AMWAY Partner Store Claims Embarrass Their IBOs

The Wall Street Journal, the largest and most influential newspaper of all time, is now partnering with, a web portal currently powered by a guy in a bathrobe speckled with English Muffin crumbs.

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Founded in 1889, the Wall Street Journal has the largest circulation of any newspaper in America (2.1 million, including 400,000 paid online subscribers) and is revered as a journalistic bastion of truth and integrity.  In fact, the Wall Street Journal has been awarded the Pulitzer Prize 33 times!

Today we are happy to announce that the Wall Street Journal has entered a powerful partnership with franchise issues website!

Yes, the two titans of financial journalism, WSJ & UF, have joined forces and inextricably fused their reputations and allied their brand images for all to see! has arrived! Also in the works are power partnerships with Forbes, Time, Newsweek, BusinessWeek, the Vatican and even FOXNews.  Our humble blog is commanding recognition and respect from the biggies, aye?  These major brands would not risk their reputation by partnering with just anyone, would they?

How to Use Affiliate Marketing to Fake Credibility

Is the Wall Street Journal really partnering with  Why… sort of!

Many major companies have what’s called affiliate programs where they provide coded ads and offers to people with access to a potential customer base.  If someone clicks on one of these coded ads and and buys something, the “affiliate” receives a small referral fee.  There is no huge difficulty in getting accepted as an affiliate and most companies just make sure you’re not running a porn site.  Once I promised that UF was not engaged in cannibalism or ritual human sacrifice, I was accepted as a WSJ affiliate.

To characterize the affiliate relationship as a “partnership” is misrepresentation at best.  And when it comes to unashamed misrepresentation at its best, who can compete with AMWAY?

AMWAY Fights its Sleazedog Image… Again

Amway scamDespite a 50 year history, 3 million distributors and annual sales exceeding $8 billion, AMWAY has an inferiority complex… and has a long history of unsuccessful attempts at trying to fight off its sleazedog image.  For years, AMWAY told its MLM distributors (called IBOs) to avoid using the AMWAY name when inviting prospects to sales presentations (which further reinforced AMWAY’s image as deceivers).  Then AMWAY tried changing its name to Quixtar, which didn’t work… and they changed it back.

One of the latest and most embarrassingly misguided AMWAY ploys is their attempt to promote simple affiliate relationships with mainstream retailers as “partnerships.”  Here’s how their press release touts their “Best Buy” relationship:

#1 Consumer Electronics Retailer Best Buy Joins Amway Global Partner Stores

A lot of top brand stores have partnered with Amway Global in the Partner Stores & Services area. In this technological era, none is more exciting than the recent addition of number 1 consumer electronics retailer in the U.S., Best Buy.

It seems that Best Buy is not “partnering” at all but merely extending a small referral fee to AMWAY and its distributors that refer them business.  But this gives AMWAY IBOs a chance to exaggerate the relationship in fending off those who say AMWAY is a scam.  IBO Shekhar added these comments on our lively AMWAY post ( IS AMWAY A SCAM?):

IBM, Microsoft, DELL, AT&T, Dish Network, Visa…..these are some of our partners.  Will such companies parter with a Company without checking its market standing ?

…Barnes and Noble, Tmobile, Dell, Dish, Ace Hardware, Sears, AA – have PARTNERED with Amway… you understand now ?????? Do you think these companies will “partner” with Ponzi schemes ? do you think they do not have lawyers to check a company out ? Do you think they will partner with a Scam ????

However, other AMWAY IBOs are frustrated by what they see as another thinly veiled deception that will – as always – backfire and cause the opposite of the intended effect.

