End the DELI DELICIOUS Lawsuits Petition

Parents Shouldn’t Sue Their Children! Sign the Petition to END The DELI DELICIOUS Lawsuit!

Parents Shouldn’t Sue Their Children… Period!
But that's exactly what the wealthy owners of the Deli Delicious chain are doing.
Sign our petition to urge the Deli Delicious owners to resolve their conflicts in family counseling... not the courtroom!

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Thank you for supporting free speech and urging Mohammad and Zohreh Hobab /to do the right thing... and end the Deli Delicious lawsuit!
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mohammed hobabPlease support Deli Delicious franchisees by signing this petition and leaving a comment below.  Thank you!

Those who sign this petition are sending the following message to franchisor Deli Delicious Franchising Inc. (DDFI) and its principals (Ali Nekumanesh, Mohammad Hobab, Zohreh Hobab, Hesam Hobab):

Stop Suing Bullying and Suing Franchisees & Employees For Sharing Their Opinions.  This is America.  Here, we value free speech & individual expression.  Stop misusing the courts to bully & silence those who criticize your bad decisions.

Stop Destroying a Beloved Brand Out of Greed.  Deli Delicious customers made you successful because of your commitment to fresh ingredients, including fresh bread baked daily.  By making Deli Delicious the nation’s only chain with frozen thaw-and-serve bread, you betray your customers’ trust & will destroy your reputation.

Stop Suing Bullying and Suing Franchisees For Defending Their Livelihoods. Deli Delicious franchise owners built your chain.  They put their savings, assets, even their homes on the line.  They have battled wildfires & a pandemic.  That you would bully & sue them for refusing to substitute inferior products and deceive their customers is shameful and despicable. PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION & LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW FOR DELI DELICIOUS & THE HOBAB FAMILY

If you’d like to keep this investigation and discussion going, please consider a contribution to the Deli Delicious Franchise Assessment GoFundMe Campaign , or to UnhappyFranchisee.Com.


Deli Delicious Franchise Founders Sue Their Own Son for Defamation

DELI DELICIOUS Franchise at a Crossroad

Deli Delicious Franchises For Sale, Franchise Turnover, Stores Not Opened

DELI DELICIOUS, Ali Nekumanesh Defamation Lawsuits

DELI DELICIOUS Questions for Dowling Aaron

FARSI Translation from Google Translate

پشتیبانی از گفتار رایگان: لطفاً کپی کنید ، به اشتراک بگذارید و توزیع کنید

پایان دادن به


طرح دعوی در دادگاه!!

  امضا کنید
  درخواست را در
به محمد هاباب و زهره هاباب بگویید:
والدین نباید از فرزندان خود شکایت کنند ... دوره.

محمد هاباب و زهره هاباب صاحبان ثروتمند زنجیره رستوران 50 مکان Deli Delicious مستقر در

فرسنو ، کالیفرنیا هستند. آنها با استفاده از موسسه حقوقی پرقدرت Dowling Aaron و دادگاه منطقه ایالات متحده برای مجازات فرزندشان به اتهام انتقاد از تصمیمات مدیریت شرکت در گفتگوی خصوصی 3-4 سال پیش.

فرزند آنها هادی این ادعاها را رد می کند ، اما نمی تواند یک وکیل برای دفاع از خود داشته باشد.
شرکت محمد هاباب و داولینگ هارون خواستار خسارت پولی ، خسارت های مجازاتی ، هزینه دادگاه و سایر خسارت هایی هستند که می دانند فرزندشان قادر به پرداخت آن نیست.
انجمن حق رای دادن Deli Delicious (DDFA) و بسیاری از حق رای دادن از هاباب می خواهند که این دادخواست را رها کنند و به دنبال مشاوره خانواده باشند زیرا والدین نباید از فرزندان خود شکایت کنند!
لطفاً پیام را امضا کنید و با در نظر گرفتن آخرین تأمین هزینه های حق الزحمه حقوقی در UNHAPPYFRANCHISEE.COM را امتحان کنید



