The Unhappy Franchisee Resource Directory is Coming Soon!

The Resource Directory will include the best resources for Franchisees & Franchisors:

  • Franchise Attorneys

  • Franchisee Associations

  • Franchise Due Diligence

  • Franchise Conflict Resolution

  • Franchisee Association Formation

  • Franchise Marketing

  • Consumer Marketing

  • Public Relations/Reputation Management

  • Franchisee Selection & Screening

  • Franchise Consulting & Development

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  • Krissy Jordan

    I would like to know what do I have to take you all to court or you can just talk something over I have missed almost a week out of both my jobs and my bills are due.i have the paperwork and all from the hospital. So can u please reply back. I got and old chicken bacon ranch sandwich from your store in Charlotte, NC Sugar creek.. Do something or i will

  • Does anyone know good franchise attorney in Los Angeles area. If anyone can suggest a name that will be great help. Thank you

  • Michael Bush

    I was working for jiffylube just today untill i was disturbed by the way one of the worker shift leader snapped at me demanding orders rudely all in my face. Even after trying to leave and quit, he tried following me to the office to approach me while i was sideways grabbing my belongings. He continued to ask me if i called him a crackhead, and continued daring me to say it while pinning me to the corner and pushing with his chest provoking me. I told him i was going to call the cops and then one of the other person got inside and tried to seperate us saying, let him go hes going to call the cops, we need u more than him… they portray to be grown and respectful but not one apologized of the matter. Cops acted like they couldn’t fo nothing because sounded to me it took paperwork was his excuse aswell as him saying, crime has been committed and its an employee work related issue.. this is ridiculous on how i go over and beyond to help others and initiate on staying on top, just for some thug with poor attitude who gets all the credit even when they admit they previously had incidents of him reacting that way, they justified it by saying, thats just how he is…

  • dianne ponder

    hi this is dianne ponder i started with smc in 2004 and i was looking to get it started back up and i was wondering what i need to do. O do the company this exist.

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