

    HOLLER!!!! If you want all illegal aliens to go home or at least PAY TAXES!!!!

  • July 14, 2010 at 10:50 pm

    To jerry the Franchisor for jan-pro.

    I will keep repeating it. The case in Massachusetts is still on going however the plaintiffs already proved that they were employees. They used the LAW to prove this. They used a 3 Prong Test which is what the LAW requires them to use. This was proven and they will be going back to court to recoup there losses.


  • July 14, 2010 at 11:09 pm

    To jerry a master franchisor with jan-pro

    You are trully one sick person

    You look at people and if you don’t like the way they look you call them illegal aliens. The ladies who came out on those video are not illegal aliens they are American citizens and some of them have kids in the Millitary. For you to call people illegal aliens just because they look diferent than you is wrong.

    How can you defend what you Posted on July 10th 2010 at 1:52 pm on the janiking section complaints.

    The following is what jerry from indiana posted on July 10th 2010 at 1:52 pm in the janiking section of complaints

    “““ You shuold be awake by now. Even in California it’s at least “taco time” isn’t it?

    As my “master” took his yaht out today, I was forced to go into the basement and feed/water all of the illegal aliens we are “training” to become the next batch of owner/operators

    Now to show that I’m not as mean the “master”, one of our illegal aliens gave birth last night despite our best efforts to have her wait at least ten (10) days, she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. To show that I’m not without feeling, I immediately explained to the illegal alien, that “wet foot, dry foot” didn’t apply to her as she was coming into the world. I then took the mother, sold her a starter kit at 5X the cost of the products and equipment given to her, forced her to take a tremedously underbid account, called the customer and told them I was putting an illegal alien into their facility,

    What you ask about the baby? Well the “master” and I have decided to “sell” the baby to the highest bidder and pocket the money. We wil make a large donation/gift in the baby’s name to the owners of Franchise Times, Frannet, Vetnet and any other “net” willing to name us in the top “5″ of their franchise list. ”””

  • July 15, 2010 at 6:19 am

    1st amendment: Hope I’m finally getting through to you. You come across as a JOKE. You cannot, should not be the FACE of your CASE. You lack a certain quality, DIGNITY! You can’t handle criticism, you can’t handle anything or anyone that disagrees with you in any type of tone. You are a continued detriment to your CASE and to the message that your attorneys are trying to convey.

    Now I’m sorry you don’t like the fact that I don’t like illegal aliens in this country. I’m tired of supporting them and their families with my hard earned, paid on time tax dollars. I’m tired of them getting free medical care when I have to pay dearly for mine, I’m tired of them getting free or nearly free housing when I have to pay dearly for mine, I’m tired of them overcrowding our jails and what I would consider REAL criminals getting to “walk away” on bond, I tired of them “sucking” this country dry in some many ways it’s not funny.

    There is a legal process that ALL immigrants must follow in order to get into this GREAT Country of ours. What’s mandatory for some, must be mandatory for all. Now having said all of that, I’m not for nor am I even coming close to JUSTIFYING that illegal aliens should be taken advantage of, harmed or anything like that. But come on, unless you are an illegal yourself, you should feel the same way. The same Rights you are exercising by filing suit against Jan-Pro are the same Rights that I’m talking about. FOUNDERS WRITTEN but GOD GIVEN!!!!!

  • July 15, 2010 at 6:44 pm

    To jerry a master franchisor with jan-pro

    I guees that the truth is coming out, all you do is look at people and you label them. That is wrong. If you see that someone looks different from you, you attack them. For your information this country is made up of people from all over the world. We are here talking about how jan-pro has been ripping of people and what do you do when you are loosing your argument. You let out your deragatory and racist views.

    Two years ago if you saw one of the supreme court justices walking down the street would you also call her deragatory names? Would you also call her an illegal alien just because she looks latina?

    You know that what you said is wrong. For you to be labeling everyone that works for jan-pro as an illegal alien is very WROING!

    For your information 30% of the people that have called me are white, 30% Black, 30% latino, 5% Asian and 5% european.

    I guess if you can’t win an argument you turn to deragatory remarks and you label everyone that bought a fake franchise with jan-pro illegal. You can try and explain your comments to the Supreme Court.

  • July 15, 2010 at 8:53 pm

    1st amendment: What you have done is completed a “racial profile”. Which I thought you had a strong distaste of. Now how many or what % of the Hispanics are actual U.S or Legal Resident Aliens. Did you go ahead and ask that question the next time you do your “poll”.