Here are come comments from the pro-AMWAY comment board AMWAY TalkMichman wrote:

Personally, I wish the Partner Stores would go away.
In my experience, the Partner Stores only give the curiosity-approachers an excuse to decieve people into seeing the Amway business.
“I am working on an online marketing venture with Bass Pro and Office Depot.”
After the person gets into the business they finally realize that 99.9 percent of their products are going to come from Amway, not Bass Pro or Office Depot.

ibofightback wrote:

If Amway in this part of the world isn’t going to make the effort to do good deals, then they shouldn’t do them at all as all it does is give critics legitimate ammunition.

stickshark wrote:

Because partner stores (in this market) often have better deals when you don’t purchase though Amway… the Amway brand is tarnished due to the association with partner stores / non core items.

Bridgett wrote:

The argument is that these stores “give us credibility.” Really? I think the negatives (misrepresentation of the business, confusion, non-uniqueness of business model or products) far outweight the positives (supposed credibility).

Well, finally, the AMWAY detractors and supporters can agree on one thing:  AMWAY should stop trying to use blatant deception to build a reputation for honesty.  Both sides are embarrassed by it.



32 thoughts on “AMWAY Partner Store Claims Embarrass Their IBOs

  • As partner stores are not our core business we will always have challenges on deals – but as PV/BV are linked to money spent there should be no problems for ABOs/IBOs accessing deals/offers – in the Irish/UK market one of our partner stores is Vista Print and we are constantly bombbarded with offer emails – I will monitor them more closely to see if we can access them through the link form Amway.

  • The partner store topic is a secondary issue, VERY secondary. Amway is a scam, and here’s why: Amway wants to pay out as little money as they can get away with, so they support the higher level IBOs ripping off their downline via the tool scam. As a result, about 99% of IBOs operate at a net loss, while the top 1% make several TIMES more from their Amway tool scam than from the Amway products. Read about it on my blog, I suggest you start here and forward the information to everyone you know, so they don’t get scammed.

  • Anonymous

    The partner store thing is overblown. Amway sells stuff for partner stores. Nothing more and nothing less.

    Tex really does sound like a broken record or a dumb parrot.

  • Bopnnie Johnson


  • The truth is Amway products are expensive. And because of the functions and other training, more than 99% of IBOs lose money. That is the undisputable truth.

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  • Reportedly, Dick Cheney defended waterboarding, but refused to support using “Amway” techniques to break prisoners. Yet the children of Amway IBOs are subjected to such techniques every day.

    Could subjecting children to high doses of motivational recordings & Amway products over long periods of time be considered child abuse?

    Comments are invited here:

    AMWAY: Is Selling Amway Child Abuse? Amway Kids Weigh In.

  • AMWAY Addiction Kills Marriage

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    Comments invited

  • I am happy to say that Amway just announced Apple, Starbucks, UnderArmor, Sports Authority, and Guitar Center as new Partner stores. No BS…..other than the iPhone, all IBO’s get a larger discount in the Apple store than anyone out there. Even the Apple employees are surprised at the discounts. These should be used as benefits of being an Amway IBO, and should never be used inappropriately. Always get advice from your upline Platinum or Diamond on how to share this as a prospecting tool. Don’t tweak and bend the rules. It allows many people to bash this great business.

  • Joecool

    Whatever happened to former Amway partners Worldcom and Enron?

  • I also have partnered with Mercedes, Marks and Spencer, British Airways, Ecco and the gentleman who runs the fruit stall on the market.

    I drive a Mercedes, my mother always gives me clothes from Marks and Spencer, I fly by British Airways when I go to the USA, I wear Ecco shoes and I buy my fruit from the gentleman with the fruit stall in the market.

    Amway can get away with this potential fraud because most people don’t know the difference between partner and partnership.

  • NotDisgruntled

    I love the partner stores. I’m an IBO. It’s another way to get paid on things that I already buy, from stores that I already buy from. I get points which turns into more money on my monthly bonus check.


    Why would I be embarrassed to tell people about our partner stores? The people who are my repeat customers (yes, people do use and like the products), are happy to hear that they can help support my business by shopping through the partner stores.