Latest Signatures
54 Mx. Sydney E. Mar 15, 2023
53 Mr. Bitch Mysogonist Z. Sep 05, 2021
52 Mr David Y. Feb 23, 2021
51 Mrs Ramona Y. Feb 23, 2021
50 Mr Current F. Feb 14, 2021
49 Dr. MmzHrrdb M. Nov 25, 2020
48 Mr Charlie R. Aug 09, 2020
47 Ms Lee T. Jul 25, 2020
46 Ms Owen S. Jul 25, 2020
45 Mr Michael W. Jul 24, 2020
44 Mrs Sara A. Jul 19, 2020
43 Mr Sam N. Jul 13, 2020
42 Mr Hardeep s. Jul 11, 2020
41 Mr Jack a. Jul 11, 2020
40 Mr Mike C. Jul 11, 2020
39 Mr Amin A. Jul 11, 2020
38 Ms mohamad k. Jul 11, 2020
37 Ms sara a. Jul 11, 2020
36 Mr Chris A. Jul 10, 2020
35 Ms peter d. Jul 10, 2020
34 Ms Azita S. Jul 10, 2020
33 Mr BRIAN O. Jul 10, 2020
32 Ms زهرا خ. Jul 10, 2020
31 Ms Ayaz G. Jul 10, 2020
30 Mr travis b. Jul 10, 2020
29 Mr Brandon C. Jul 10, 2020
28 Mr Ali T. Jul 10, 2020
27 Mr Michael S. Jul 10, 2020
26 Ms Pooya P. Jul 10, 2020
25 Mr Mehr A. Jul 09, 2020
24 Ms Kimberly T. Jul 09, 2020
23 Ms Randy C. Jul 09, 2020
22 Mr Kevin K. Jul 09, 2020
21 Mr Robert V. Jul 09, 2020
20 Mr Joseph Y. Jul 09, 2020
19 Mr Daniel K. Jul 09, 2020
18 Ms Nick L. Jul 09, 2020
17 Mrs Caitlyn P. Jul 09, 2020
16 Mr Justin D. Jul 09, 2020
15 Mrs tara t. Jul 09, 2020
14 Ms Eric S. Jul 09, 2020
13 Ms Hemine A. Jul 09, 2020
12 Mr Saeid T. Jul 09, 2020
11 Ms Parham P. Jul 09, 2020
10 Ms Ali P. Jul 09, 2020
9 Ms Nahid T. Jul 09, 2020
8 Ms Borzooyeh T. Jul 09, 2020
7 Ms Heather C. Jul 09, 2020
6 Mr Foad S. Jul 09, 2020
5 Mrs Mohsen K. Jul 09, 2020

6 thoughts on “End the DELI DELICIOUS Lawsuits Petition

  • Foad Saffa

    It is such a shame that they sued their own son simply because he did not agree the way the company’s so called leadership making decision which would benefit them but not franchisees.
    I have worked there for over 7+ years and know the family for over 25 years. Hadis’ sole intention was to make franchisees happy and provide support to franchise community. Unfortunately, the leadership was about power, dictatorship and punishment. It was unfortunate that a president and his executive team to punish his own son in order to teach others a lesson. I tried to stop him from doing so but, he did not want to hear it.
    It is so sad!!!!
    This is my personal opinion for whatever is worse it…

  • Thank you for sharing your opinion, Foad. I agree. In the end, it is family, not pride, that matters most. I hope that the Hobabs realize this before any more damage is done.

  • Peter Weinstein

    Wow, these guys are scum bags. They lack human decency and have no morality. If they can do this to their own son, imagine what they’ll do their franchisees. Disgusting and despicable.

  • Hiw can the son not afford a lawyer? If his counter suit has merit, wouldn’t a contingency firm take the case?

  • I have been in similar situations, Don, and no, it’s not easy to find attorneys who will represent you without at least thousands down for expenses. Plus, it can be very difficult to calculate damages. But it’s not only the legal fees, you must be able to dedicate a massive amount of time and effort. I was hit with a completely meritless lawsuit and had a great attorney… I lost three months of billable work because it consumed so much time and energy. It was worth it for me as a publisher to invest whatever time and energy is necessary to beat whatever bully tries to silence me… but an individual has his family and making ends meet to worry about.

    It takes a psychological toll. Hadi Hobab was out of work. He was attacked by the company he helped build, turned on by his family. He was too depressed to even respond to the lawsuit which was filed over a year ago. He doesn’t have the energy to defend himself.

    I will seek out free speech and 1st amendment advocacy groups, such as the ACLU, PublicCitizen.org and others for possible assistance. But it’s easy for bullies to launch sloppy, meritless lawsuits to intimidate individuals, cause them stress and drain their finances and their spirit. The remedy is for the Court of Public Opinion to speak on behalf of the victims. Please sign the petition, and share with others.

  • Roger Phillips

    Why are these people even in our country?

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