    I hate to keep repeating myself and giving advice to you and your attorney’s but REALLY, you want to blame Jan-Pro for all of “mankinds” ills, issues, problems, saying that they are going to destroy tens of thousands of lives if allowed to continue to operate. WOW!!! I’m in line for whatever you’ve been smokin today!!!

  • July 16, 2010 at 12:16 pm

    If Jani-King is so bad, why do they win awards and get ranked #1?

    Here’s why: the awards and rankings are bogus and paid for by ad dollars (imho)

    Commercial cleaning franchises like Jan-Pro spend millions of dollars advertising with Entrepreneur magazine. In exchange (IMHO), Entrepreneur gives them these meaningless rankings that they can use to peddle their bogus opportunities on the unsuspecting. More than half of their “top 10 low cost franchises” are commercial cleaning franchises. Every one of these franchisors tout their rankings like they are an indication that they are endorsed as a good investment.

    # 2 Jani-King
    # 3 Jan-Pro Franchising Int’l. Inc.
    # 5 Stratus Building Solutions
    # 8 Vanguard Cleaning Systems
    # 9 ServiceMaster Clean
    # 10 Bonus Building Care
    # 12 Anago Cleaning Systems
    # 14 System4
    # 21 CleanNet USA Inc.
    # 30 OpenWorks
    # 36 BuildingStars Inc.
    # 48 OctoClean Franchising Systems
    # 53 Mint Condition Franchising Inc.
    # 68 Office Pride Commercial Cleaning
    # 75 MTOclean Inc.
    Here’s the truth: the rankings have little-to-nothing to do with the viability of the franchise investment. According to Entrepreneur “We do not measure subjective elements such as franchisee satisfaction or management style”

    How can they evaluate a franchise opportunity without considering whether franchisees are screaming bloody murder or not?
    Or the profitability of franchisees?
    Or if the management is unethical or dishonest?
    Or if the FTC has singled out this segment for scam warnings?
    Or that there are widespread lawsuits and allegations of deception?

    They claim they consider litigation and terminations in their “super secret ranking formula” but if those factors were given any weight janitorial franchises certainly would not top the list.

    According to Entrepreneur, “The most important factors include financial strength and stability, growth rate and size of the system.”

    So in essence there’s a multimillion dollar disinformation campaign wherein business publications pretend that the fact that the franchisors making money is the same as the franchisees making money. Only the lawsuits and sites like this one provide an opportunity to expose this blatant scam on the American working men and women in pursuit of their American dreams.

    Of course they need to be able to make their own informed decisions, but to do that they need to be provided with true information, not multimillion dollar campaigns designed to obscure the truth and hide reality.

  • July 19, 2010 at 3:37 pm

    Guest: More of your “noise” white, black, illegal alien or otherwise. It’s still noise. I find it funny how between you and 1st amendment, everyone associated with these companies are “corrupt”, “liers” “thieves” “on the take”, “unaware”, “stupid”, “don’t understand English”, “don’t understand Spanish”, “clueless”, “without morals”, “morally corrupt”, “on the take” etc….

    But it’s really funny when you throw all those “stones” yet there are still people lining up daily at the “big 3”. Some of them with their attorneys present, some of them with their accountants blessing, some of them with the encouragement of their family members already in the “system”, some of them reading and understanding every word in the FDD, some of them reading and acting upon everything in the Policy and Procedures, Nearly all of them making money in Year 1, Nearly all of them making it to Year 3 or greater, Nearly all of them Happy and Quite satisifed with what they are getting as far as support, ability to grow, making the “American Dream” happen for them.

    Yet, you and 1st amendment want to “label” everyone else, except for yourself and 1st amendment. Your so “scared, stupid, uneducated, unengaged”, that you can’t even be honest with the “viewers” as to WHO YOU ARE!!!

    1st amendment, doesn’t want to admit other than the fact he didn’t read the FDD, gave 10K to someone that he claims told him he’d make $25.00 per hour, didn’t bother reading or abiding by the Policy and Procedures, didn’t service his customer properly, didn’t return phone calls, didn’t return to the office and his REALLY BIG CLAIM IS “they gave me the finger!!”. Of course, he wants us to believe that he didn’t deserve “getting the finger” because of his perfectly handled self right here on this site, where he has called everyone names, attacked their character, attacked anything and everything they’ve said IF IN DISAGREEMENT with him.

    So really, WHO’S Spewing nothing but NOISE?

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