    I have also personally saved money buying through the partner store link over buying in the store itself. So at the end of the day, I’m really happy with the Partner stores, and tell everyone I know about it.

  • Iggy

    We the ibo’s get some money for stuff we are gonna buy anyway. I save, you don’t, not even the referral fee. Products are great and work fine. They are worth every single penny paid for them. Proud to be part of amway.

  • Hancock


    How much money have you made each of the last 3 years?

  • Many people knows and think they know all about Amway and it’s partner stores.if you have not been long enough in the Amway business ,it’s easy to trash anything and everything about Amway .however ,look at the number ,their sales volume ,what they do for communities that they do businesses with.many people are so shortsighted,they comment in so many things and that they don’t nothing about.they don’t do their homework and unhappy about experiences and guess what ,they want to share miserable life to pathetic can u get.grow up people.amway is here to like or not,I’m will be there to witness it.Bring it on

  • I would love to personally school any of you amway bashers on why amway is way better than your job. For those of you who think amway is a pyramid, take a close look at your job. Owner, manage, assistant manager, employees. Each title has a different pay rate. You, as an employee, can never make more than the assistant manager and so on. I however as an amway ibo, can make more than my sponsor. At no point in time is my income capped

  • Guest

    “I would love to personally school any of you amway bashers on why amway is way better than your job.”

    johnny cam:

    Please school us by stating how many hours you have spent on your Amway business, how much money you have spent, and what actual income you received. School us with the FACTS, not more AmSpeak.

    Jobs provide a minimum wage that must be paid in currency, not in cliches, smoke and mirrrors, and lost friends.

    School us please…

  • You are correct. Jobs do have minimum wages. Amway does not. However, amway should not be viewed as a job. That’s idiotic. Amway is a business, you treat it like a business.

    Money spent on my business? About $69. I don’t count that as a loss. It includes 24 hour customer service, billing, accounting, order processing, returns, inventory management, and a personal retail website.

    Time lost= 0 hours and 0 minutes. If you understand the business, you lose zero time. Yes, I buy the products, but it’s because I like them.

    Your job tells you what time to wake up, what time to go to bed, how long you have to be there. I don’t have that with amway. You are paid based on what you do. You have built in profit margins on every item. Yes, you can make more money by sponsoring more people. Not like any other franchise.

    If someone went to a McDonald’s and said I want to open one. The owner will tell them where to go. The owner doesn’t make one penny off the new franchise. For people who say they lost money, or its a scam, aren’t really the brightest of the bunch. They are probably people that bought a bunch of products, couldn’t sell them, and now say they lost. Or maybe they went to one of the functions and spent money. Either way, it’s all done by choice.

    I will admit there are some bad eggs that give the business a bad name. Sponsors that in a way force down lines to attend functions, buy products, buy books and audios etc. That’s not the way the business is intended to work. I build my business with the concept of, if I help somebody achieve what they want, I will in turn get what I desire.

    The amway business is NOT for everybody. A little side note, amway did 11.8 billion in revenue last year. They have never bounced a check and they owe $0 to anyone. Can you say the same about your employer or other businesses?

    As far as what I make, all I will say is that I was in profit with my very first check. Regardless of if I make $100 or $10000 a month. The fact that I never lose one single cent is worth staying in. I will not divulge how much I actually make because everybody is different and my income won’t change what you think anyway.

    Have you ever started a business for less than $100? Probably not. How many businesses do you know of that show profit in the first month? Probably none. A lot of people have a bad thought on their mind about how amway works or how they scam you, it’s simply misinformation. People that go about building in the wrong way tend to make people think bad about amway. Everything you do in amway is based on personal choice. Whatever you decide to do.

  • I am unsure if my comment is going to be posted or not. Got some weird message when I hit submit. If it does not, go to my website, there is a button you can click to email me. I will gladly email you my response. Thank you

  • Ongoing fees?

    Johnny cam- don’t you also pay $52 per month in website management?

