Tell Mohammad Hobab & Zohreh Hobab, owners of Deli Delicious Franchise Inc., to drop the meritless defamation lawsuit against their son, Hadi Hobab, for allegedly criticizing the company’s management & business practices.

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Tell Deli Delicious Franchise Inc. that customers prefer freshly baked bread to frozen & thawed bread, and that Deli Delicious franchisees should be allowed to provide the freshest sandwiches possible… and to support Fresno’s 57 year old family owned Basque French Bakery.

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Parents Shouldn’t Sue Their Children! Sign the Petition to END The DELI DELICIOUS Lawsuit!

Parents Shouldn’t Sue Their Children… Period!
But that's exactly what the wealthy owners of the Deli Delicious chain are doing.
Sign our petition to urge the Deli Delicious owners to resolve their conflicts in family counseling... not the courtroom!

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Thank you for supporting free speech and urging Mohammad and Zohreh Hobab /to do the right thing... and end the Deli Delicious lawsuit!
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Keep Deli Delicious Fresh! Say NO to Frozen Bread!

Deli Delicious Franchise Inc. is suing franchisees for refusing to trick consumers by substituting frozen thaw-and-serve bread for its local and freshly baked Basque Bread.
Please sign the petition below if you support Deli Delicious franchise owners who wish to serve freshly baked bread!
For decades, Deli Delicious franchisees have been serving delicious bread baked fresh daily by Fresno's iconic Basque Bakery. Last year, without warning or notice, Deli Delicious franchisor DDFI told its franchisees that they were now required to purchase pre-baked FROZEN bread from a bakery owned by some of its executives. Franchisees were told to substitute the fresh bread customers know and love with frozen bread they stored in freezers and thaw before serving.
Some franchisees have refused to serve their customers frozen bread and continue to support 57-year old Basque Bakery. Deli Delicious Franchise Inc. has filed a lawsuit against franchisees who refuse to downgrade the quality of their bread, and who support the loyal family owned Basque Bread Bakery.

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Thank you for supporting Deli Delicious franchisees, the family owned Basque Bakery, and great bread
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  • Charlis Runkel

    This defamation lawsuit appears to have tons of merit. Good luck to the plaintiffs.

  • It’s fair to assume Mr. Runkle is being sarcastic.

    Charlie Runkle is the name of the ethics-free talent agent in the show Californication.

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