TULSA WORLD: The Honey Badger of American Journalism

June 14, 2013

Tulsa World don’t answer to no franchise blogger…

Tulsa World don’t care ‘bout no professional ethics…

Tulsa World don’t give no quotes to other publications…

Tulsa World is the honey badger of American Journalism… and honey badgers just don’t give a sh*t…

Ziva Branstetter is the crack Tulsa World investigative reporter and editor accused of providing UnhappyFranchisee.Com publisher Sean Kelly’s personal information to David Rutkauskas, an admittedly unstable, angry man who was drinking heavily after years of sobriety.

Rutkauskas used the information as part of a twitter smear campaign against Kelly that Rutkauskas himself describes as “horrible, vulgar and hurtful.”

(Unlike Branstetter, Rutkauskas apologized.  See David Rutkauskas Apologizes, Will Drop Lawsuit)

When asked to comment for an Urban Tulsa Weekly story (Stranger than Fiction), Ziva Branstetter “declined.”

When asked to comment for yesterday’s story by This Land Press (New Tulsa World Publisher Faces Troubles in First Week), Ziva Branstetter stated that “BH Media policy forbids her from answering questions about the issue.”

Ziva BranstetterZiva Branstetter also ignored tweets and an email from Kelly (Letter to Ziva Branstetter) requesting an apology for her part in Rutkauskas’ alcohol-fueled attacks.

Instead, she went on vacation, but not before tweeting a picture of the 3 bottles of vodka, 2 bottles of rye whiskey & 1 bottle of tequila she had ready for the flight.

“Doug and I are now ready for our flight to Las Vegas,”  tweeted Ziva Branstetter.

We get the message, Ms. Branstetter.

Tulsa World don’t care about no professional ethics.

Tulsa World is run by honey badgers, and honey badgers just don’t care

Tulsa World don’t need to give no quotes to lesser publications…

Ziva Branstetter don’t gotta answer to no franchise blogger, or anyone else…

Crack Tulsa World investigative reporter and editor Ziva Branstetter is like a honey badger, and everybody knows honey badgers just don’t give a sh*t…

Ziva Las Vegas!

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