  • Guest

    johnny cam says: “Regardless of if I make $100 or $10000 a month…. I will not divulge how much I actually make because everybody is different…”

    hahaha If you made $10,000 a month you’d be shouting it from the rooftops. C’mon, johnny, we know you don’t even make $100 a month.

    Amway doesn’t sell products, they sell false hope to the johnny cams of the world who are so desperate to believe they defend their losing venture tooth and nail, even when it’s obvious to everyone but them that they are fooling themselves.

    They want to call themselves business owners but they won’t do what business owners do, which is add up their sales subtract all of their expenses before calling it “profitable.” johnny cam doesn’t want to admit that he will never, ever make even minimum wage for the hours he devotes to Amway.

    Face it, Wal Mart sells better stuff cheaper and more conveniently, and the guy who retrieves the shopping carts in theWal Mart parking lot makes more then Amway IBOs.

  • No, there are no monthly fees. There is an annual $69 fee that takes care of everything for the year. If i made 10000 a month and was screaming fron the rooftops, would you believe me? Probably not. So what’s the point? Most average millionaires will not tell you how much they make or how much they’re worth. Because it doesn’t matter. And yes, the shopping cart gatherer does make more than most amway ibos. However, that shopping cart gatherer probably makes more than a lot of traditional business owners after expenses. It’s all in how you run your business. And for you saying that wal mart has better products for less, you obviously don’t know quality.

  • @ Johnny
    Sorry mate, you are all talk. I have been in Amway for 8 years, reached solid platinum with a foundation of Emerald, and realized how big of a con the higher ups are. All you are typing is stuff from the conferences. In this day and age, people want proof. Saying “I made 10,000, but would you believe it?” really means you dont even believe it in yourself. If you are not convincing here, I feel bad for your prospects. Start using your brain for a change

  • @sam is right
    @johnny I have been in business for 2 years and reached the 7500 level. If you are saying there is no monthly fees (training, doing your ditto, etc) then you are flat out wrong and are just spewing out things you hear on audios. Also, it costed me about $225 to get started. The Composition plan allows you to make a few nice checks up front by doing some simple work but the only way to maintain any kind of income from this business is by hanging out at local grocery stores all day and propecting people. Also, the confernces suck. I went on to start a REAL ecommerce business and will never look back.

  • I’ll school some of you sorry Amway banshers!

    What I spend in Amway in my (one) monthly order is just a tad more than what I was spending making trips to Walmart and convenience stores throughout the month. On stuff i was already buying before. Quality wise, ten times better than walmart junk! AND I actually budget now versus impulsively before.

    When I was REALLY being frivolous and buying higher end stuff at department stores, I was spending $250-500 MORE a month than what I buy from Amway right now.

    And now I get back way more than I spend in Amway bonuses…. For getting up off my a$$, stepping outside my comfort zone by networking with hundreds of people a month, sharing the opportunity with those actually “looking” for an opportunity (not lying and deceiving and forcing people against their will), mentoring with my sponsor on how to be a better person (not one of these pompous a$$es bashing things I know nothing about, based off the opinions I’ve heard from others…. Because I can actually think for myself) and now mentoring others to do the same.

    As for how much time I spend in business outside my job (the one I won’t be quitting ‘until’ my cash flow surpasses my income AND when I am 100% debt free AND have 6-12 months of bills in the bank. Because that is what my upline teaches… Financial responsibility… Ever heard of it?)

