LITTLE SUNSHINE’S PLAYHOUSE: Franchise Relaunched, Stormclouds Clear

Little Sunshine’s Playhouse & Preschool franchise website welcomes visitors with a fairy tale: “Once upon a time there was a happy place where children played in a kingdom of creative encouragement. Where Little Sunshine, Riley B and all their friends across the land grew by leaps and bounds in their magical home away from home.”

However, the initial launch of Little Sunshine’s Playhouse was anything but a magical experience for founder Rochette Dahler.  Disputes with two early franchisees prompted Dahler to temporarily halt franchise expansion of Little Sunshine’s Playhouse, and reevaluate her franchise program and goals.  While never wavering in her commitment to franchising her upscale preschool concept, she reevaluated franchisee selection criteria and the message conveyed by Little Sunshine’s Playhouse franchise marketing.

The franchisee disputes have been resolved, and Dahler is now relaunching the Little Sunshine’s Playhouse franchise program with a clearer, better-defined approach to the relationship she wishes to build with future franchise owners.

“We stumbled out of the gate, initially, and made a few mistakes,” Dahler told UnhappyFranchisee.Com recently.  “But doing so really crystallized our franchise vision, and made us more focused on what it takes to be great franchise company.

“A critical lesson learned is that we must fully believe in and trust the innovative and proven childcare system that took us years to develop and refine.  Our franchise program is designed to enable individuals to duplicate our past performance through faithful implementation of our proven system in their home markets. 

“With that in mind, our priority for selecting franchisees moving forward is that they must have, above all, an implementation mentality.  We are looking for franchise owners who are eager to build a business by faithfully adhering to the principles, systems and procedures that have been forged from years of trial and error and refinement.”

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