CHESTER’S CHICKEN Franchise Complaints

August 14, 2013

Chester’s Chicken franchise complaints:  Are you familiar with the Chester’s Chicken franchise opportunity?

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Chester’s Chicken markets its franchise opportunity to convenience store and supermarket owners and operators.

According to the Chester’s Chicken franchise website: 

“The great taste of Chester’s chicken brings customers back again and again.

“Your store can be up and running in a matter of weeks, and our operations team will provide in-store training as well as ongoing support.

“Combine the best tasting chicken with a thriving growth segment, and you’ve got a business model you can bank on….”

Chester’s Chicken is a Fast-growing Franchise

Chester’s Chicken is listed as one of Entrepreneur magazine’s fastest growing franchises.

Number of Chester’s Chicken Locations:  1,039

Total Investment:  $4.63K – 348.12K

Founded: 1952

Began Franchising: 2004

Chester’s Chicken Franchise Units, U.S.:

2013     1,002

2012     917 
2011     669

2010     415

2009     182



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3 Responses to “CHESTER’S CHICKEN Franchise Complaints”

  1. Tommye BlackCrow says:

    To Whom It May Concern,


    I am making a formal complaint. I recently visited a Chester’s Chicken located inside a Love’s Country Store # 385 at Hinton, Oklahoma. Normally, my husband and I order from this location at least twice a week. Sometimes my husband orders from there at lunchtime on his way to another work location on the way through. Therefore, I would consider ourselves a valued customer. There are other places to order takeout, dinner or lunches in this area, but we choose Chester’s Chicken because it’s convenient for us. Generally, we get treated with great hospitality in such a fast paced environment and we always respect that the workers are doing their best to get to each and every customer as soon as possible and with a smile and great attitude. Which brings me to the complaint at hand.


    Last night, August 28, 2014 at approximately 8:30pm, we visited the Hinton Chester’s Chicken for a family sized order. We approached the hot case counter where the chicken was on display. A worker by the name of Christy asked in a cross manner what we wanted. She did not greet us with any hospitality whatsoever. We told her our order and she sighed and told us that they didn’t have any chicken legs for the dark meat order. We told her that thighs would be just fine. She then started snatching the chicken thighs out of the hot case rather rashly to the point where it was tearing the chicken up when she was throwing it into the box. My husband and I just looked at each other quite puzzled. She never asked us what sides we wanted she just started putting potato wedges into a box and hollered for another worker to come and help her. Another worker came to the counter and asked what other sides we wanted. My husband was fixed on Christi’s attitude, so he asked her if she had a problem with us or what we were ordering. The other worker asked my husband in a louder voice what other sides we wanted. My husband told them both if we were going to be treated hostile then we will just go somewhere else. We asked the Love’s cashier if there was a manager on duty. She said that the manager for Chester’s was Christy Christmas, the woman with the attitude. The cashier then called the Love’s manager up to the counter and we discussed what had just happened. He said that all he could do was report it to the GM of the Love’s store.  I am not satisfied with this because she is still treating customers in this manner. If you could, please respond to this email so that we can continue to be one of your valued customers.

  2. Tommye BlackCrow says:

    I sent the formal complaint to the Chester’s Chicken website the day after the incident but have yet to hear back from anyone concerning this matter. I am still very perturbed that this manager can get away with treating customers in this manner without any reprimand. A formal complaint has also been sent to the Love’s location General Manager. Certainly someone on a corporate level would not appreciate such disrespectful services to continue representing their company.

  3. Guest says:

    Tommye BlackCrow:

    I’d strongly suggest you find some other place to clog your arteries. Even if Christy Christmas gives you a big old apology and a gift certificate, I’d never trust food she or her coworkers prepared for you without thinking they added a little something extra. I’m also worried she might just snap and club you unconscious with a drumstick.

    If the service is usually good, maybe something was wrong.
    Maybe her dog just died.
    Or a parent.
    Maybe her boyfriend Tommy Thanksgiving just broke up with her.
    Maybe she suddenly realized she manages the chicken fryer at a crappy truck stop in the godforsaken state of Oklahoma, the state where dreams go to die?

    On top of all that her name is freaking Christy Christmas.

    Instead of showing some human compassion and understanding, Tommye BlackCrow (a person with a much cooler name) goes out of her way to repeatedly make her week worse and push Christy Christmas over the edge.

    Imagine the great service you’d get if you brought her some flowers and said “Looks like you’re having a bad day. Cheer up Christy Christmas!”