    – 1 hour a day reading books (like Think & Grow Rich, The Magic of Thinking Big, Love & Resoect, The 5 Languages of Love and about 500 other self improvement books on our list) which I do right before bed
    – 1 educational audio/CD a day, which I do during my morning routine before work and on the drive to work or back home.
    – Meeting one new person a day (learning how to be a people person) and focusing on learning about them, with no ulterior motive to, and just out & about during my normal day…. In other words, not out recruiting! I am a full time bartender; covered!!!
    – making friendly conversation with 3 people a day, sharing my new path in life and prospecting them “IF” they are interested in knowing more. Which I do at work, at the gym, at the grocery store, at the gas station, at the bank…. Places I already go in my day to day life!
    – 2 (2hr) bi-weekly team meetings a month to share the vision with new hopefuls
    – 1 (2-hr) monthly organizational meeting a month to learn from more successful people outside my upline. We learn stuff like being resilient, not taking no’s as rejection, not letting others’ opinions sway you from your dreams, how to handle conflicts, how to NOT be an a$$hole (hint hint), etc.

    **2 hours a day at most x 30 = 60 hrs a month + 6 hours a month in meetings
    = 66 hours a month (720- 744 hours in a month total)

    If my check is $500 (and it was in the beginning), I made min wage ($7.50 here) Or I can say I made back what I spent in Amway products and my monthly business expenses.

    Compared to what I was spending and making back as a self employed fitness trainer, which was $1000-2000 a month income, $800 a month in expenses and I was putting in 14 hours a day, 6 days a week. And let’s not forget time spent in back office work & marketing. I think Amway is the better business decision.

    My opinion….. Unless you are entrepreneurial minded, you really should STFU about ANY kind of business venture or opportunity. YOUR EMPLOYEE MINDSET DOES NOT AND WILL NOT EVER ALIGN WITH BUSINESS! It’d be like a high school geek having an opinion on how to run a Franchise like Subway. Or your grandma who lives on a golf course, having an opinion on how to play golf efficiently!

    And FYI- Amway does not dictate what the IBOs do to get business. Amway just supplies some education and all the products to run THIS kind of business. If you heard about a scam or bad business practices, it was the IBO, not Amway.

    At least Amway gives everyone an opportunity to make money, and a lot of it if you are willing to put the work in. Unlike your jib p, that says you are worth only what the position is worth, and which rarely receives a pay raise. If you feel entitled to guaranteed income for simply showing up…. This (Amway, mom or any type of business) is not for you! And you sure as he’ll don’t deserve an opinion on it!

  • And for your information.., MOST traditional businesses are at a loss for 2-10 years!!!!!!! So how the heck on earth do so many of you expect instant or overnight success from these new Amway IBOs? It’s like you expect anything outside a normal job to pay thousands overnight with zero effort. THAT is a scam!

    Johnny is probably new… I’d expect him to not be turning a profit for 3-6 months ( Oh my gosh, like a actual business).

    The truth is, partnering with Amway as an IBO is a “business”! That means you will be working harder than the average wage slave not making commission. It means potential debt and financial loss! It means your ability to hold tight to your goals/dreams will be tested. It means your resiliency will be tested! It means everything you have been brainwashed by society and the media will be questioned…. And only the strong will survive.

    Btw- Amway’s pay structure was not designed for quick buck or get rich quick minded. It was designed to reward actual efforts! If you build it with the correct parameters, it grows like an asset.

    Unfortunately there are too many vultures out there bashing Amway due to their own self shortcomings or ignorance. And this is why new IBOs are taught (by good sponsors) to not surf blogs like this and not to be out sharing their dreams with the common dreamless average person. That is also why the name Amway is not mentioned in the beginning, much like strippers (who are actually using stripping as a stepping stone to a better life) do not go around telling everyone they strip for a living; they let you get to know them first and see what they truly are about. And once they can trust you, then they tell you they are a stripper. Why? Because most people are too stupid and closed minded to formulate their own opinion on anything; they’d rather borrow someone else’s borrowed opinions!!!

  • Dear haters,
    So purchasing learning materials like cd or books and attending functions to learn in Amway is a scam that do not return any profits to the ibo.
    You spent more than 10 years in school learning and came out looking for a job.
    Yet you know better than anyone that you won’t be any more successful than you’re now if you continue to work for the rest of your life.
    So, School is a scam. And you’re a victim?

    You decide to stop learning, stop growing, stop trying to look at things with different perspectives. Perhaps you should stop judging people with prejudice. Or judging is all you’re good at?

    Money won’t drop from the sky after you’ve attended a few functions and read some books. You need to apply the knowledges and skills. You need to expose yourself to challenges and rejections. You need to step out from your comfort zone and do what other people unwilling to do.

    Partner store or not, you as a distributor still have your parts to play. If Amway is supposed to do everything for you, might as well they just do their business in a conventional way by opening stores in shopping complex. Amway doesn’t even have to share their profits to the IBO. Amway can just use the profits to pay for the advertisement, sales persons etc.

    So, get a life. Stop commenting like you actually know how mlm and direct selling works.

  • Visitor

    Dear Ignorant of the facts people!

    First of all I am not surprised that people still don’t understand basic business. Amway is an $11 Billion dollar worldwide business and they handsomely pay for perfornance just like any W2 sales guy who did well. The difference is Amway people have the ability to franchise their efforts unlike the w2 sales person. Now Amway does not supply education material beyond the FREE eLearning system other than sales kits with come with full size products and displays. Education material comes from various teams the best are accredited by the corporation. Those materials are optional you DO NOT have to buy them. You are encouraged because most of the questions you may have are answered in them and they can be given out to stop you from answering questions from 90 people. The objective is to work yourself out of certain work. What if you had to personally train several people at your job? At some point even you would develop training material for each new person. And guess what! The ones that continue to ask you the same thing over and over even though you have training material you want to get rid of because they don’t learn. But, this is business so you can’t be fired. You just delay your own success. Now, how many of you attend networking meetings and have to participate in continuing education to grow. So, do Amway people who are part of a business system NOT owned by Amway.

    I encourage Nay Sayers to learn who is now and once before was the Chairman of the US Chamber of Commerce, who owns the Orlando Magic, what arena they play in and who is currently giving out the NCAA Football Coaches Trophy. I would also suggest looking into Fulton Innovations who has spear headed the wireless electricity consortium that has lead to products that charge your cell phone by just laying them on a pad. The Corporation is on Fulton Ave or Street in Grand Rapids hence the name. Watch their CES Show videos on Youtube with the cool ways they are using wireless electricity. All of that comes out the Alticor and Amway family of businesses. Ladies the next time you are in Saks, Nordstrom, or any highend store look up Laura Mercer cosmetics now part of the Alticor family of businesses. So, companies know and respect the company. Do real research.

    Now if you are concerned about the top 1% making money. The top 1% deserve it since they started at 0 and earned their way there. Go complain about the person that got the promotion you wanted and they may even come from outside and put no blood and sweat into where you work and now they can dictate your performance evaluation. At least our income is truly based on performance and not a budget created last year that means certain people get raises and certain don’t even though they performed.

    It’s OK the you don’t understand business. Not everyone will understand carpentry, medicine, whatever, either. But, there is reason why they are the #1 Direct Sales company in the world and still growing not going backwards

  • As a business owner I send the employees that I am developing into management material to conferences a couple of times a year. These cost thousands of dollars but help those employees gain the leadership skills they need and I need them to have.

    I also take part in monthly group meetings, along with my management team, where we meet through an organization and discuss challenges with other business owners at a cost of $4,500 a month for 3 attendees. The organization that hosts the meeting does not send a representative. The group is chaired by one of the attending business owners. Every member of this group is a local or regional business owner. These meetings have saved me thousands of dollars and have helped me to be pro active instead of reactive in setting policy that protects my employees and assets. The benefit is that I don’t have to deal with a problem in order to learn how to deal with it. When another business owner has the issue I can make the necessary changes to make sure that my company does not run into that problem in the future.

    It’s a fact that successful business owners network with other successful business owners and share helpful information to learn. It’s this thought process that you need to learn in order to be in business. It is a fact that I am successful because I mentored under another man who was willing to mentor me. I pay that knowledge forward and its very fulfilling. It sounds like Amway distributors have access to that kind of mentor-ship and at a significantly discounted price. Best of all its optional, which means you don’t have to do it. If you do not learn from others who are successful you will struggle and most likely fail in ANY endeavor.

    My suggestion is that if you are interested in the opportunity that is being presented to you and have the ability to discern a good business model and be taught that you find someone who HAS been successful with the business. If the presenter has no fruit and can not lead you to someone that he is really working with who does have fruit, look for a sponsor who does have fruit and is working with someone successful and fruitful in his organization. I would suggest making two active successful distributors your minimum requirement. One local who will teach you, two local if possible, but if the second is out of town then make sure that person comes to your town or city at least twice a month to work with you on his own accord and not as part of an organizational function.

    My first business was a restaurant. Failed. I lost $200K of start up funds. My second business was travel based. Failed. Lost $150k. My current is a chain of cleaners. Success. Start up cost $500k for 10 outlets and a processing plant. Why am I successful? Because I sought out someone who was successful in the industry and learned from them. I submitted my ego and worked WITH them.

    My original job. Engineer. Laid off 4 times in 4 years as manufacturing and R & D was offshored. Better to be in business. My degree $35k. The next few times you go out to eat ask your server if they have a degree. Two out of three will be yes, and with student debt to book. They work as servers because the tip money is better then the salary of their degree. If you want a degree, learn a trade skill with it so you can go work for someone who will teach you your field. Save, live under your means, and then go into business OR look for other opportunities.

    I just went to and they have a fast track program that looks pretty profitable as you build your business in the short term. If you actually work it as your are taught how can you lose money? If you are working with successful people in the business, how can you lose money? My suggestion, find business owners who understand business principles and show them your business. Avoid Joe at the bar.

    Finally on partnership stores. Its just a link. The prices are the same or better depending on the contract. I use my favorite airlines online shop all of the time to get points. You do too. Maybe you should use a site you get paid for instead? I doubt any of you directed the volume of traffic that Amway does. As a business owner I consult my legal firm on EVERY agreement or partnership. I only run $2 million in sales, not $12 Billion or what it is.

    You will go as far as the people you know. That’s life. Go meet new people and learn to be friendly and make friends and associates.

    I hope this is fruitful for you.

  • Another note. Play stupid if you are prospected. If they give you something to read like a book before they’ll sit down with you (that’s a good sign). Tell them you didn’t read it. Actually read the book though. Test them honestly. If they say we’ll meet anyway, find another distributor. If they give you a second chance continue. If they’ll sponsor a stupid uniformed person, you don’t want to be sponsored by them. You want someone who is willing to pass on you and will tell you that you are not their kind of business associate and why. Go to 4 to 6 meetings before your decide. Meet the people your potential sponsor is with. Interview them. Ask questions of the leadership. Hard questions. If you can’t find a good potential sponsor. Call Amway and ask to be but in touch with the highest producer in your area. Common sense is work with people who are successful not failures who do not have expertise in the area you are investigating.

  • You guys are stupid. This unhappy guy is the most stupid person I know. Amway dont tell people not to use amway name while contacting new people. Partner store is just for benefit. Not to make lots of money. You don’t even have million dollar in your account and pointing fingers at big company. Take deep breath and go to work or do some traditional shit. Any questions email me . I am looking for people to contact me for join business not every one have balls for this type of business but hey you stupid person show me a business which is big and dont have online platform and does not do networking. Amazon does walmart does everyone does. Networking is key. Only few people work the way you explained and they never get success like you and they bark like you

  • The unhappy franchisee speaks to failures. Ask anyone who is a professional executive or athlete how they failed, they won’t say that the company scammed them. The other guy talking about Amway tools scammed people also, so tell that to the medical device salesman who sells tools to doctors to save your unhappy self. They are just mad that they don’t have an independent bone in their body.j

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